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The Droid Life Show Episode 54 is Batting Cleanup This Weekend

Baseball is back, baby! Ah, I love this time of year. It appears that my San Francisco Giants are laying waste to the Dodgers this afternoon, so all is well in the world. Anyway, let’s get back to Android. This past Wednesday night, as we do most other Wednesday nights, we held Episode 54 of The Droid Life Show.

On this week’s show, we talked heavily about the new HTC One (M8), concluding that the device is pretty good, but does fall short in a few categories. On top of the M8, we went over Amazon’s release of the Fire TV, Google I/O registration, made time for viewer-submitted questions, and went over our top apps of the week.

It was the most joyous of occasions. 

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  • Raphael Uduhiri

    I agree with most of the comments on the M8. Not sure why HTC would take one of the criticism of the M7 (slightly too tall) and make the phone considerably larger. There will never be a perfect phone but manufacturers always have to strive to be better from what they released the previous year. They need to focus on the misses and keep their strengths. Did the screen size really have to grow if that it would have that impact o n the overall size??? Camera and size were 2 of the biggest misses of the M7 and they did not thing to improve on them. If Motorola comes out with a camera as good as the S4/Note 3, keeping their design philosophy of a large screen in a smaller chassis, that will be my next phone.

    • pyro74boy .

      Yeah I agree with most of what you said and it’s really to bad that HTC failed on the M8’s camera because HTC had a chance to wow me and many other people over because I need a phone that takes everyday great pictures and sadly the M8 is not that phone. Android central compared the M8’s photos to the GS4 and the GS4 was the clear winner. Samsung claims that the new GS5’s camera is a major improvement over the GS4 so if this is truly the case and the GS5 did not lag like the Note 3 that I owned for a few short days then Samsung gets my money once again. I have also not had very good look with HTC phones at all they both had very bad battery life sometimes having to charge the battery 3 to 4 times per day and they failed on me in less then 6 months times. I have had much better overall luck with Samsung.

  • Milind Shah

    Bashing the one m8 a lot you guys ://

  • LionStone

    Aww yea! Excellent first paragraph Tim! 🙂