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Distiller App Hits Google Play, Whiskey Aficionados Rejoice

Distiller is a website that allows users to search for whiskey. If you need a gift or are just feeling adventurous, the site’s library of labels will undoubtedly have something you would like. Users can search by price, ratings, origin, and much more. Today, the site launched its official Android application to Google Play, bringing the same web-based experience right to your smartphone. 

The app itself is pretty much a condensed version of their website. Not that it’s limited, but it is by no means a native Android app. Much like on their site, most of the experience is geared towards finding yourself a new bottle of whiskey.

Once you determine what the bottle is to be used for, like a night around the fireplace or a night of poker, you then decide on how much you’re willing to spend. After that, the app will choose for you the perfect bottle of whiskey.

If you fancy yourself a lover of the firewater, go check it out for free on Google Play.

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  • Matthew Fura

    Macallan 18. Something every whisky should strive to live up to.

  • michael arazan

    I thought for sure it was going to have distilling recipes and actually show you how to distill your own whiskey.

  • schlanz

    single malt or nothing at all.

  • steve o

    Makers/Makers 46, Old Charter 10 and Buffalo Trace.

  • Bionic

    BTW willett Rye is amazing.

  • J. Gilbertson

    Now if only RateBeer would improve their app and database. Even with the barcode scanner ability it’s sometimes hard to find beers. Especially when you’re in a pub or the brewer decided to reuse a UPC code.

  • cizzlen

    Perfect app. Now if they come out with a cigar version, I would be totally set.

  • gintoddic

    basically their mobile site in app form.

  • Bryan D

    Ah, I was hoping this was like Untappd or Vivino, a whiskey tracker. Does one of those exist?

  • Gent Jack or Crown Black please.

  • The Narrator

    I’ll take some Johnnie Walker

    • HarleyFan

      Is that the Red or Black?

      • 213ninja

        Or Blue 😉

      • The Narrator

        blue definitely

      • steve o

        minus the Crown

        • HarleyFan

          yeah, not together…Crown if I’m having it w/a mixer (Coke or Sprite) and MM for Manhattan’s. Yum. Cheers!