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Livestream Launches Google Glass App, Broadcast Video Live From Your Point of View

Users of Livestream, one of the Internet’s largest live broadcasting giants, you are now clear to purchase a pair of Google Glass. Though it isn’t the first of its kind on the wearable platform, Livestream’s newly-released Glass application puts powerful tools at users’ disposal. 

Using the app is actually quite simple, and its response time is impressive. First, pair Glass up with a Livestream event by scanning a QR code. Then, simply say the “Livestream” voice command, then tap your Google Glass – you will be broadcasting in no time at all. You can also see chat messages as they come in, and respond to them using your voice without hassle.

Glass can be used in conjunction with Livestream’s Studio software, allowing people to use the smart spectacles as a wireless HD camera as part of a multi-camera live production setup.

Any Glass users here excited to try this out at an upcoming concert or event?

Via: Engadget | Livestream
  • Silver Veloz

    You can also get the LiveStream app for your phone or tablet. I haven’t tried it out yet.

  • David Narada Brown

    SOUNDS DANGEROUS! the exposure could get real!!!

    • John Davids

      Same thing was said of Daguerreotype cameras 150 years ago. Society has always needed time to accept advances in technology.

  • tuxdreamerx


  • BTLS

    This is kinda scary…

  • The Narrator

    LIVE IN 240p…

  • EXQEX9

    This has wonderful pornographic implications…