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Amazon Dash, a Tool to Make Buying Groceries a Painless Process

It seems Amazon is on a roll this week, having just announced its set-top box Fire TV, and now Amazon Dash. With Dash, you simply scan items using the device or speak into its microphone, then Dash will add items to your Amazon Fresh shopping list. From there, Amazon ships the items to you, with most cases being 1-day delivery. As of right now, only certain regions in just two states are supported, but the future of grocery shopping looks exciting.

The flashlight-sized tool allows you to quickly take note of what exactly you need to stock up on in your household, and lets you move to a computer or mobile device to check the items out using Amazon Fresh’s payment system.

The device is also touted for its sturdiness, and ability to withstand the wrath of children along with dirty hands, so you can order new groceries while cooking without an issue.

As previously mentioned, you will only find Amazon Fresh (and Dash) to be available in Seattle and parts of California. The rest of the US isn’t looking like it will see the service anytime too soon. Currently, only select Amazon Fresh members are receiving invites to get a free Dash device from Amazon, and there’s no word on when us regular folks will be able to net one.

Cool idea, right?

Via: Amazon Fresh
  • kelly1519

    Currently, Amazon competes aggressively with
    Apple Inc. and Google Inc. in the TV and music streaming market and http://bit.ly/1h7HNds

  • Edward Smith

    This reminds me of the CueCat.
    We’ve come a long way.
    When the CueCat came out and we found out what it did I and most everyone threw it away because of privacy concerns.
    This Amazon scanner will prove to be orders of magnitude more invasive of ones private life and if I was a Prime member in one of the markets I’d sign up NOW.
    I love to cook but I also like to keep my kitchen inventory organized and stocked like a restaurant kitchen but without all the annoying work. This new toy of Amazon’s will make this a zero effort task.

  • joseph barrientos

    is it that hard to type “peanut butter” on google shopping express? or even easier to walk to the store and get it. smh, im not gonna wait another day for groceries I need, at that rate i’ll drive. no thanks, but nice try amazon.

    • Blake

      Again, this is a product for a service that already exists and has for several years (since 2007). If you’re not in a market that has Amazon Fresh (Seattle, LA, SanFran) then you don’t have to worry about it but I can tell you it’s fairly successful here in Seattle, most people I know use it.

  • Kevin

    Why not just use your smartphone? Either way I hope they’re giving these away and not selling them to non Amazon fresh members.

  • AngryBadger

    Unless the voice option selects from user-defined brand preferences then I can see how this can get tricky. #Condoms

    • Blake

      You have to confirm before checkout at least, but I’m curious how it’ll work too.

      • RoninX

        I’d assume that the first time you order “condoms” or “whipped cream” or whatever, it would give you a search list, and that for subsequent orders it would select what you previously ordered as the default (which you could change manually, if you want). At least that’s the way it should work…

  • WAldenIV

    This will fail like other attempts before it have. It’s too expensive to be practical for both Amazon and the consumer. Additionally, not selecting some items yourself will prove a folly. The steak or apples they select are unlikely to always be just what you want. The milk could be short-dated. The bags they show will get lost or stolen.

    • Blake

      In reverse order of your concerns: 1) I’ve never had my Amazon Fresh bags (or crates for that matter) stolen, so I don’t see why that’d start now. 2) You have to checkout online through the website (fresh.amazon.com) or the smartphone app so you’ll confirm everything. Granted they haven’t explained how generic terms will be dealt with but I imagine some place holder item in the list telling you to pick. 3) Amazon has been proven to take little to no profit, even a loss, in order to get customers. This would be another thing to add to the reasons to use Amazon Fresh over Safeway for me, so I’ll take it. I do wonder how the device will work out long term, like how they’ll decide who gets to get it and what have you, but I can see it being a great feature. Unless you’re worried about amazon fresh in of itself failing, which it isn’t at all, it’s been going since 2007.

      • Kevin

        Is there any way to tell if the green bags have been open? Some kind of seal? I’d hate to see somebody tamper with my food.

        • Blake

          No, nor on the crates. But they have attended delivery where you have to be there (they give you a 1 hour window) and they don’t just leave it, like when you order pizza or other delivery food. Or you can use the doorstep delivery option, like UPS/etc, shown in the video. So the choice is yours.

          • AngryBadger

            Nice, didn’t know that.

  • darensdorff

    Curious as to where in Cali this is being offered…as this is the first time i’ve heard of this (Amazon Fresh).

    Time to google it!!

    • Blake

      LA and SF for now. I imagine more expanding slowly.

  • Ray

    So I have these strawberries in my hand from the grocery store that I’m going to scan and have Amazon mail me. Why would I do that when I can go home with them right now unless Amazon can offer them half off for the same quality

    • NexusPhan

      I don’t think you understand how this is intended to work…

      • Ray

        dont mind me i was too lazy to watch the video first: Slap