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Verizon Matches AT&T’s $160 10GB Family Plan, Adjusts Discount

At only a month or so old, Verizon is already adjusting its MORE Everything data plans to better align with their biggest competitor, AT&T. You may recall AT&T’s headline grabbing move at the beginning of February, where it announced its “Best Ever Prices” for a family of four, with a 10GB $160 plan leading the charge. Verizon reached out today to note that they had recently made a move to match this offer. 

Through MORE Everything, customers will now see a discount on smartphone monthly access lines of $25, up from the $20 original discount. In other words, instead of paying $40 per line for a smartphone, you would pay $15 per line per month. Keep in mind that the discount only applies if you also sign-up for EDGE, Verizon’s monthly phone payment plan.

If you do the math on a family of four, assuming all sign up for EDGE, that’s $60 ($15 x 4) in smartphone line access charges, plus $100 for the 10GB data package. So yeah, you are at $160 for a family of four with 10GB of shared data. But again, you also have to sign-up for EDGE and pay the monthly payments on all four phone lines (similar to what AT&T requires – they also give you the discount if you bring your own phone).

Via:  Verizon
  • kelly1519

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    market capitalization is against the idea of content providers resisting the
    payment of additional fees associated with carrying heavy web traffic over its
    network, and here is why http://bit.ly/1i8MSUx

  • Booderness

    I’m switching to AT&T for the same reason. I’m going to pay the full price up front for two phones so I can get the $130 per month with 10GB. With Verizon, I’d have to pay twice. Even if I pay for the phone outright, I’d still have to pay the full “contract” price for the plan. In fact, even if you go to EDGE, you still have to pay the full “contract” price when your EDGE payments are done. This sends a strong message to the public that Verizon just wants to screw with you.

  • Dan Gerson

    Gonna gets me a free phone that’s subsidized by people paying for service.

  • itsacardigan

    Do all lines need to be on edge plan?

  • It is not surprising to see most of the large investment houses to come maintain a confident outlook on Verizon’s prospects. But the analysts were bullish on the stock back then and continue to feel the same way now http://j.mp/vz-news

  • André Berry

    Verizon can kiss my natural black @$$ charging 30 bucks for 2 GB on nationwide and 50 bucks for just 2 GB of data on more everything. They’ve lost their minds.

    For a smaller price I’ll just keep unlimited at 20 bucks.

    • PoisonApple31

      Are you comparing a legacy plan to the new plans? That’s not a direct comparison – its apples and oranges.

      • André Berry

        No those are current plan prices actually. The only thing not offered anymore that I am still on currently is the unlimited data for 20 bucks. The point is to show hoe much of a rip of non unlimited plans are compared to what I am grandfathered into.

  • Joshua Polivka
  • Craig

    Why do these carriers need to complicate their plans so much? Why don’t they just offer single line plans with 2.5GB for $40 each? This is basically the price one would pay at AIO Wireless or StraightTalk. Also, VZW is charging $15GB for overages which is insane. A more appropriate charge would be a penny per MB ($10GB). Maybe it’s just me but I find all these new plans to be an insult to one’s intelligence. Perhaps the powers to be at VZW learned their math the Common Core way 🙂

  • Tyler Lamb

    Think its worth noting that AT&T let those under contract switch to these value plans, and get the cheaper line access. I for one am under a 2 year contract until Aug 2015, and I was able to switch to the 10 GB share plan and only be changed $15 per line.

  • blairh

    Why doesn’t Verizon give you a discount if you bring your own device to them like AT&T is now???

    • flosserelli

      Because they are Verizon…and you should be grateful to have the privilege of using their network.

  • Marlin

    Okay, I’ve never been good with math or maybe I’m missing something here. So, help me out. I totally get some of the issues with the Edge plan. However, if I break this down —

    Share everything plan with four phones and 10gb of data is going to cost $260. Let’s say that I decide to go with the HTC M8 (ignoring the current BOGO offer, for the sake of easy numbers). This phone would cost $200 on contract, $25 on Edge or $600 retail. The current Edge promotion will give you a $25 credit per phone – making the cost of the phone a wash. To upgrade, you have to have paid off 50% of the retail value of the phone – $300, which would be paid in 12 months (or earlier if you want to make extra payments.) So, in other words, it will essentially cost you $100 to upgrade to a new phone early. I understand that if you aren’t planning on upgrading or want to keep your phone longer than two years – this upgrade would be of no benefit. But, for someone (like me) who would like to upgrade more often — isn’t this a workable deal?

    • BroRob

      Dont forget that you are paying off the $600 phone, and then required to hand it back to VZW when you upgrade to the next phone. You continue to pay off the hardware and then are required to give it back??

