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United Airlines App Gets Redesign in Latest Update, New Features Also to be Found

If you have used the United Airlines app in the past, you have seen the nasty Gingerbread-esque interface. Finally, it has come time for change. United Airlines today has announced a redesign, bringing the app back up to speed with Android 4.4 Kit Kat.

Along with the retouched aesthetics, a few new features are also present. We now have an improved seat map design, as well as enhancements to the look and functionality of the flight status, mobile boarding pass, and calendar selection (while searching for flights) screen.

Also in the update are a couple Android-exclusive features, which we can’t get enough of. Android users can now rotate their screen, stack multiple boarding passes, and make use of a widget through their favorite launcher. Hey, that’s better than nothing.

What’s New

  • All-new Android friendly design
  • Improved booking search results, giving you the choice of a list view for more flights on the screen, or an expanded view for a more detailed display
  • Multi-segment award bookings
  • Enhanced calendar selection for flight search
  • All-new seat map design
  • New mobile boarding pass display with enhanced multi-passenger view
  • Streamlined flight status look and feel

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  • niuguy

    Ok, soooo I’m the only person here who flies United (live near O’hare – its just the best option…).

    This app is sooo much better. I’ll have to use it next time I fly for work, but this looks modern and slick. Last app felt very dated. Look forward to using it.

  • Intellectua1

    Southwest and Delta Airlines only.. I’m still kicking myself for booking a ticket to Miami on American Airlines. The price was better though

  • Arnold

    Totally off topic:

    I hate to say this, but DL is starting to become the “me too” site. I see old news pop up well after other sites reported it. Didn’t use to be this way. Hopefully this can change.

    Still really enjoy the original content from Kellen and Tim though.

    • d-rock

      I see a mix of this. They are first to the punch and 2nd and 3rd sometimes, but so are those other sites. Just b/c it’s reported elsewhere, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t report it. My only question is why is United Airlines redesign newsworthy? When AA redesigned theirs, I don’t remember the article (but there could have been one I suppose).

      • Arnold

        I hear you, I’ve just been seeing more of it. Hopefully it’s just me. Definitely wonder the whole “newsworthy” thing myself.

        • JavierKStevens

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      • BSweetness

        I completely agree.

        That said, this site has stopped becoming my first go to site for Android news. Many (if not most) big time Android news items are posted much sooner on several other sites now (both big and small). I understand that Droid Life has a small, dedicated group working on the site and limited resources, so they can’t be manning the stations 24/7. But many sites operate under similar conditions and manage to push news out faster.

        But while I may not come here first for Android news anymore, I definitely come here for the reviews and the commentary on the Android world and will continue doing so.

    • I had this written before any other site posted it as far as I know, but didn’t fit into our editorial schedule until now.

      We don’t simply see news on other sites and go “HEY LET’S POST THAT” — it’s a lot more complex.

    • Intellectua1

      Honestly most of the news I read on DL I’ve read either the day before or earlier on a couple other site but I don’t mind. I love Droid-Life and it’s mobile layout and especially the comment section no other sites comments are better especially when there’s an argument

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Can’t remember the last time I flew United. I usually try to get the “Wana get Away” tickets from SouthWest. And after that….(after I avoid American Airlines…garbage) . . . It’s usually a pickem…..or US Airways

    • Tony Byatt

      American Airlines bought US Airways…

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I know but, there are 2 different experiencing flying American and Flying US airways… Big difference is lay over times for example. It’s not like all the plans are american airline painted now, it’s still a completely different experience.

        • Tony Byatt

          For now…

        • Lonetree

          It won’t take long for AA to go downhill now. Just recently they matched US Air policy of not offering a 24 hour refund window on flights purchased within 7 days.

      • Alex

        Actually it’s almost like US airways took over American and keeping the American brand, since US airways management is going to be in control of the merged company… as Doug Parker is the CEO of the new American Airlines group.

    • Intellectua1

      Delta or Southwest for me

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      Does the Southwest Android app still suck ass? Been about a year since I last (tried to) use it.