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A Quick Look at Domo, Kovdev’s New Icon Pack, Plus That Wallpaper You Keep Asking About

“What’s that wallpaper?” “Wallpaper please.” “I do want that wallpaper.” I think someone even recreated it from the video. Yes, I’m talking about the wallpaper I shouldn’t have exposed in last night’s AcDisplay video. Never have I seen such a response to a wallpaper that I wasn’t allowed to share. But that’s how it always works, right?

Thankfully, we can finally talk about that wallpaper, plus the app it came from. That app is called Domo, and it’s the latest icon pack from our friend, Dave Kover (kovdev). 

Like all of Dave’s work, Domo is of the highest quality in terms of detail and range. There are over 1,600 icons, support for all of the major launchers (Nova, Apex, Action, etc.), and of course, includes 17 beautiful wallpapers. The icon pack carries some shadow (just not the overkilled long shadow), some dimension, and a crease down each icon that provides subtle lighting highlights. Kover describes it as “Perspective. Touch. Feel. Love.” I like it.

The pack drops April 11, so mark your calendars.

  • Flatastico by Samer Zayer FTW.

  • maniel

    any direct links? or i have to search for things you mention in articles by hand? seriously, almost every link in every article here is an useless tag link

    • Since the icon pack has yet to be released, there’s nothing to link to yet.

  • Richard

    What u guys think of this one? Better?

    • love that wallpaper as well, link? Also, been outa Android for a while, what’s the widgets you got there?

      • Richard

        The widget is dashclock extension. The wallpaper pack is called “TONDO” they are both on the playstore. Have fun.

        • You the man, thank you so much.

    • ManBearPig618

      What are you using as the icon for the app drawer launcher?

      • Richard

        icon pack is called “NOX” the drawer launcher is called “BL LIGHT BUTTONS”
        enjoy and have fun!!!

        • Dorian Brooks

          I honestly must not be very smart. I can’t find ‘BL LIGHTS BUTTONS’ in the Play store. Is it an app (stand alone) or part of another app? Or am I overthinking & looking in all the wrong places?

          • Danish Prakash

            looks like a sole .png file.

    • spliced249

      Yes I too need a copy of that app drawer launcher icon.. Please.

      • Richard

        the drawer launcher is called “BL LIGHT BUTTONS”
        enjoy and have fun!!!

  • indo
    • Arjun

      hey indo .. thnks .. could you provide a higher resolution wallpaper optimised for the nexus 5

      • indo


        I updated it and tried saving over the original image in Google+ but for some reason the quality dropped.
        I have a Nexus 5 as well so that’s what it was optimized for orginally.

  • ok

    Re-made the wallpaper if you guys still want a crude version before the original gets released. http://i.imgur.com/jP5sE8w.png

    • Christian Trevor Clauss

      Lmao, MS Paint?

    • You win the internet!

    • michael arazan

      Reminds of the First year Simpsons cartoon art work, before they had a budget.

    • Frisi

      I actually just set that up as wallpaper.

    • Randy Savage

      Nailed it.

  • ye

    Domo is probably the most hyped icon pack ever

  • Steven Moxley

    what widget is that clock? i am looking for something really small like that

  • Sorry kover, I’m too addicted to Muzei with Chromecast plugin

  • SplashMTN

    Lumos is still my favorite icon pack. The crease doesn’t do it for me, but it’s good to see he’s continuing to put out quality work. I’m curious how much he makes off these icon packs.

  • Adrien Hawthorne

    Wallpaper reminds me of the jaggy series in the Behang wallpaper app. Which means I already love it.

    • It’s from the same author, based on his jaggy series.

      • Adrien Hawthorne

        Well, that would be why it reminds me of it then. Haha. I’ll definitely pick up this icon pack on the 11th.

  • BobButtons

    I’ve preferred Apex over Nova solely for the feature of hiding app labels inside the drawer. Are there reasons to use Nova over Apex?

    • Guillaume

      I’ve tried both for a long time, I liked both, but I prefer Nova. No real reason, no killer-feature, just all the options seems more intuitive and easy to access in Nova. To each his own I suppose 🙂

  • Adam Truelove

    I really wish the stock Android launcher supported icon packs.

    • Fresh2infinity

      Only thing keeping me on Nova…

    • charesa39

      On Android 4.0 or higher? Rooted? If so, you can use Unicon with Xposed Framework for this. I’m using it right now on my Nexus 5 running the stock GNL Launcher.

      • Furnaceboy

        Problem I see with that is that Xposed Framework only works on Dalvik and doesn’t let you switch to ART, or has this changed?

  • Terry

    Just curious, what launcher are you using in this video? Is it Nova?

    • BobButtons

      I’m assuming so because in the app it says “Apply Icons” under Nova whereas under all the others it says “Install App.”

  • Umberto Sonnino

    Is the app drawer icon on the bottom of your homescreen also from Domo?

  • usaff22


    • Rodeojones000


  • Colton

    where is your app launcher icon (white dot thing) from? this same icon pack?

  • XvierX

    Imma need that. Thanks bruh

  • Mario

    looks nice

  • Pete Arado

    I like it. I’m hoping he eventually does a round icon pack. Seems like most of the round icons out there are super muted or pastels – it’d be cool to see his Nox coloring and shadowing applied to a round icon.

    My point is Dave rules.

    • Round is slated to come next. Still under construction. Aiming for mid-summer.

      • Thomas

        Come back to the Droid Life Show 🙂

        • I’m second string for the DL show. But whenever they ask, I try to make time to get on.

  • Mike Aurin

    Kellen, you dirty tease……


    LOL (wallpaper)

    • Fresh360

      Google Survey Rewards filling my Nexus with quality icon packs since 2013…

      • Haaahahaha… that’s all I ever spend them on too!

      • They never approved me for that damn thing. Haven’t yet got one survey after the first “Getting Started” one, and I for sure did that one correctly too. 🙁

        • jcorf

          Try reinstalling the app. That worked for me.

        • meijin3

          Sorry, dude. I don’t get them often but do I get 25 cent ones on occasion.

          • NYCHitman1

            You and me both. I haven’t received a survey since before Thanksgiving last year.

          • deadpenguins

            That’s lousy. I have probably collected about 10 dollars since the program began, and that’s nothing compared to my friend’s sister who has 25 dollars saved up (and will probably never use it).