      • Ego

        Once you make the $600 payment on the phone the phone is yours, you do not have to hand it back to them.

      • Marlin

        Once you decide to upgrade, as long as you’ve paid off 50% of the cost, you no longer are paying off the first device when you hand it back. You start over.

  • Sam

    I left verizon because i paid $115 for ONE LINE. I joined my old plan my family is using on AT&T and pay $50 for my portion. VZW is slipping.

    • PoisonApple31

      LMAO. No kidding paying portion of a family plan is going to be cheaper than a single postpaid line! It’s going to be like that on any carrier with postpaid service! How stupid!

  • marco

    at least at&t let you bring in your own device to get the same price plan

  • ja7lewis

    No thank you. I’ll keep paying my ~$142 after taxes for 2 smartphones, 1 on unlimited and the other on 2 gb.

  • thajack

    When Verizon started that Share Everything crap, I packed up and went to AT&T and have never looked back.

  • Curtis

    I’m so tired of having to read a blog to understand my wireless bill!!

  • PoisonApple31

    I just ran an analysis for AT&T with my own situation; the BYOD prices vs 2 year contract.

    1 x Note 3, 2 x 16GB iPhone 5s (each phone with 5% sales tax at time of purchase), 10GB data plan assuming an extra 18% for taxes and fees. Final totals count the amount paid for the phones along with 24 months of the 10GB data plan + 18% taxes and fees. I am assuming that the devices are being bought brand new with the prices on AT&T’s website today.

    24 month contract: $6965.37
    24 month BYOD: $6232.64

    I’m done with Verizon after my other 2 lines are out of contract.

  • S9779

    So if I get 4 moto x phones it will cost me 75 bucks a month for a total of 235 a month. That’s 5640 over the total term. Or you could pay 260 bucks a month on a standard plane with subsidiary discounts. This assuming you select free phones like the moto x. So that’s 6240 over the contract. That’s kind of frightening.

  • Jared Muskovitz

    The fact that you have to get all new phones on the Edge Plan, making it more than 160 bucks a month will drive customers away. Those who don’t know this will feel cheated. Oh, Verizon…

    • Adrynalyne

      Lets assume there are 5 lines in this plan.

      Actual cost sans taxes and other nickle and diming BS:

      Closer to 300 a month.

  • Randy

    Verizon is getting Better with service and rate plans compared to any other phone provider

    • Arthur Dent

      Lol, you are funny!

      • Randy

        you’re the funny one ^-^

        • Arthur Dent

          No, you are!

  • dannyWHITE

    I actually have this plan for AT&T and I didn’t have to sign up for the monthly payments on my devices (I have the 2year agreement).

    • PSU_DI

      Yup, I signed my in-laws up for the AT&T plan, and they didn’t need to buy new phones. Just going forward they will just buy the GSM phones outright. When you can buy phones like the Nexus 5 or Moto X for $400.00 or do the payment thing. It just wasn’t a requirement to switch over like it is with VZW

  • Walter Partlo

    While this isn’t the greatest deal in the world, it is nice to see these guys competing a little with regards to pricing.

  • jason

    i love unlimited

    • K

      Want a prize?

      • The Narrator

        I have unlimited WiFi that is much faster. I deserve the prize.

        • rawr

          I used to, but now even Comcast charges overages (love being forced into a trial that isn’t really a trial since charging overages is a foregone conclusion).

          Not sure why our hundreds of representatives refuse to stand up for the people who give them their jobs…

          • Arthur Dent

            Because our hundreds of representatives have to stand up for the people who are lining their pockets during and after elections. Both major parties are completely bought and paid for.

          • rokmor

            That’s why we have a representative form of government, so we can have them spend their days worrying about our phone bills. That’s pure genius… How about you go to another carrier and the government can worry about governing – they already have enough difficulties…

          • rawr

            Because they are all going against net neutrality?

            Also I would rather my government govern things that mattered to me instead of being embarrassed by Russia in Europe everyday or spending millions on a search for 200 people while that money could be used to help people here.

            But thanks though.

    • The Narrator

      That porn. Real life is better.

    • dizel123

      You’re the reason we can’t have nice things.

      • Adrynalyne

        Verizon would have axed it no matter what. I say abuse it more.

    • Bill Hill

      Thats all? Wake me up when you break 150GBs noob

    • Billy

      your the reason they are taking unlimited away from everybody, dumbass….

    • Rob

      Thats a lot of porn.

    • Joleen D.

