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Impossible Road Released for Android After Being Long Time iOS Exclusive

A game which has been available on iOS for quite a long time has made its way to Android this afternoon, called Impossible Road. The game is extremely straightforward, as you control a ball which rolls down a road which is practically impossible to navigate.

Using either touch controls or tilt controls, you must move the ball left and right along the road without falling off to your doom. If you’re lucky, you can get back onto the road after you fall, but if you try to make a habit of it, be prepared to die. 

At the same time, even the developer states that if you “cheat” and skip portions of the road by going over the side, you will find that the game will actually reward you with the same amount of points. “When you learn how to cheat the game, and you discover that it is rewarded not punished, the leaderboards will belong to you.”

The game is never ending, and even if it was, no one would ever make it there. It’s like Flappy Bird – you never beat it, you just do a little better each time.

Go grab it off of Google Play for just $1.99.

Play Link ($1.99)

  • Kree Terry

    that actually looks really fun. come on google rewards. one more survey and ill have enough to pick this up.

  • Raven

    Looks a little too Impossible and a tad dull. I think I will stick with Hill Climb Racing.

  • DidntWork

    Note 3, graphics show up all purple.. both the road and ball (making it impossible to see the ball on the road)….

  • michael arazan

    Thank you Tim, always look forward to your recommendations for games and apps. Keep them coming

  • Bryan

    “When you learn how to cheat the game, and you discover that it is rewarded not punished, the leaderboards will belong to you.”

    It sounds like there was a bug they either couldn’t fix, or were too lazy to fix.

    • T4rd

      Seems like every game I play has cheaters infesting the leader boards with absurd eleventy billion scores. Flappy Bird and Smash Hit are two recent ones I’ve seen. You’d think Google or the devs would take these scores down, but it doesn’t seem like they care much about it.

  • Jason Purp

    This was my favorite game when I had an iPhone. I’m overjoyed that its finally on Android. My old high score was 602.

  • Fozzybare

    woo! second overall in score right now…probably not for long. sooooo hard to hit the track if you fall off and start turning the wrong direction.

  • Adam Martinez

    I like it so far. It’s brutally hard, but getting a big jump is pretty satisfying.

  • Hmm no free version to try, what a shame.

    • emoney

      pay for it, test it out, refund if you don’t like.

  • miri

    Does it support immersive mode?

    • Kevin Ng

      Hi Miri, developer here. I’m looking into it. IMPOSSIBLE ROAD is a Unity game, so it depends on whether I can support it through Unity. As long as this is possible, I’ll drop it in ASAP.

  • Mike Aurin

    This video is like a bad electronic music festival video. Which is redundant since there isn’t a GOOD electronic music festival video.

    • JavierKStevens

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    • Michael Rhodes

      ya this looks awful…

    • Taylor

      You clearly don’t understand the mean of the word redundant…

      • Taylor


      • Nikuliai

        Well he did say that all the electronic music festival videos are all bad, so in that case the “bad” part it IS implied ergo saying it may be considered redundant 😛

        (yeah I’m not fun at parties)

        • Adrynalyne

          “since there isn’t a GOOD electronic music festival video.”

          If you say something isn’t good, then it must be [insert obvious word].


          • Nikuliai


            Sorry… I’m no good at this

  • Trent Russell

    Not compatible with my Note 2….

    • The Narrator

      It probably isn’t powerful enough , darn exynos! /s

      • Trent Russell


        • moew

          So you defined that you weren’t in the USA market on a .com, thanks foreign ninja.

          I’ll agree this thing is crap, all based on the jump point. How did this make any money/cents on the iplatform? I would expect our discreening ways to tell them to hike up that water pool.

          • mx

            Yes, you seem like a very discreening person.

          • moew

            You aren’t the person I replied to… mole account? You weren’t even in the recursion.

            I like facts, like the fact that if you are talking about usa/.com media, you should probably identify that you are not in that subset, which he didn’t, based on the facts. mx, much guilt, so lame, wow, doge.

        • Kevin Ng

          Hi Trent, developer here. The Note 2 wasn’t supported at launch, but I’ve just uploaded an update which adds compatibility. Look out for version 1.1.1 which should land soon – it takes a little while to propagate across the Google Play store.

          Same goes for some of the other Samsung devices – v1.1.1 is the ticket.

          • Trent Russell

            Thanks Kevin!