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OnePlus One Screenshots Leak, Show Customized CyanogenMod

It’s no secret that CyanogenMod has been quietly working on a modified version of the company’s Android fork to power the OnePlus One, but the aesthetics of the software have thus far remained a mystery. That changed today, with the leak of several alleged screenshots captured from an unreleased One. 

While the pictures aren’t very revealing, one does show a customized lockscreen, very different from the one found in the vanilla version of CyanogenMod 11. Similar to extensions like DashClock, the lockscreen shows beneath a picture (background?) information like battery life, weather, and text messages.

The feature looks to be an exclusive part of “CyanogenMod 11s,” the designation given to the One’s unique branch of CyanogenMod.

The One launches on April 23, and while OnePlus has remained mum on pricing, rumors suggest the smartphone will retail for less than $400. That’s not bad for a top-tier handset.

Via: Engadget
  • Suhas Vemuri

    R1 : So much R&D and can’t come up with a better name?
    R2 : Does that mean they forked a fork?

    /end rant

  • Orion

    Looks pretty good but I want to see this in action.

  • Jkdem85

    May be the ultimate phone but worthless to me if its not on Verizon. So sick of always having to compromise

    • Steve B

      With Verizon you’ll always be compromising.

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        Hopefully things will change once they start running LTE only phones. I still won’t leave their reliability until they take away my unlimited data.

  • Justin Tierney

    Love the lockscreen, hate the Engadget advertising all over the phone. Might as well get a Verizon phone and call it a day 😛

    • OMJ

      Those are just engadget watermarks on the screenshots. They arent actually on the phone

      • Justin Tierney

        Thanks. I was literally too stupid to realize that. /sarcasm

      • BillySuede

        recycling a line he already used in an article on the same topic posted on android central…

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Well sht that looks nice. When I think of CYAn I don’t usually think of “Sexy” I think functional. The more that comes out about this phone the more I’m wondering if i’ll actually want it more than the M8. . . . Looking forward to seeing more.

    • KingofPing

      Just shattered the screen on my m7 yesterday. $150 insurance payout for a replacement and now it looks like I will have to wait a bit on the m8 upgrade.

      Ah well…maybe the OnePlus will be that much better. (Needs front-facing speakers though.)

      • frhow

        They stated that the One PlusOne will have Front Facing Speakers. Not sure what “cool” name they will use like “Boom Sound” though. lol

        • KingofPing

          Nice. Don’t care about the name otherwise I’d be all uppity about “OnePlus”. 🙂

  • still dont understand why they wouldnt pick a more original (read: not taken already) name. Seems counter-intuitive

    • Bob G

      Because marketing.
      Getting sales from building off an existing fan base, duh.

    • Cael

      Opposite reason of why the HTC One (M8) wasn’t called the HTC One+.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    something is going on with my play store

  • The Narrator

    Look pretty sexy

  • Edithffman

    Similar to extensions like DashClock, the lockscreen shows beneath a picture (background?) information like battery life, weather, and text messages. http://qr.net/rGQc

    • Jem

      What’s with the link to Amazon?

      • Cael

        Trying to make that click money obviously.

  • Mike

    Im really hoping has Verizon LTE bands, but Im not counting on it.

    • The Narrator

      Needs CDMA as well.

      • mike

        And I just read it is GSM only. Doh

        • Tom Craig

          If Verizon goes through with VoLTE…then no it doesn’t need CDMA radios (or VZW backing…see their refusal to active Nexus 7’s but popping in an already activated SIM worked fine) as long as you’re in a solid LTE coverage area. Unless I’m vastly misunderstanding that.

          • ReturnOfTheMack

            Nope, you’re right.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      LTE bands don’t matter if it doesn’t have Verizon’s proprietary software for their CDMA radio. So I’ll go with no.