      Jason, you just need to breathe in deep and smell the grover bindorf pot pie. If the bean burritos are not fresh enough, just jump into the back of a paddy wagon and taste the winner!

  • WickedToby741

    This article needs corrected. AT&T does NOT require you to sign up for a Next plan (Edge equivalent). You can get a Next plan OR BYOD. It’s important to note Verizon offers no discount for BYOD customers (unless that changed recently as well).

  • cgalyon

    Wait, so what’s the actual total cost then? Monthly smartphone tax ($15), 10GB data ($100), and how much for Edge? Honestly, this stuff seems deliberately over-complicated to hide costs.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Well, of course it is.

    • Arthur Dent

      Over-complicated? That’s standard operating procedure for the carriers.

      They aren’t there to help you or make things clear. They don’t actually like you. Only your wallet.

    • 213ninja

      i don’t think edge costs anything in of itself, but it forces you to pay full retail for new phones in monthly installments, which increases your bill. i don’t think you get a 2yr upgrade price anymore if you put a line on edge…..or do you? if you don’t i wonder how they keep you on contract….

      • Joshua Seeley

        there isnt a 2 yr upgrade with edge. After 1 year you can upgrade to a new phone if you hae paid at least 50% of your current phone. So like me, I got a moto x on edge when it first came out. $600 total. I pay $24 a month, as long as I have paid $300 in a year I can switch to a new phone and do the same thing over again. Its really not that bad of a deal. Especially if you wait for the msrp to come down a little before buying.

        • 213ninja

          thanks for clarifying from your experience. so every time you get a phone does that renew your contract? even if it’s only been 1 year?

          • Laymans Terms

            Its more like loan/lease agreements. You can trade in the phone after you have met the 50% of purchase price portion. At that time when you trade in the phone the remainder of the loan/lease agreement is considered paid in full. At that time theoretically you can opt into a new loan/lease agreement or choose the 2 year contract subsidy model. The contract is not necessarily on the service plan but an agreement to pay on the product. However if you choose to leave Verizon while the loan/lease agreement is in place still you are responsible for paying the remainder as a one time total on your next bill.

          • 213ninja

            Thank you. So you do have the 2yr contract pricing available to you as an option if you’re enrolled in Edge?? That’s good. Almost no risk if I’m interpreting correctly….

          • Laymans Terms

            Not quite. I didn’t understand the question so I apologize. It appears to be an either/or. Full retail on EDGE. And then trade in the phone, completing EDGE agreement, and then come to same purchase fork. 2 Year or EDGE.

            Ex: I come into store out of contract and eligible for new 2 year or EDGE. I want to get the All New HTC One M8 because I love logo bezels more than anyone else I know. The sales rep will tell me I can either 1) Pay the 2 year price plus whatever fees ($30 upgrade) so $230 for the phone. OR 2) I can do EDGE on the full retail ($599.99) Pay $25 today, and again, and again, and again, on my bill each month. After I have paid $300.00 on the phone (or 50%) I can trade in the phone thus rendering the remainder $300 paid in full with the return of the colateral. Once this transaction is complete I can now choose to purchase my M9 with an HTC Bezel on the bottom and Verizon Bezel on top and an extra 13mm in length, on either EDGE or 2 year.

            So again, one or the other. You cannot, to my knowledge, EDGE the 2 year price, or sign an additional 2 year agreement while an EDGE agreement is in place on your line.

          • 213ninja

            Thanks again. That pretty much explains what I needed. I guess as long as your “edging” they feel like that’s enough of a commitment even though if you edge 2 or 3 years, technically you can roll because you’re not renewing your contract…you just owe the phone balance (if it’s not paid off). I think I recall seeing comments from a VZ big wig about that same topic regarding people not paying and leaving and them accepting the risk…..

            Thanks again.

          • Laymans Terms

            No problem. It does seem like a bigger risk to Verizon. I am sure they will be left holding the reins on more than a couple phones if people leave and decide not to pay up

          • matti861

            I work for att and here is the answer. You have two choices on buy your phone. Sign a two year contract or get the next plan(att’s edge plan). If you sign a two year commitment your line charge jumps from $15 to $40. Reason for that is you chose to get a device with a subsidy, so your line no longer qualifies for one. Not only that, if you sign a two contract you pay for your device up front and are still assessed a $36 upgrade fee. If you do the next plan your buying the device full price. Your line stays at $15. You just add in the cost of Equipment. If you want a galaxy s5 and do a two year commitment you pay the$200 up front and the line charge is $40. If you do the next(or edge) line charge is $15 and s5 is I believe $32. Long story short if you switch to the new plan you’d be a complete and utter fool to get a phone with a two year contract

          • 213ninja

            Good stuff. Thanks for breaking it down guys. Now I understand, there isn’t really a discount at all 😉

          • CreeDiddy

            Great explanation!!!!

