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LG G2 on AT&T Receiving Update to Fix Google Wallet Tap & Pay Issues

For whatever reason, the Kit Kat update for the LG G2 on AT&T left out Android 4.4’s Tap & Pay settings menu, even though the device should have no problem using Host Card Emulation to make mobile payments. There are work-arounds, for sure, but most involve sideloading hacked Google Wallet apks or flashing a custom ROM. For those who were expecting the functionality out of the gate, life has been a bit frustrating.

Things are changing today, thanks to an update that AT&T is pushing to the G2. The changelog is minimal, but does say specifically that it involves “updates to Google+ and Google Wallet.” At least one reader has already confirmed that Tap & Pay is now working.

If a user is already running Android 4.4.2, a 5.59MB update will arrive with fixes. If a user is not already running Android 4.4.2, a bigger 679MB update will be available.

To check for the update, head into Settings>General>About phone>Software update>Update now.

Via:  ATT
Cheers Luis!
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  • smartguy05

    And I’m just sitting here waiting for my Verizon Note 3 to be updated to 4.4

  • Thomas Wolfe

    Yet we still don’t have KK on the Verizon G2. Absolutely pathetic.

    • michael arazan

      and verizon will be kind enough to not allow tap and pay, but will add on isis mobile for your convenience…..to pay them more

  • ki11ak3nn

    So what about T-Mobile?? I can’t use Tap to pay on my G2. I can only use ISIS which is crap.

    • d-rock

      I’m sure that will come too. Obviously the ISIS carriers tried to exclude and google b*tch slapped em.

    • Same with the T-Mobile Note 3. I contacted T-Mobile about it and they pretty much blamed Google, which sounded inaccurate to me.
      Check out @TMobileHelp’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/TMobileHelp/status/453320476043907072

      • ki11ak3nn

        This is why I’m done with carrier branded phones. Now that I’m on T-Mobile and not Verizon I’m buying unlocked or developer versions from now on. Waiting to see how the OnePlus One is. If it’s not up to par I’m taking a short trip to Canada and getting the Z2.

        • BobButtons

          Something I’d be completely on board with doing if T-Mobile’s coverage wasn’t so miserable. Obviously it depends on where you live, but it seems with them if you’re not in LA or NY then coverage is as reliable as someone at T-mobile sneezing on a map and only covering what’s wet.

          • ki11ak3nn

            Hahahaha. I guess that’s true in some places. I live in Seattle, the birth place of T-Mobile, so coverage for me is pretty awesome. I only got a branded device because of T-Mobile’s wifi calling. But now Facebook messenger has wifi calling. And everyone I call is on Facebook. So no more branded devices for me!!

          • d-rock

            You can this on AT&T too where coverage isn’t so miserable. I unbranded my G2 with the international rom.

          • ki11ak3nn

            I’m done with rooting at least for now. I rooted my first G2 running Xposed. Then I started having reception issues. Got a new one and its running stock. I’m waiting for the OnePlus One to come out running CM11. Should be no reason to root once I get that phone.

          • I can atest to this. I work in an area where T-Mobile is complete crap, live in an area with excellent HSPA+ coverage and spend every weekend in an area with excellent LTE coverage. This unreliability is what keeps me from advertising T-Mo to everyone. I have high hopes though.

        • Completely agree! It’s all Nexii for me. If Nexus dies, I will be contempt with GPE (for the most part.) as long as there are options.

      • AndroidUser00110001

        Note 3 has a NFC chip that is not compatible yet with how Google handles the host card emulation.

        The G2 was a blatant attempt to get away with something shady.

        Why shady…because the missing code from the G2 build was purposely removed. The files that were needed for tap to pay to work with google wallet were removed from the LG source which means it was removed after they downloaded AOSP and purposely left out. For those files not to be included in build means it was done intentionally.

        • 216skillz

          My understanding is that the new Google Wallet Tap 7 Pay uses HFC not NFC. It no longer requires the area on the sim card controlled by the carrier. So the incompatible NFC chip is a bit ocnfusing.

          • AndroidUser00110001

            There is a thread on XDA that has the info about note 3 and tap to pay with Google wallet.

  • d-rock

    I think AT&T got LG to disable this and google said WTF LG, you can’t do that if you want to use google services!!! and LG told AT&T, so sorry, but we have to patch and enable it and AT&T is like @%@$@$@$% Google!!

  • Rich Robinson

    Wonderful – AT&T is on their second LG G2 update and Verizon is still sitting on their thumbs for the 1st. Says about all you need to know about how each company respects their customers.

    • K

      Verizon puts their software updates through a rigorous test system to make sure their customers always receive the best bug free update and to ensure their network integrity is protected. I say they care about us very much.

      • me

        Now that’s funny

      • BobButtons

        Yeah, except looking back, their updates aren’t anymore issue free than other carriers. I’d understand the “rigorous” testing if it actually showed in the quality of their updates. It’s probably more likely to fine-tune their VZW apps and/or lock down the bootloader.

        • K

          It’s Verizon so delayed updates should be expected…with the rare exception of the Moto X. Also, I guess I should have added /s for my first comment.

          • BobButtons

            Yeah, I sensed it with the last comment but the first one is exactly what they say when questioned on their updating process so wasn’t sure. I pay $40 monthly ($10 as an added line to another account and $30 for unlimited data) and as soon as something messes that up I’m jumping ship.

      • antinorm

        You mean like the HTC Thunderbolt update that caused random reboots?

      • Rich Robinson

        That is the biggest BS I’ve ever read. First off, is that comment implying that ALL other networks don’t go through testing and don’t care about their customers? Verizon isn’t dead last because they care more! Second, they should care about their network integrity because I’d bet the minute it wasn’t the top network in the US, there would be a mass exodus of customers who are SO tired of their ways. I should have learned my lesson with their debauchery of the Galaxy Nexus…

      • Jason B

        You forgot the /s. No, seriously.

    • bobbyp

      I have 4.4.2 on my Moto X and 4.2.2 on my LG G2 I think they both run fine. I know that KitKat will speed up some of the performance but other than just having it to have it are we really missing out on anything?

      • OreoMan

        Yes, yes you are. Hence this article.

      • BobButtons

        I forced the OTA KitKat update on Verizon and while performance is the biggest difference, I’ve seen other benefits. If nothing else it’s nice to have KK to have access to apps that require it.

    • Arnold

      Motorola had the Moto X updated to 4.4 on Verizon first. Maybe it’s LG…

      • bobbyp

        It is most definitely not LG. Verizon is the only carrier in the world not to release it yet.

      • Adrynalyne

        Thats only believable if no other carrier has it.

        Same with Note 3. Its crappy Verizon.

  • And now to fix Tap and Pay on the Note 3?! 😀

    • LiterofCola

      And the Droid Maxx on Verizon

      • Hoff16

        It worked on my Droid Maxx just last week!

      • DT

        I paid out of my Google Wallet balance at a McD’s the other day with Tap & Pay.

  • BobButtons

    Glad I forced the VS98024A update on Verizon. Tired of waiting for them to get their crap straight.