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Dropbox Announces Carousel, a Redone Gallery for All Your Life’s Memories

Hot on the heels of Dropbox’s Mailbox announcement for Android, we’re now learning of the announcement of Carousel. Dropbox is trying to provide users with a gallery “for all the photos and videos from your life,” combining pictures on your phone with pictures in the cloud to provide you with a seamless, organized experience.

Dropbox is touting the fact that Carousel does not have to worry about storage limitations on your device (because it’s connected to Dropbox), so you can keep as many pictures as you’d like without worrying about anything but the size of your Dropbox account.

Also built-in to Carousel is private conversations — that is, a way to “relive entire events with friends and family.” Dropbox also touts the speed of sharing via Carousel as opposed to text messaging, as there really is an astronomical difference given your Internet connection is fast enough.

Carousel will be made available on iOS and Android later today, though I was able to install it on Android already. Give it a shot.

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  • xd feng

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  • nosedive94

    I installed this app, and it proceeded to tell me that I didn’t have enough Dropbox space to use it. I think I see why this app will be profitable for them…

  • JamesBWest

    downloaded it and it started uploading my photos immediately. Short of signing out, no way to stop upload. . Sorts by date and I don’t see a way to change that. I prefer sort by albums the way I created them .Looks nice though http://qr.net/thYA

  • sonicyoof

    You don’t need to worry about your phone’s 32GB of space when you’ve got 2G from Dropbox! What a life saver!

    • michael arazan

      Or 1 TB from Google for $10 a month

  • shooter50

    kind of annoying. downloaded it and it started uploading my photos immediately. Short of signing out, no way to stop upload. . Sorts by date and I don’t see a way to change that. I prefer sort by albums the way I created them .Looks nice though

  • Kevin

    The app kind of reminds of Moto X’s photo gallery. And was it possible Dennis Woodside gave the greenlight for Mailbox to release on Android?


    NOPE, Google + til I die

    • Desperately wish it would let you organize / sort albums instead of randomly displaying all photos in a never-ending list. Does that not drive you crazy?

      • JRUIV

        First of all, great name. Second, it automatically puts each day to its own album, and you can create your own albums,.

        • If I take a picture each day of my seven day vacation, why would I want each in its own album? That doesn’t make sense. Until G+ can get its act together from an organization standpoint, it’s Google Drive for me.

      • MacNificent

        Go to Google+ desktop version and you can. Also whenever you post a picture, right above the picture gives you the options to create a folder or type in one that already exist. It’s there. You just gotta know where it is

        • Really? I’m on my Photo Albums page in G+ (desktop) and it just shows me a completely random listing of all 200+ albums I have in Drive. I see no means to organize or sort them. Not under the Photos button on the left. Not under the More menu option. Not when hovering over an album. Not sure where else to look, but I’d love to know.

          • MacNificent

            The first is the desktop version the second is the Mobile app

          • TechWings

            Yeah, not only you can sort albums, you can create them. Then move photos from other albums into the ones you created. There is also an extension in the Chrome Web Store that allows you to sync all photos and videos from Google Drive.

          • MacNificent

            Or type album name here

        • dns2k

          i use desktop once a month to organize all my files. found it by accident and i†s been a hassle free life saver only having 50-100 to scroll through till my monthly sorting.

  • BRIM

    This needs Chromecast support

  • Disqus_n00b

    These never seem useful. My pics are always so random. 5x of the same landscape under different settings, a screenshot thrown in, blurry selfie I forgot to delete..

  • sr_erick

    I have a “ownCloud” service set up in my house. Figure I may as well make use of the 12 TB of space I have available instead of paying Dropbox. I really wish I had an app like Carousel to connect to it though, or some sort of better gallery app. I really love Dropbox, but the prices are still a little steep.

  • BobButtons

    How about a Google equivalent price drop? Their outrageous storage prices (compared to alternatives) is the one thing keeping me from using Dropbox full time.

    • rawr

      Just set up your own server at home…

      Stop relying on companies who only see you as a number to give out to the NSA

      • I’m all for that, and have my own setup at home that I can access via the web interface, Android app, or via SMB/FTP. It definitely works, however there is no way to create your own setup with the ease of use and integration that you can get with Dropbox. The client just works extremely well for syncing files realtime, the quick loading of image and video thumbnails, streaming without having to download, and not relying on your home network to be up to use it. I’m really tempted by Google Drive’s 1TB for $10/mo deal, but Dropbox is far superior.

    • Pratik Holla

      Yup, serious price gouging on their part. The default free is STILL only 2gb. I mean, come on! Drive offers you 15 gb. Copy offers you 15 gb plus another 5 gb for each referral. Its insane how stupidly low Dropbox offers compared with the competition. Even Apple offers 5 gb for iCloud!

      The only reason I am sticking to dropbox is the 50 gb Samsung promo I got with my S3. Once thats done, I am just moving everything to Copy.

      • BobButtons

        That’s exactly what I did and for the exact reason I did. I’m up to 150 GB free in Copy that doesn’t expire. I’ve yet to run into anything I’ve needed doing that Dropbox can do that Copy can’t.

      • dns2k

        mega offers 50gb… super fast ul/dl in comparison to drop and others.

        • BobButtons

          Unfortunately, I lost a good amount of files when Megaupload up and vanished. That makes me incredibily wary when using Mega especially while court cases are still ongoing. I still use it but never for anything of importance.

      • Tommy

        I got 50 from Samsung and 50 more for installing on my laptop. 102gb… free..