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Samsung Galaxy S5 Receives the Teardown Treatment, Battery Disappointingly Doesn’t Explode

After seeing what happens to the Galaxy S5 when you smack it with a hammer, we don’t think any tear downs or drop tests will ever live up to that awesomeness. However, the good folks at iFixIt, a website dedicated to tearing down your favorite gadgets to give them a repairability score, got their hands on a new Galaxy S5 from Samsung, and as you would expect, they have no fear of diving in head first with a mini screwdriver. 

After breaking down Samsung’s newest flagship, we get to see all of its inner workings, including chipsets, backside of the display, all of its gorgeous plastic body, and much more. While the teardown didn’t reveal any secrets that Samsung had tucked away, we do learn that the Galaxy S5 isn’t as easy to repair as a few other devices we have seen in the past.

According to iFixIt, DIY repair of the Galaxy S5 wasn’t as easy as the Galaxy S4. The first thing removed out of the Galaxy S5, after the battery, is the display. Since removing the display is quite difficult, thanks to a ton of adhesive, part repair and replacement is made tricky without risking damage to your device. However, if you succeed in removing the display, then many of the GS5’s part are modular and easy to fix, including the camera, vibrator motor, speakers, and headphone jack.

Overall, it received a 5 out of 10 repairability score, with 10 being the easiest to repair.


Galaxy S5 Teardown - 7 Galaxy S5 Teardown - 6 Galaxy S5 Teardown - 2 Galaxy S5 Teardown - 3 Galaxy S5 Teardown - 5

Galaxy S5 Teardown - 1 Galaxy S5 Teardown - 9 Galaxy S5 Teardown - 10 Galaxy S5 Teardown - 4 Galaxy S5 Teardown - 8

Via: iFixIt
  • duke69111

    Smashing the battery with a hammer should be a part of all your reviews from now on.

  • calculatorwatch

    I can’t help but look at these through the lens of Project Ara now. I picture the motherboard and such divided up into little blocks and try to see what size modules they would be.

  • Maxim∑

    Lol! Only explodes when some idiot smashes the battery that clearly has the warning
    “Do not puncture”

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    I’m really so glad they keep changing the form factor of batteries to require purchasing new ones. Nothing like the bonus screw job on an upgrade.

    • CSick

      After 1-2 years of constantly charging/recharging, old batteries don’t hold as much charge as a new battery. Plus they keep increasing the capacity. How useful would it really be to be able to use an old battery with a new phone?

      I’d much rather them keep finding ways to squeeze more battery capacity into a smaller phone than be able to reuse an old phone battery that’s pretty much at the end of its useful life anyway.

  • droidiac13

    Love the title Tim! LOL

  • Guest

    Love the title Tim!

  • mcdonsco

    Just need my mint condition vzw note 3 to sell…grrr…