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April Fools: Google Fiber Announces Coffee-To-The-Home for All Subscribers

If you love Google Fiber, are lucky enough to live in an area that receives it, and also happen to be a coffee aficionado, you may be interested in Google’s new Coffee-To-The-Home (CTTH) service. (Provo subscribers get Hot Chocolate-To-The-Home.)

Announced today, the program aims to deliver delectable beverages from local baristas to your home via Google’s “hot beverage backbone” (HBB).

Google said it was inspired to create CTTH by Fiber users who enjoy hot cups of joe while watching the news or reading email, and consulted  “java junkies, renowned roasters, and cupping connoisseurs” to create the best hot beverage delivery system ever. The company says the program works in parallel with fiber optic lines, and should be available to all subscribers soon.

For those with early access, CTTH requires downloading the Google Fiber App on your smartphone or tablet. After that, clicking “Coffee” in the menu and selecting the desired brew will notify a barista, who will make the drink and transmit it through the HBB to your house’s “Fiber Spout.” It can then be dispensed when desired.

In my humble opinion, CTTH is just one more reason Fiber is the best ISP in the country. Take that, Comcast!

Via: Google Fiber
  • AlexKCMO

    I think what’s great about this joke is how many people here (and everywhere) won’t get the bigger joke. Kansas City is a great coffee city. On top of being a big beer city with a good amount of microbrews, there are a ton of coffee shops that roast their own beans and have custom brews. In fact, I never went to a Starbucks when I lived in Kansas City because there is so much great local coffee around.

    I’d be very surprised if this wasn’t a nod to all the great coffee shops in KC.

    • michael arazan

      I live in St.Louis and have been to KC a dozen times, never has anyone said or pointed out that KC was for coffee connoisseur’s. Now BBQ on the other hand, they are world famous for, especially if you like it wet.

  • gt3nx5

    Has time to do things like this….. Still no word on the release date for 4.4.3. Smh.

    • KingofPing

      That’s an awful lot of words just to let us all know you’re utterly clueless…

  • David Weinstock

    Did anyone see the maybe Nexus 9 in the clip when the person in bed is reading the Daily News.??

  • Transdence1

    downloading the cofee


    do android nerds know what coffee is? They usully drink only soda or red bull/monsters…..

    • PoisonApple31

      At least Android users can spell correctly…?

    • The Narrator

      usullly? Is that what you drink that makes you so stupid?

  • Shane Redman

    http://youtu.be/IpT1787EjbE GO NUTS! w/ chromecast

  • Matt

    First Actual implementation of the Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol.

    • Ben Murphy

      I don’t see what you did there.

      • T4rd

        He was making a spoof of HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). It was bad, but funny bad, hah.

        • Ben Murphy

          I know. April Fool’s!

    • Morlok8k

      Good ol’ RFC2324…

  • Shane Redman

    *Insert hilarious Java joke*

  • Shamu

    Google…I love you