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Nexus 10 Listing on Google Play Changes Status to “Coming Soon”

Google’s Nexus 10 tablet sold out on Google Play months ago, around the time of the Nexus 5’s introduction. Since, its store pages have almost always contained some form of “we are out of inventory” or “check back later,” like most Google products do when they sell out or are about to be replaced. Today, though, those listings changed and now say “Coming soon” in the area that typically lists out shipping info. The prices for the 16GB and 32GB are also back at $399 and $499, respectively. 

Before we get too excited about the imminent arrival of a new Nexus 10, understand that Google changes Nexus product pages quite regularly. It’s as if they can’t ever figure out exactly what they want the status to be on older, sold out products. But “Coming soon” is a new one that I haven’t seen before. It’s also a bit odd that pricing has returned, since it had been removed for some time.

So what do we think? Is a new Nexus 10 about to arrive? Tough to tell, though it seems odd that Google would put a “coming soon” notice next to a product that has been gone for months. Are they suggesting a re-stock of the old or is a new one about to replace it? We have seen rumors suggest that Samsung, LG, and Asus could all be making it, but none of those rumors have anything backing them.

We’ll keep an eye out. Also, don’t be surprised if Google flips the “Coming soon” back to “We are out of inventory.”

Via:  Google Play
  • grumpyfuzz

    Aaaaaand it’s gone.

  • Landon Tetreault

    It has said that on the canadian site for like 2 months

  • moe6

    Can’t directly say where I’m from other than South East Asia but Samsung had been looking to offload thousands of N10’s to telco’s and corp’s at a big discount towards the end of last year. No takers though, and this was a company-wide effort at least in this region. I wonder if Google’s getting the last batch of them that returned to primary inventory after sitting for awhile.

  • Richard Jackson

    I hope it a new Nexus 10. My wallet is rdy.

  • Anthony Johnson

    Anything could be possible. It might be April fool joke
    as it displayed on first April or hinting a new arrival of Nexus series Smartphone
    with the tagline “Coming Soon”. May be the next Nexus 6 (either it is posted
    Nexus 10 but could be possible) with large display, upgraded processor and compatible
    with wireless charger that are rumored soon to be launch around May that is
    next month.

  • MH

    It’s the same one as before…

  • Barlog

    April Fools joke maybe?

  • charesa39

    I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a new N10 model. And if they maybe have happened to “find more inventory” in their stockrooms, anybody would be a fool to pay full price for the original. I actually just scored a brand new 32GB N10 for $300 last week, which I consider a steal. Although it’s over a year old, it’s still a good tablet. Definitely not $500 good by today’s standards, but still good nonetheless. I’ve always wanted one since the day they were announced.

    • sagisarius

      Thats what I kept thinking too… maybe they found an extra crate of them… or something. The whole thing is kind of odd anyway though, having a product that’s a year old, that’s unavailable still listed with no implication of every selling it again.

  • mcdonsco

    I’ve never been able to ignore the overall oval’ish shape of the nexus 10…looks like all edges are curved / rounded creating an almost oval look to it…Always thought it was fugly for that reason alone and thus never had an interest in it…hope they don’t do that again.

  • jamaall

    Maybe this is the Play Store’s way of saying April fools! But I hope I’m wrong.

  • Ironclad1313

    Anyone notice the 10in tablets in Google’s April Fool’s day videos? It was shown in the Google Fiber Coffee and the Japanese touch input one. They basically looked like larger nexus 7s with smaller bezels. Maybe those are Nexus 10s!!

    • Ironclad1313

      Doesn’t it look like an unannounced tablet?

    • zachos

      At first I thought you were on to something (especially with the bezels), but the “daily news” image that is shown at 0:23-0:26 is superimposed (you can see the “screen” jumping all over the place if you increase the video size). So, considering the size in-hand, and the superimposed screen image, I think we’re just looking at a Nexus 7.


