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LG G Watch Featuring Android Wear Coming This July, Price Reportedly Lower Than $300

According to a new report out of the UK, LG’s Android Wear-powered G Watch is set to launch in July, priced at lower than $300. While under $300 does sound nice, that could still mean $299 or $249, so it is hard to get overly excited for LG’s plain bland-looking smartwatch. 

Thanks to Pocket-lint, we are getting our first real up close and personal look at the G Watch, however, there are no pictures of the device turned on. From these new photos, it’s a pretty plain smartwatch, with a silicone band and black body. As you can see in the header image, it looks just a tad smaller than Samsung’s Gear 2 smartwatch, which is looking quite nice running Tizen.

While it may not be as pretty as the Moto 360, LG has worked closely with Google to optimize the Android Wear platform for this device. When it launches, and for whatever price they decide is right, it should operate quite well.


G Watch G Watch G Watch G Watch G Watch

Via: Pocket-lint
  • robby96

    Hope they will make it in many colors!!

  • Nikuliai

    pretty sure I’m gonna have 299 reasons to dislike this watch

  • Bassenza

    $300 for LG bland square or $500 for Moto 360… still going with the 360.

  • TeeJay1100


  • Jess B

    At least a pogo USB cable (like the one I have for my Nexus 10) would making unlocking/romming easier (assuming it’s not too locked down). I would think that would be harder with wireless-only charging, and I’d also question recoverability in that scenario.

  • mcdonsco

    Gotta agree…really really bland looking…

  • Mike

    I love my G2, but this watch even if it’s great has no appeal for me. Just too bland.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    This actually looks like something I would want. I’m assuming I’ll have more than one of these. And the LG version looks like a daily grinder. While the Moto 360 looks a bit “Nicer” and I may wear at different times. I certainly wouldn’t be working out with the Moto 360

    • Nikuliai

      To be honest I think that the perfect combo (at least with my routine) is a 360 as a daily driver and a Nabu for workouts, at least that’s what I think right now, a full smartwatch for workouts (even the GWatch or something even cheaper) may be too much for me, the Nabu works awesome as far as I know and it looks amazing

  • xzombiex66

    It’s bland because why? its not round like the 360? I personally don’t like a round watch face when I’m not dressed up and even when I am its pushing it. I prefer this look over the round watch face. Not everyone wants a round watch.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      It’s not about being round…it’s about being “Bland” it doesn’t stand out and looks like all the other generic smartwatches….a la pebble/ Sony Watch etc

      • xzombiex66

        Nothing really stands out on the 360 though which hes obviously comparing it to. With a nice steel band on the LG it will look nice. But then again I prefer things that are minimal and not flashy.

        • Nikuliai

          you mean besides the stainless steel watch and band which gives it a “non toy” look?, dude you if you think that you can make it stop looking like a toy be my guest, but I don’t really think it’s fixable.

          The G Watch DOES have many appealing points (magnetic charging, it looks waterproof/resistent, it’s not tall) but it still looks kind of cheap at the photos, the device may look better with a cool band, but right now I wouldn’t take it to a meeting or a formal event since I would be kind of embarrased, again, only by the look of the pictures, it may look less plastic on the real model

          Right now the only bad thing we know about the 360 is that the device is kinda tall (not huge, but tall, and the GWatch has an advantage here) and that it won’t be waterproof (it’ll be water resistant), but the design itself is sofisticated, so much I would actually be showing it off, you can dislike it and say that it doesn’t stand out but I disagree, Moto did an outstanding job with the design, if it were rectangular I would had like it less, but it would look like a pro pebble steel, which was my main option until the 360 came out, so I would buy it even being rectangular, but the roundness is a big plus, considering it sets the watch appart from the other smartwatches, that again, look like toys (and that’s fair, they are toys, but I don’t want to carry something that looks like a toy on my wrist).

          Obviously this is a matter of taste, but the hype about the 360 would NOT have been the same if the device looked like just round plastic with a rubber band (in that case I would had went for the pebble)

    • NexusMan

      Its bland because its a plain black silicon band on a plain black square. The Samsung Gear pictured with it is not circular either, and it is NOT bland.