          • Sick of fine print

            I’m currently with Verizon. Can I NOT sign up for ATT 2-year agreement, or ATT EDGE, if I bring my own unlocked phone ti ATT? WIll that be $160 for 4 lines and THAT’s IT, with no other charges?

  • DonD

    So for Verizon it would be $160 a month for the 4 lines unlimited talk/ text and share 10 gig? But, I cant use our existing Verizon smart phones, we would have to join edge and play additional fees of 4 smart phones? That still sounds like alot more than $160 a month.
    Whats the real price with 4 phones then?

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Assuming you pay ($650/24 months)x4 lines = ~109 on top of the $160. So not much has changed I guess

    • Laymans Terms

      More Everything 10GB by itself with 4 smartphones on contract… $260/mo.
      4 EDGE’d Moto X = $227/mo. Is the final breakdown. Any phone under $600 a month comes out ahead for the customer. Based on the plan itself vs buying the phone on a 2 year agreement. So pick your poison I suppose.

      • graywh

        But many phones require an initial payment for the 2yr contract, so EDGE will still be cheaper.

        4 EDGE’d Note 3’s = $277.24/mo, but would require an initial payment of $300 each. The extra $17.24/month for EDGE more than makes up for the $1200 initial payment.

  • Its about time. I just changed to this 10 mins ago.

  • VerizonNoMore

    Its this really a Verizon “More Nothing” plan? There are giving more speed—-well only in certain areas. They are giving more savings—-but only if you are endlessly paying off a phone:

    “If I’m no longer participating in the Verizon Edge program, do I still get the discount off my monthly line access?”

    No, only customers who are currently enrolled and making monthly payments towards their Verizon Edge agreement qualify for the $10 or $25 monthly discount.

  • dave

    No they did not match att. Att doesn’t up your charge if you pay off your phone or are out of contract. VZ does.

  • Melissa Larson

    Incorrect about AT&T – with more everything we are paying $15/line and $100 for 10gb data monthly. We DO NOT have to pay for the monthly payments of the phones as stated in the article. The rep explained that with bringing our own devices our price per line is $15. When we decide to get new devices, if we do so through AT&T, then the line rate will go to $25 (or possibly there is a different plan we would go to besides the “more everything”)

  • The Narrator

    But it’s not really that much when you add in $25+ per phone per month

  • AxemRed

    I happen to be on a family plan with 10GB of data, so this will be a great deal for me. I’m happy with my Moto X right now, but I may sign up for Edge when Moto’s next phone comes out this summer if I like it.

    • Evan Wickes

      the edge plan rapes ur wallet. please make sure to read the fine print to understand how they are planning to F u over.

      • Adrynalyne

        Yep. My wife and daughter used it (against my better judgement) and my monthly bill is screwed over hard.

  • Jam Master Jim

    It’s not ideal, but at least the rates are starting to come down. There is still a ways to go in lowering the price, but thank you Mr. Legere for starting this trend.

    • Miguel

      It’s actually trying to trick people into signing up for EDGE, again Verizon a Double EDGE Sword.

      • Laymans Terms

        There is room for this to work out in someones favor. EDGE on a Moto X… $16.66/mo. On a 10GB plan subsidy goes down $25/mo. so net credit of $8.34 back to the consumer…

  • Vinnie Reno

    I still have unlimited data at Verizon. I never use less than 10GB per month by myself so each month that I keep this I am sticking it to them hard.

    • SJ

      I have unlimited data as well. Before they took it away, I never used more than 1gb per month as I stayed on my home or work wifi. Now that I have been able to upgrade, but refuse to loose unlimited data, I used at minimum 5gb up to 7gb per month. I did this by simply refusing to go on WIFI, No change in usage. And this is without and video streaming…

      • 213ninja

        i burn it up as well.

        keep fighting the good fight guys!!!

        • WickedToby741

          You guys do realize the only thing you’re doing is causing more congestion for other Verizon customers? This “good fight” you speak of doesn’t exist. Verizon doesn’t care about the dismal amount of people still clinging to unlimited data. They’re already making a killing off of you guys because you’re opting not to take your subsidy but you’re still paying for it. The only ones you are actually affecting by choosing not to use Wi-Fi when you could is other Verizon subscribers in your area that don’t have Wi-Fi available. It’s rather selfish to intentionally use as much network bandwidth as possible.

          • Walter Partlo

            I keep taking my subsidies, and keep my unlimited. Once that goes away, so does VZW. I use my wifi when it is faster than my LTE connection.

