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YouTube Live Streaming Now Available on Chromecast, Desktop Only for Now

Ever wanted to watch The Droid Life Show live on your big screen? Even after the release of Chromecast, it’s been fairly tedious due to the limitation on live video streaming from YouTube. We now know that that’s about to change, as desktop streaming of live events looks to be working.

To set it up, visit a live YouTube event (for example, this one) and press the Cast button. Provided you are on a computer, you should be able to Cast the same way you would a pre-recorded event.

For now, the feature is not available on Android and iOS devices, but it would only make logical sense that it’s coming soon.

Via: Engadget
  • Maui

    Ugh, why couldn’t they have had this during the Ultra live stream?!

  • Jake

    Now if could just fix the problem that many people are experiencing with the desktop extension crashing.

  • Big e

    I loved my chromecast til I had to use an apple TV for the wwe network, and apple TV is 1000 times better. Plus I hate apple, just being honest

  • droidrazredge

    I know what I’ll be using my Chromecast for on Wednesday nights @ 6:30 🙂

    • Silver Veloz

      Isn’t that at 6:00 p.m. I’ll be there using it also.

      • michael arazan

        Is that Pacific Coast time?

  • jb

    Does this also work when casting to the YouTube app on other platforms?

  • Rashad

    I am glad they added this. Even though it’s desktop only right now I am glad that they have implemented it.

  • David Mann

    I don’t know if it makes “logical sense” that it’s coming soon to mobile. Currently Youtube blocks many live streams on mobile devices and I doubt that will change just because Chromecast now supports them.

  • Yessssssss

  • TheSimpleTruth

    It was working for me starting March 28th. Didn’t work in the morning, began working a couple hours after that.

  • TopXKiller


  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I can finally see the irc and video at the same time.

  • Ray

    i mentioned this last week during the droid-life show a little late guys lol

    • I tested it when you said that, it wasn’t working for me so I didn’t suggest a writeup

      • Ray