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Video: HTC One (M8) in Amber Gold, Gunmetal, and Silver

Since we happen to have all three colors of the HTC One (M8) in house at the moment, we thought, “Why not do a beauty shot video?” After all, this phone is – at least in our opinion – one of the most beautifully designed in recent memory. The all-metal unibody construction that is highlighted by clean accent lines, looks like smartphone luxury. Sure, it might be way too tall, but there is no arguing against the premium feel of it in hand. 

Below, we take you on a tour of each color:  Amber Gold, Gunmetal Grey, and Glacial Silver. The Amber Gold is the most difficult to get a hold of at the moment, since it is only being sold exclusively through Best Buy and then online through HTC’s store. Gunmetal can be purchased just about anywhere. And Silver is found at a variety of carriers, but is also the only choice if you pick up the Google Play Edition (our unboxing).

Again, this isn’t a software or feature tour, it’s just a video to show you each color. Because well, why not?

  • NexusT

    Wish they made Glacial Silver available through AT&T. Come on HTC, wake up!

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  • ChristianPasquariello

    It has the look, that’s for sure. And that’s about it.

  • Scott Capodice

    Gosh you guys are nuts…it’s got the thinnest gauge metal…yet still feels like a brick! People are really looking for the all in one device. Stable performance on all aspects….the camera doesnt offer any options on this thing…same as last year. I dont care how cool it “looks” …the video review that they put on Android Central showed scuffs and nicks on the phone from a week of use…what will a year look like. Dont be star struck by this phone…it’s a lemon.

  • snobrdr2324

    Where is the Silver for ATT? I have been able to find nearly 0 information on the ATT Branded Glacial Silver model. One article by Techradar mentioned an ATT spokeswoman said “AT&T is offering the M8 in “Gunmetal Gray with Glacial Silver.”‘ This just seemed so poorly worded to take it very seriously.

    • Nothing official but the theory is that Silver is coming to the other carriers by the 11th. Possibly to do with the whole really vague Verizon exclusivity deal.

      • snobrdr2324

        That’s what I was thinking/hoping was the case. I just don’t like the lack of information about it since I’m waiting for the Silver one to move my last of the 4 lines from Sprint which happens to be my personal line. I don’t want to be paying ATT and Sprint at the same time but I don’t have a phone I can use on ATT.

        • Yeah, the lack of solid info isn’t great. It was really strange how vague the release has been in terms of sales and exclusivity. They said Verizon had in in store on day one and that other carriers would get it in the time after up to the 11th, but there was no mention of the color availability issue or anything of that sort.
          Apparently the Best Buy sales have been weird too, I talked with a sales rep there who said they’d been told not to sell in store until the 11th and then sometime last week told, “Yeah, sure, sell them if you want to”. At least we shouldn’t have much longer to wait.

  • Ssl0408

    I see they just copied the Apple colors.

    • curt

      I didn’t know you could copyright a color

      • lol

        Nah be like apple and try copy right round corners

  • George Davis

    Definitely prefer gunmetal.

  • LionStone

    All look great, I gotta go with the gun metal grey to match my car 🙂

    • Zac S

      I have the gun metal, it’s gorgeous

  • Chuggowitz

    Come on guys, where’s the full review? I mean, I already know I’m buying one, but, still.

  • dk1golf

    All this talk about the One M8 (and even though I’m not in the market), I had to check it out. It is nice, however probably too big for me. I don’t need a 5 inch screen and think my One M7 is as big as I would want. I do think the Moto X is the “right” size, however I’m not as much impressed with it as others on this site .

    • Dave

      Yeah, front speakers are sweet, but count on a huge device if the screen itself is 5″ from the added size.

  • str8loungin

    Stealth Black is rumored to be on the horizon..hopefully it’ll be available to all carriers and GPE and not an exclusive.

    • Cael

      along with Red

      • Kevin

        Along with Blue

        • Chris Hannan

          Along with Pink

          • Scott Capodice

            And ur mom…j/k lol

  • Cael

    The front of the gold looks absolutely weird to me compared to the others, but they all have nice backs…

  • Dave

    It’s metal, but it feels like the absolute thinnest metal gauge ever, like a pop can. Hopefully it can take abuse and hold up over time and maintain that nice finish.

    • LionStone

      But you’re not really feeling the metal, there’s a mixture of 170 oils applied as a coating, which will probably help for use over time. As far as durability, the solid external construction takes care of that (as noted by iFixit) which is also why it didn’t get a good repairability score because everything is built so tight. The S5 also didn’t get a good repairability score either because of the tight construction due to the water resistant rating. But frankly, I’d rather have a more durable phone because I just use insurance.

      • Dave

        Good info, I understand solid construction, but I look at my all metal Droid X and it has scores of dents and chips in it, then my 16 month old plastic GN2 looks like it just came out of the box. Granted a cement drop would be a disaster to either, most drops I would imagine are carpet or laminate floors. I’m still holding out for a GN4 or follow up to the MotoX with top tier specs. Have a good weekend man…..

        • LionStone

          Yep, I think it all depends on how a phone falls and what it’s falling on. Asphalt is not that hard, concrete is harder and tile in a laundry room even harder. My DNA fell pocket height, corner hit on tile, screen cracked, one week after I got it at launch. Then just recently dropped it on concrete, again corner hit and I thought for sure the screen cracked, but this time just scuffed the edge on the corner a bit, so you never know. Yes the Note 4 and Moto X are gonna be nice! Thanks you too!

    • flosserelli

      If the metal was thick, it would feel like a cinder block in your pocket.

  • The Narrator

    At least HTC knows how to make gold phones 😉

  • J Davis

    My M8’s were delivered yesterday (Verizon bogo) and I have to say that they are absolutely the most beautiful phones I have ever held. I Have the silver and the gunmetal. Quietly Brilliant isn’t going to sell millions and millions of phones. HTC needs to scream from the roof tops that they have a great phone or this phone will also be a failure from a sales stand point.

    • Singh

      Which one do you like so far? Gunmetal or Silver? Is there a difference in build quality? I’ve heard the gunmetal has a few issue, is it true?

      • J Davis

        Hard to say which one I like the most. The gun metal is brushed and I really like that look. The silver is just so smooth its hard not to like. The build quality IMO is equal. No real issues to speak of other than hating Sense but I can get over that. The touch sensitivity isn’t the best along the edges of the phone but that could be my large fingers. I don’t understand all the hate on the camera. While I am not someone that takes pictures all the time I will say that the low light shots are great and the shutter is super fast. I will keep this phone for at least a year which for me is a long time.

  • duke69111

    The gold and the gun metal looks really nice.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    I want that gold one

    • LionStone

      Are you on VZ?

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        It’s also available unlocked from HTC

        • LionStone

          Yea, but I’m wondering if you buy a gold one from HTC, will it be VZW compatible? I know the BEST BUY gold one is right?

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Well the Gold is available for Verizon. Though exclusively from best buy…for now anyway.

          • LionStone

            OK,…So, BB pays exclusive for Gold and VZW with in store availability… I wonder how much all that is? Gotta be millions right?

  • Tony Byatt
  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    The Gold is actually pretty nice. Saw it at Best Buy….very understated. It doesn’t really stand out, which I like about it. That silver has my heart though.