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Friday App Sales: Beautiful Widgets Pro, Riptide GP2, Root Toolbox PRO, and More

On the hunt for a way to fill up your new HTC One (M8)? Or perhaps your soon-to-be Galaxy S5? Look no further than this week’s app and game sales, where we find a couple of noteworthy apps to take up your phone’s storage.

Beautiful Widgets Pro (an app which recently got an update) is discounted, both generations of the Riptide GP game are on sale, and Root Toolbox PRO has also seen its price slashed for a limited time.

The full list of this week’s hot deals is down below.

Friday app sales

Go support the hungry developers.

  • Daistaar

    Just got Riptide 2 Finally! Thanks Rithvik! Much rather get speedy updates on Google Play than on the free store lol.

  • Turner

    Can I put in a plug for Pixel Dungeon. I’m not a dev or anything I just love the game. It’s free, the dev is responsive and always updating. Plus, there’s a pretty cool community around it too. Not for everyone, but you can play for 5 mins or a couple hours depending on how much time you have. Great game.

  • deater

    How much were they originally?

    • michael arazan

      How about a brief definition of each app to save the time on clicking on every single one?

  • darensdorff

    RipTide GP2 is a pretty good game, got it free as well during FAOTD.

    Controls are great, gameplay is smooth, and no IAP needed to play. You can complete the game just by playing it…who would have thought that was possible these days…LoL

  • cizzlen

    And still none of these are worth it.

    • JoshGroff

      Riptide GP is actually really good for a Hydro Thunder clone.

    • dns2k

      Jrummys root toolbox is worth full value if you’re on the side of things. IMO his root browser is the best and has been a must install in all of my devices. installer as well is solid.

  • Jared Denman

    I got riptide gp2 free last week when it was Amazon’s free app of the day.