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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on Sprint Receives Minuscule Update to Include WiFi Calling

An update is rolling out for the Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung to customers on Sprint, bringing the ability to make calls over WiFi. While it may not be anything too worthy of writing your mother about, this is still more than Note 3 owners on Verizon can talk about. Still no Android 4.4.2 for those poor folks. 

The new version number for this update is N900PVPUCNC5, although estimated size of the update is still unknown. Our guess is that it’s rather small.

Since we are on the subject, let’s have a moment of silence for the Galaxy Note 3 on Verizon. Big Red still remains silent as to when customers can expect an update. All other major carriers have announced and pushed out the update, with Sprint being the first to do so back in February. That’s hurtful, Verizon.

Note 3 owners on Sprint, go grab the latest update.

Via: Samsung
  • tjubb

    Could Verizon once in their life not be LAST to the table? I don’t need even need them to be first out of the gate, just stop being last dammit!

  • Chris Beavans

    Verizon is gonna release 4.4.3 for the note 3 by the end of April. They told me 4.4.2 has too many bugs and battery problems for their note 3!

    • 213ninja

      That’d be super neat.

    • crazed_z06

      This is possible. I remember Verizon skipped a version on the GNex also.

    • jxoxnxn

      End of ducking April?!? Wtf

  • guest

    is this a precursor to volte?

  • jlsushman

    4.4.2 on the note 3 vzw will kill my tethering app. No thanks. I have no problems with jb

    • slickmechanick

      Which one are u using? I just bought the phone and updated it. I’ll tell ya if it still works

      • jlsushman

        Foxfi. I would much appreciate it. I have the full apk with key if you need it.

  • JV

    I purposely switched to the Note 3 from my RAZR HD thinking a major flagship phone from Samsung would get guaranteed faster updates. Verizon you suck. You charge the most and think you can get away with it because you THINK you’re the best. You get what you pay for? … Not with Verizon

  • 213ninja

    i think Verizon is pushing a wood back with their Kit-Kat update, it’s taking awhile to get it working, but i’m pumped to finally get some wood…

    • Adrynalyne

      As long as you don’t elaborate as to where you are getting said wood.

  • huskerhog

    I just chatted with a Verizon rep to no avail. He said eh couldn’t find any information regarding an update.

  • Trace

    Verizons Sh!t stained note 3 has so many bugs, Buddy Of mine has same Note 3 as me only on AT&T. His front camera works for everything that mine freezes up on, Vine, Instagram. You name it his works yet my front camera has froze on those apps since the day I got it. Verizon says oh its not the phone its the App, really then why does his work? #

    • jim

      I do agree that Verizon is always last, but as far as my Note3, its been flawless since I got it verizons techs are awfull , I used to call them a lot when I had my Nexus, I always knew more than they did. its your phone that’s bad , they are idiots

    • jim

      keep calling them everyday, you complain enough and they will give you another phone

    • 213ninja

      i don’t use Vine but i do use Instagram and haven’t had any freezing with the front cam. might be worth a warranty exchange.

      • Trace

        Mine works good for pix, just video that it freezes on, you have no probs with video either? Forum boards out there are full of people with the same issue I have on my note3 when it comes to vine/instagram front cam video

        • 213ninja

          oh okay, i just tested video on the front cam for the first time with instagram and it froze 😉

    • LionStone

      Verizon: I’m very sorry to hear you’re not having an optimum experience on your Note 3… Please hold one second… Ok, I’m gonna walk you through a full reset on your device…

    • crazed_z06

      Hmm.. bad device maybe? Havent had any issues with my VZ Note 3.

      • UniBroW

        Not sure why anyone deals with the carriers when they have a bad phone, just deal with Samsung directly. You’re sure to get the same device back in working order. Brother’s S3 was having the screen flickering issue, sent it to Samsung and he got it back in working order. My Note 3’s proximity sensor wasnt’ working, sent it out and should be receiving it in working order today. Obviously, if you trade in your phones or don’t have the luxury of a backup phone this is less than ideal but the carriers usually give you a refurbished phone in exchange which is dreadful in most situations.

  • kobuu

    43Mb. Downloading now!

  • gadget_hero

    I wonder if it had anything for HD calling, I think I saw a Sprint announcement yesterday they have HD calling nationwide.

    • Adrynalyne

      WTH is HD calling? Is it where people sound like real life? :p

      • gadget_hero

        its higher bit-rate calling. Here is a link for theverge.com’s Paul Miller explaining what HD calling is (http://bit.ly/1pS2Cu1)

  • Thomas

    I want Kit Kat on my Verizon Note 3……NOW!!!!!

    • PoisonApple31

      Me 2! grrr…..

    • T4rd

      Verizon: F#@% you… you’ll take what we give you.

    • crazed_z06

      I hear you.

      Though, lately I havent been that excited for Kit Kat because of the issues with SD Card.

    • Chris