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Pocket Updated to Version 5.4 With Immersive Mode Support, Tweaked Layout

If you have received an update to Android 4.4 “Kit Kat,” you know that most apps have not yet taken advantage of the “Immersive Mode” feature that lets users hide their notification and navigation areas and use apps in true full-screen. One of the greatest possible uses of Immersive Mode is for reading without distractions, but we have so far only seen the likes of Google’s Play Books app take advantage. That changes today with the popular read-it-later service Pocket adding full support.

If you have not yet updated to Kit Kat, you are not entirely left out in the cold in terms of the Immersive Mode feature. Pocket’s developers have hid the notification bar if you have a device running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher, though if you have an Ice Cream Sandwich device you are out of luck.

The developers have also added app translations into Chinese, Dutch, Korean, Polish and Portuguese, for our foreign audience. Finally, to round out the fairly wealthy update, we have some readability fixes for layout, typography, and formatting.

The update is now live over on Google Play for free, so don’t miss out.

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  • Can I get a quick poll of what people use pocket for?

    • kyle

      paired with feedly.. best reading experience you can get in my opinion.

      • I mostly use play newsstand, but I never feel the need to save things for reading later. Probably because I really only read DL haha

        • kyle

          most of those readers truncate the stories.. I dont want to wait for stories to load when I’m reading things at a glance. I use feedly to scan headlines and send interesting stories to pocket for reading immediately after wards.. load up 4 – 6 articles and then pop over to pocket for ad free easy formatted reading.

  • needa

    its been a good day on droid-life. lots of great stuff in the headlines. thanks.

  • Pocket’s implementation is a little wonky. the bars hide and show-up a little too “suddenly”. Wish it was a little more smooth or subtle.

    • miri

      You can disable ‘auto full-screen’ in settings so that it only exits immersive mode when you tap the screen.

    • Max

      The system (status bar and navigation) bars or Pocket’s toolbars? By suddenly do you mean the animation is too fast or too touchy to the scroll up motion?

  • moew

    Clash of clans. Immersive mode

  • Inquizitor

    ComicRack has had Immersive Mode for months, for the record.

    • Taco Monster

      Yeah, also Press.

    • Kevin

      So has Instapaper.

  • Ray

    Galaxy S4 on Verizon: what’s immersive mode? Lol

    • WitnessG

      Its when apps are able to go full screen; without status bar, navigation bar, etc. When you want to see the status bar or nav bar you just swipe down.

      • Chris

        Great for the Android nerds looking at their porn

        • zurginator

          Except porn has always hidden the notification/nav bars.

      • Ray

        clearly you didnt get the joke. I know what Immersive mode is however my Galaxy S4 does not.