  • AndrewOBarnes

    I haven’t used an LG phone since the old flip-phone days so I was really blown away by the G2. If their smartwatch is anywhere near the same quality, I might finally begin to take the smartwatch market seriously. http://qr.net/s8lK

  • Is this supposed to be a “Nexus”-like smartwatch? I ask because the pricing seems high if it is.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      No Nexus here.

      • n900mixalot

        We don’t know that yet.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          I’m responding to specifically what he’s asking. And the answer is no. The LG smartwatch is not a “Nexus”. It’s a self branded LG device. This, we already know.

    • Intellectua1

      Oh the Nexus guys will rejoice from the highest mountain top if it has the Nexus branding. And let them tell it it’ll be better than any smart watch out there present and future

  • Finire

    And… wait for it… It’s going to be compatible for more than one manufacturers devices!

  • Ray

    the great thing about this watch is you can swap out the cheap rubber band for a nice metal black one.

    • JoshGroff

      There are smart watches that you can’t do that with? I thought it was just a matter of buying the right size metal band for the watch.

      • Ray

        Galaxy Gear, Toq thing,etc…

    • Intellectua1

      A metal band would look horrible on that thing imo

    • Nikuliai

      Well we don’t actually know that, the size looks standard but it may be something else entirely

  • saimin

    Hoping someone can get Google Now working on my Pebble. Not going to pay $250 for one of these things.

    • gintoddic

      yea sure, and maybe we can get android running on a type writer too.

      • saimin

        How hard can it be? Google Now is mostly based around text notifications, which is exactly what Pebble does already. If Google Now can work with Chrome and Google Glass, the only thing keeping it off Pebble is proprietary APIs.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          no…it’s that terrible e-ink screen

        • Franz

          He means Pebble doesn’t run on Android at all, it runs it’s own Pebble OS. Therefore it will be near impossible to get Google Now into it.

          Google Now is not open source, you can’t just port it wherever you want. Look at the new Google Experience Launcher, lots of Launchers are trying to imitate it, but you can’t do it exactly, because it’s not AOSP.

          • saimin

            Pebble doesn’t have to run Android. All it has to do is mirror the notifications coming from your phone (via bluetooth). Pebble already does this with the notifications in your notification bar.

            Maybe Pebble can already do this? Is there a way to get Google Now notifications in the notification bar instead of on the Google Now screen?

        • Nikuliai

          Pebble doesn’t have a mic nor android, it would be possible with a mic and no android (with a third party app on the phone) but without a mic is clearly not going to have voice control 😛

          Besides, the hardware on that thing won’t let it decode voice (btw I love the Pebble, but Android Wear kind of destroyed it with a minute spot)

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


      • JoshGroff

        What about a TI-83+? I still have one sitting around.

  • Ray

    so it looks like this will need some sort of dock to charge by the pins on the back

  • bkosh84


    • The Narrator

      Price of LG< Moto

      Bring it on LG.

  • I will get one of these and Moto 360 the day there out. Nice to go along with my collection of smart watches.

  • Tony Byatt

    Looks decent…

    This will probably be the budget Android Wear when compared to the Moto 360…

  • James_75

    Looks like it may be a great alternative for those not looking for a round faced watch. The 360 is elegant, this is not but that’s ok.

    • JoshGroff

      Rectangular seems to make more sense for a screen, but that round face just makes it look so much better as a watch. >.>

      • James_75

        Completely subjective of course. If moto is smart they will make many different versions of Android wearables.

        • JoshGroff

          Of course, choices are always good.

  • Shane Redman

    when the GWatch2 comes out, this can be my gym companion…

  • Paper-Cut

    People bashed the back buttons on the G2 because they’re different and “ugly,” but after using the phone for more than a couple days, the button placement actually makes a lot of sense because it’s exactly where your fingers naturally land. I haven’t used an LG phone since the old flip-phone days so I was really blown away by the G2. If their smartwatch is anywhere near the same quality, I might finally begin to take the smartwatch market seriously. Especially for under $300, though I hope it’s not $299 like possibly mentioned in the article!

  • Rashad

    At least it doesn’t have a port for a micro USB cable. It is bland though.