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Google Play Newsstand Updated to 3.2.0 – Includes Reworked Layout, New Combined Sections

It’s Wednesday, which often times means that Google is going to release all sorts of updates to its suite of Android apps. We already saw a sizable update to Keep, but are now seeing one with Play Newsstand

In the update, which jumps us up to v3.2.0, we’re seeing a re-organized app in terms of layout and sections. From the main “Read Now” tab, you’ll see topics strung across the top for Highlights, News, Business, Entertainment, Sports, Technology, and so on. A swipe to the right or left will jump you in between them quickly. In the navigation menu, the My News and My Magazines sections have been combined into a My Library tab. We’re also seeing the “Keep Read Now on device” option missing, which was a way for you to store that section on your device for offline reading. Maybe the app is doing that automatically now? I would hope not.

The rest of the app is then mostly the same, but this update certainly makes finding news easier, thanks to the new categories on the main Read Now page.

We have both Play and .apk links for you below.

Play Link | Download Link


  • BroRob

    Now if only I could pay for magazine subscriptions with Google Play cards, or my Google Wallet!!

  • Dustin Gerlach

    How is this, compared to using Pulse? I’ve tried other news apps, but always go back to Pulse.

  • IcerC

    getting better! Dare I say I kinda like it?

  • Droid Ronin

    Grabbing these APKs on my PC and PushBulleting them to my Moto X. Seamless.

  • sdcoiner76

    I know it might seems like a small thing but the movement of the top bar showing what section you are in is kinda distracting. Instead of flowing nicely from one section to another it just jumps over. Seems to catch my eye every time I move from section to section.

  • Zargh

    Dat HTC One M8 Font.

  • Haskell Gray

    Do I still have to actually open an article just to mark it as read?

  • AbbyZFresh

    Looks like Google’s trying to copy iOS 7. Except for the highlight integrating into the navigation bar.

    • Zargh

      cool story bro.

  • miri

    I don’t want to disable security features to sideload apps, but YOU’RE MAKING IT REALLY DIFFICULT, GOOGLE.

    • Sideload all the things!

    • Kevin

      Just unchecked it, that’s what I do every time I side load an apk like today.

  • tylerc23

    These 2 new UI updates are similar to what Gmail’s UI will look like. All about consistency

    • morteum

      They only look mildly like the new Gmail renders to me because of the bright colors. Different hamburger icon, no Gmail icon in navigation bar, the added “pinned mail” toggle, the floating “new mail” icon. It all seems pretty different than these updates.

      • tylerc23

        That Gmail leak won’t be what it looks like. I can tell you that right now. That definitely was something they were working on as a base point.
        I’m almost positive we will see a G+ update and Gmail update, kinda like today, that will continue what we see above, minus the color. Gmail logo won’t be colored (red and white) like the app. When in the app it will be a solid color (Gmail will probably be grey).
        Toggle won’t be a Toggle, just a Pin icon, same as the Search icon. Hamburger icon will be same place as it is right now in Gmail

        • morteum

          For some reason I missed the part in your first comment that said “It won’t look like that Leak,” which prompted my response. Heh, my bad. I agree with you. Over on Android Police some dude was arguing with me about how the Gmail team doesn’t need to include the same style hamburger icon if benefits the app to change it. I basically said what you’re saying here in response to him. Consistency is key.

          • tylerc23

            Yeah, Google is all about being Consistent with everything they do. That way no matter what it is, you will always know how to use it because it’s familiar.
            I wouldn’t mind color but I don’t know what color’s they would use

        • morteum

          Although I have to say, I wouldn’t mind some color added to the Gmail app. The current app isn’t hideous, but it isn’t as nice looking as it could be.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    88%? that’s a lot.

    Good update, i hope to stumble into more interesting things from it.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


  • morteum

    Keep it up, Google.