    Anyone feel that any tablet 10in or larger should have an active digitizer (allows use of active stylus). It’ll certainly be more attractive to consumers who want more than just a larger screen for media.

  • whoa

    If it is a new one hoping for front facing speakers again…

  • hoosiercub88
  • Miguel Angel Portela

    A bit off topic but I switched back to a flip phone to focus on school. Now that that’s over, I’m looking at getting an Android again. Because I use MIUI, I’m looking at getting a Nexus 5 again. Should I just wait for a Nexus 6 or is that way far off?

    • Matthew Rebmann

      You’d be waiting till like October for the next Nexus phone to come out.

      • Miguel Angel Portela

        Nexus 5 it is. Thanks! I was hoping it would be around Summer but if it’s fall, it’s not worth such a long wait.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    APRIL FOOLS! Nobody wants an old a$$ Nexus 10. Update that damn thing Google.

  • Gabe Counts

    I would guess that they are sticking with the 2012 Nexus 10, because Google might think that the old model can still hold it’s own in the ever-growing tablet race.

    • hkklife

      If it just charged faster and had a little bit faster SoC and a price drop, the 2012 N10 would still be in the top tier of full size Android tablets.

      They should have kept the same formfactor, added Qi charging and a Snapdragon 600/800 and dropped the price by $50-$75 across the board and the N10 would have remained competitive for another year.

  • sagisarius

    April fools! We were only pretending to look like we know what we’re doing!

  • Mordecaidrake

    Yes please, I need a 10″ and I’ve been seriously contemplating the Tab Pro 🙁

    • Same here, but I really don’t want to dive back into TouchWiz.

      • Mordecaidrake

        I’ve got the S4 and once I threw Nova on there it didn’t bother me nearly as much as I thought it would. My only problem with it is the lack of
        updates, I’m still on 4.3. But that’s most likely Verizons fault not Samsung.

      • The Narrator

        It’s not even android, so don’t.

        • Mordecaidrake

          It is android, just a messed up custom UI.

          • bigachx

            I just can’t get over the home button on Samsung devices and the lack of the recent apps button (at least on the older models – I see this years models are getting it) is annoying!

          • Mordecaidrake

            On the phone it’s not bad however the tablet I feel like it might be a bit annoying.

        • Nathan Bryant

          Did you think before that comment?

      • Gideon Waxfarb

        I’ve got the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 and this thing is slick. Every bit as smooth as any Nexus device I’ve used. Of course, I installed Nova on it day one 🙂

        • Mordecaidrake

          I’ve been fighting getting it that or the 10.1″.

    • The Narrator

      And spend a fortune on it for no reason. Wait, you’ll be much happier.

      • Mordecaidrake

        Ya roughly, $100 more. However, my original Nexus7 is borderline unusable now. It’s slow as hell, despite factory resets and clearing out almost all apps and unnecessary files.

    • Lucky Armpit

      Too late, got tired of waiting since last October for Google to decide what to do. So I bought a Surface 2 and I’m very happy with it. Sorry, Google.

      • Mordecaidrake

        I hate the Metro UI, I can’t get into the Surface as a result.

    • undeadwolfy

      Xperia Z2 Tab looks purrty. Waterpoof too and thin as hell.

      • bigachx

        CNET review from this morning is hating on its battery: http://www.cnet.com/products/sony-xperia-z2-tablet/

        I have last year’s Xperia Tablet Z – its a good device. Even better after I slapped a stable Cyanogenmod rom on it! And yes I have even used it in the shower just to really test out whether its waterproof or not 😀 – it is!

      • Mordecaidrake

        I’m not a fan of Sony devices, always rubbed me the wrong way for some reason.

    • Kevin

      Why not Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z2

      • Mordecaidrake

        I’m not a fan of Sony’s devices, not sure why. Just don’t care for them.

  • Rashad

    Just another April fool’s joke

  • t3lancer2007

    Finally a tablet I would buy.

  • jeff manning

    google, stop messing with us today