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Google Opinion Rewards Launches Today in Canada, Australia and the UK

Were you intrigued by the launch of Google’s Opinion Rewards app, but unable to get in on the action due to your location? The small, yet awesome survey app that Google launched a few months ago has gone through more testing, and is now ready to branch out farther into the world.

When it was first introduced, Google was apparently only interested in the survey answers from the U.S. Today, however, the app expands to 3 more countries; Canada, Australia, and the UK. Once signing up and giving Google a few bits of information about yourself (age, sex, and occupation), you can start taking surveys that will get you credit to use on Google Play. 

Other than launching in new countries, the app and premise stay the same. If you don’t want to take needless surveys, you don’t have to, but you can try and earn as much credit at your leisure.

If you don’t have a problem filling out somewhat personal information and opinions for Google, hit the link below and get your download on.

Play Link

  • Oddly enough, I’ve been in the UK the last couple of months and have gotten UK specific questions and surveys with US currency rewards the entire time I’ve been here.

  • emoney

    i made .18 the last two i did… I’m gonna be a play credit millionaire in due time!

  • Brad

    Won’t load anything. Wheel just spins. Moto X.

    • Moto X User

      Me too, Brad. Also on the Moto X. 🙁

  • Alex

    I have probably made at least $15 with this but most of it came St the beginning with some big money surveys.

  • Cesar

    I completely forgot this existed until I saw this post. Back when it first launched, I had a crappy budget Samsung phone that was incompatible with this, so I never got a chance to use it. Since I’ve upgraded to a Moto X, I can finally start earning some free Google Play credits!

  • Cael

    I wish the money you earned was not limited to the Play Store or atleast was expanded to devices and such.

  • James

    I’ve had it installed since day one. Saw a couple surveys initially, then nothing. Just sits on my phone doing nothing…kind of a joke.

  • MichaelFranz

    I like free $$. Ive probably made about $10 bucks or so off this since it launched. I dont nearly get as many surveys as i used to though

    • T4rd

      I’ve only made like $3.30 so far since it launched. It’s probably coincidence, but it seems like every time I open it hoping to see a survey, there isn’t one, but I’ll get one within a day or so after checking it, hah.

      • Brian

        I never open the app manually, I just wait for a notification and then fill out a survey. It seems like I average about 1 per week, or maybe 2 weeks.

        • T4rd

          Pretty much seems to be my average for the past month or so now. Just weird that I get them soon after checking the app.

    • morteum

      I have yet to get a single survey since I downloaded it at launch.

      • Mike Aurin

        Google gives zero f*cks about your opinions. It’s a shame too…I’d like to hear your opinions.

        • morteum

          Haha, thanks, friend.

        • PoisonApple31

          Sweet, what would you pay out to hear my opinions?

      • Brian

        I’m assuming you did fill out the initial questionnaire, correct?

        • morteum

          No harm in asking, but yes, I did.

      • The Narrator

        Every survey i get, I lie. Longer questions you answer, more money, ha. Future tip for you

        • EP_2012

          Don’t lie. You compromise the integrity of the survey and it’s a really douchey way to make a few bucks.

          • The Narrator

            The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, buddy. People do worse.

          • EP_2012

            “People do worse” is your justification for being dishonest? Great.

    • aBabyPenguin

      I’ve made about $5, my gf has made more about $10 as well. Pretty sweet deal, but I agree that the amount of surveys has gone down for us as well. :/

      • Mike Aurin

        I’m sure as more and more people sign up for it they have to spread the wealth. I made about ten bucks as well and really have only spent it on KovDev packs haha. Has anyone else noticed that it might give you more money depending on your answers? Depending on the question, if I was done after one question because the question didn’t really pertain to me it gave me a relatively low amount (25 cents or so) but if I embellished to keep getting follow up questions I could receive up to a dollar. No way to prove it but it seems that this may be the case.

        • me

          I think so. I’ve gotten a survey that said Question 1 of up to 6. I answered 1 and that was the only question, got a quarter. For others, the more I answered, the more money I got. I still answer honestly even if I know if I try to extend the survey I’ll get another 50 or 75 cents. Big deal. I’ve probably totaled 5 or 6 dollars so far. I’ve spent most on icon packs.

        • Brian

          I’ve wondered whether the amount received is related to the number of questions answered or not. I’d say most of my surveys lately (whether I get one question or four) hover around $0.25, towards the beginning they were closer to $1 though

        • aBabyPenguin

          I’ve noticed that too. I was thinking it’d be easy to make money if you know what answers the survey is looking for, but I wouldn’t want to take advantage of them 😛

      • antwonw

        Dude, this is the same with me. I’ve made about $5 since launch, however my girlfriend rakes in the money with surveys. She’s gotten over $15 since launch. I think girls get more survey’s because there aren’t as many girls using the Options app. Just my thought. Google, or who their doing the survey’s for, want an equal, or near equal amount of options from women.