          • Vinnie Reno

            I don’t use 10+ a month just because I can, thats what my job and lifestyle dictates. Even if I didn’t have unlimited, I would still have to use that much. I connect to WiFi when I can but its not usually available to me during my day to day situations. I am definitely winning because I would be paying a shitload more money every month if I wasn’t on this plan, and I would be using the same amount of network bandwidth either way.

          • 213ninja

            look bud, clearly there is no fight. i was joking. but i am sitting on 2 upgrades right now which i exercise regularly and still keep my unlimited data on multiple lines. don’t get butt hurt because i burn up LTE everywhere i go because i can. i’m a paying customer just like you, and i’ll do as i please. if you think it’s to your detriment i may as well hit it extra hard this month just for you, maybe i’ll host a big team battle later while listening to pandora, watching netflix, and downloading movies…i was thinking about dropping home internet anyway and running my whole house off of LTE since my signal is so money where i live, will that make your phone explode? hope it’s got a wood back.

          • Adrynalyne

            If a few people can congest a network, then said network owner needs to have a fire lit under their @ss to fix it.

          • Sporttster

            Still got unlimited, still have the subsidy….jumped during the ‘keep your unlimited and upgrade’ weekend Verizon did a few months back.

        • [email protected]

          I fight the good fight as well.
          I was thinking about dropping my home internet and just use tethering (since my phone is rooted) for all my PCs.

    • WickedToby741

      Technically you’re only sticking it to other Verizon customers by using bandwidth. You using the max amount of data has absolutely no effect on Verizon’s bottom line.

    • p4

      actually, its vzw .. they are sticking it to u .. trust me

    • dizel123

      You really think that one little person using 10GB a month is “sticking it to” a multi-billion dollar company? Really?

      But you are part of the reason we can’t have nice things.

      • Vinnie Reno

        No, not on a large scale of course. But they could be getting much more money out of me every month for the last few years, and they have not. I need to use 10-20GB per month whether I have unlimited or not, so sticking with the unlimited has definitely saved me hundreds of dollars (or more — I’ve never done the math). Verizon CONSTANTLY contacts me with offers to switch me from the unlimited plan to a new plan. Theres not many of us left and they want to rip it out from under us quite badly, so they do care … even if only a little

  • Tri-State Weather

    AT&T does not require the same thing. You can bring your own device and get the discounted rate. Verizon does not allow you to bring your own device at the discounted rate. Must pay the full 40 dollars a month. I know because I asked last month before going with AT&T.

    • Mele Kalikimaka

      This is correct. I also recently left Verizon and signed up with AT&T. We have 5 people in our group, opted for the 15gb plan. Our bill before taxes and before our 15% discount (school alumni) is $41 per phone. I’m enjoying much much faster LTE speeds on my Nexus 5 without any contract.

    • Casey Mills

      Yes, you need to adjust the article immediately. AT&T does allow the bringing of your own device. I made the switch to AT&T and found that AT&T has better coverage and MUCH faster data speeds. Very happy with AT&T.

      • Adam Truelove

        Where do you live? I made the switch to AT&T too and the ONE thing I miss from Verizon is the network coverage, it’s just everywhere.

        • Casey Mills

          Roanoke Virginia

      • RKSoni

        If you get good coverage, then T-Mobile still have better deal for a family consuming 10GB or more.. check out >>> http://www.telecomvibe.com

  • duke69111

    Verizon’s Edge program is a joke. I wish they would stop with all the stipulations that you have to be part of the Edge program to take advantage of their sales.

    • Cael

      They should offer discounts when your 2 year contract is up >_>

      • Adrynalyne

        Like they used to? Fat chance of that coming back.

      • Laymans Terms

        You mean like picking up a phone like the Moto X for Free (After mail in rebate) instead of paying full retail $400? or the additional NE2 credit that got disposed of a few (three?) years ago?

        • Cael

          Like removing the device subsidy specifically.

          • Laymans Terms

            Oh Gotcha. You are speaking towards the plan price vs phone price. That makes sense. Byod at that point. Do we know if att added the discount to their mobile share plans automatically once people’s contracts were up or does it require providing your own equipment or asking God specifically?

          • Laymans Terms

            Asking for it specifically. But God works too.

          • Cael

            AFAIK, you have to bring your own device or do their monthly device payment plan

    • Dan DeMarco

      Not really a joke considering you’re paying less for a device while on the More Everything plan and on Edge. Keep in your 2 year agreement if you’d like whilst paying more. The only joke here is the old plan you’re still paying into.