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Humor: YouTuber Hammers Galaxy S5, Gets What He Deserves


When new phones are released, folks take to YouTube in search of views and ad money, running over flagships with Tesla cars and dropping them to test their durability. While most of it is absolute crap, the newest test video to catch our attention is this poor guy who decided to take a hammer to a brand new Galaxy S5 from Samsung.

Why you need to hammer test the Galaxy S5, I have no idea, but the results make for one fantastic Internet video. 

As you will see, Samsung clearly planned to have the battery in the Galaxy S5 explode upon impact, set to release a noxious black gas into the air that would then be breathed in by the unsuspecting victim, resulting in a cancer-causing cough. Should the dude with the hammer sue? I think he might have a case. Poor guy.

Get some Febreze or something!

  • TrixzD

    Battery: screw this I’m outta here before he kills me

  • jeffster423

    I have a new S4 but cannot figure out how to convert my music from I Tunes to load into it. Any ideas?

    • Tyson TJ

      Download iSyncr, they have a free and paid app. If you use iTunes I recommend getting the paid app.

  • Brandon

    My dad saw this on MSN last night and told me about it, I just went to go look at it now but the dude removed it!

  • DimStyle

    PFFT! That is the problem right there, he used a Kobalt hammer instead of a 16oz Estwing. The Estwing is pretty much standard as far a smashing phones goes. This guy is a two bit hack! Kobalt!? Come on! Use good tools, get good results.

  • Chris

    Removed. 🙁

  • André Santos

    really? hammer the battery? lol

  • Jason Strudwick

    What a numpty! How can people afford to do this stupid crap!

  • Gamblor77

    That’ll teach that jackass. Why the hell do people smash $700 phones? What a waste!

    • Aparently because said guy is american, has a lot of money and don’t think a 700 dollar device is expensive… So, aparently that guy is just a moron or a brainless idiot.
      I invite that brainless idiot to come to my country and try to buy that “inexpensive” device for just 15.000 pesos (more than 9 times it’s cost in dollars and prorbably 5 times my entire salary) and just brake it, IF he has the balls.

      But sure enough, some people think that is cheap and don’t feel the need to just give the phone away to someone who really USE IT.

      • Jkdem85

        or he has the warranty that only costs $100 to replace if you loose the device. The add revenue alone will more than cover the $100 or the value of the phone. For $700 bucks and being stupid he has been covered by virtually every tech blog, and many mainstream sites.

  • Lost faith in humanity when something so expensive seems to be just a toy for someone to just destroy. It took time, dedication, work labor and a lot of mind to design that device. Sure enough if some IDIOT thinks that buy this to just brake it is an idea of “fun” then, humanity is lost. for sure.

  • JusticeDROID

    TechRax is a Flipping Moron im waiting for this kid to cut himself or really hurt himself. never wears safety equipment, plays with liquid nitrogen. Kid with too much money on his hands. I hope he got sick from this.

    • Jim Davis

      There’s a big market for videos made by “Flipping Morons”. As long as people keep watching him do stupid stuff, he’ll keep doing stupid stuff.

  • Alan Paone

    Man, it was nice watching someone smash a Samsung with a hammer

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Self defence! Apple wont sue Samsung for their Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Milton

    I wonder what could’ve happened if he tried that with a nokia phone, a nuke?

  • Brian

    Here we see the Galaxy s5’s defense mechanism being used. I warns off the vicious Internet troll, but sustains heavy losses.

  • Annoyed

    Dear author of the article: you are just as stupid as the dude in this video if you really think he should sue Samsung

  • Johnny Poon
  • Lithium gases down his throat and lungs, and he wants Fabreze or something.

  • nosedive94

    Videos like this anger me. Drop tests and knife/key tests are good. In fact, they’re a public service. Tell me how the device will hold up in real world situations. But this is just wanton destruction for no reason of a valuable piece of tech. It’s like gadget rape porn.

  • DJyoSNOW

    “Michael get some febreze”

  • M3D1T8R

    He should have got an M8, could just send in the broken phone for free replacement!

    • Ian

      That’s actually just on the screen, I’d say he broke more than the screen.

      • jay

        Actually it’s not I broke my screen and got a whole new phone

  • M3D1T8R

    Man, Proctor & Gamble’s guerilla marketing has really gone too far.