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Kit Kat Update Approved for Rollout on the Sprint LG G2

Sprint announced this morning that its variant of the LG G2 is ready to receive an update to Kit Kat (Android 4.4). No other details were provided, but we do know from the update that hit the AT&T variant what we can expect.

According to AT&T’s changelog, we are looking at restyled UI elements in the notification and navigation areas, improved battery efficiency, faster processing speed, cloud printing, and enhancements to Knock On. 

The update should be available now, so if you’d like to try and pull it, head into Settings>System updates>Update LG software.

That basically leaves the Verizon variant as the only G2 to not officially receive Kit Kat. There are OTA builds floating around over at XDA, but for the small chance that they aren’t final builds, you may want to approach those with caution.

Via:  Sprint
  • feztheforeigner

    When you’re behind Sprint you know there’s a problem…

  • JasonWhite


  • Skwisgaar

    The G3 will arrive with KitKat before the G2 ever see’s it.

    • DimStyle

      Umm…apparently you failed to see my comment below…G2 is rolling out kit Kat. I already have it, hence scene shot.

      • Skwisgaar

        Should have been more specific…”Verizon” G2.

        • DimStyle


  • DimStyle

    The Sprint website lists ZVB for update and LG list ZVC. It is in fact ZVC

  • DimStyle

    I am getting the OTA now

  • chapman1969

    Verizon you really know how to stick it too your customers. and say you are the biggest cell phone company out there hell in are. Eyes you over priced and last when it comes to given us updates thanks for screwing us lg g2 owner’s again

  • Kevin

    Yay Verizon!!!! I love being last ALWAYS! I love all the beautiful icons I nwver click, i use them to mark important locations in my app drawer! I also LOOOOOVE the 4GB of data I share between 5 lines for $255/Mo. All of which use wifi, well because… I wouldnt want to overload Verizons servers with unnecesary overage alerts or anything. Because it is Blazing Fast! Oh yeah… thank you so much for the 25GB CLOUD STORAGE! I can add that to my list with dropbox,skydrive,box,googledrive, just one more for backup!!! Yay! Oh one more thing, A big thank you for adding FREE international TXT, I was so confused with all the other apparently inferior forms of free messaging already available to communicate with all my friends abroad. Who needs timely updates and competitive prices! You guys ROCK BIG RED! Being last takes away so much pressure. Your payment will be there promptly!!!

    • EnterTheNexus

      But we have the update. It was leaked.

      • Kevin

        Where? Without root?

  • Dan Lopez

    That VZW leak is rad. So smooth.

  • bobbyp

    Come on Big Red give LG some love. I picked up the G2 last week and I am wondering if my HD Maxx or G2 will get Kit Kat first.

    • K

      It’s already sorta available. Verizon just hasn’t pushed it out yet.

  • GJV

    Meanwhile at Verizon’s update center…

    • Chippah
      • GJV

        Saw that this weekend. Not necessarily the final OTA and until it’s pushed to everyone, it’s just a leak for us geeks.

      • James Hill

        Yes, because we all love a six step process that involves wiping out phone, renaming files, and using adb to push and run them. :/

        • Chippah

          Its a better option then whining about not having it at all.

          • ChristianPasquariello

            Radies and Jentamen…

    • Rob


  • Chippah

    Its Smoking fast, silky smooth and KnockOn is now super duper SOLID.
    amazing how smooth it is.

  • BobButtons

    Verizon claims it’s because they have a stricter testing phase… which may be believable if their updates came out flawless but they seem to have the same issue rate as other carriers. The delay is more likely to be so they can better embed their excessive bloat.

    • Chippah

      Welcome aboard Bobby! …. and to 2005.

  • Chippah

    Here is the VZW LG G2 KitKAT leak install download and step by step instructions.


    • BobButtons

      While any sort of modifying comes with a do-it-at-your-own-risk warning, the poster made a point to mention this about this specific update: “…if you aren’t VERY comfortable with adb, etc. then this isn’t for you, and please don’t attempt it.”

      • Chippah

        Exactly. and if you are unable to follow 5 simple instructions and or copy/paste you should NOT attempt this,
        because you will do it wrong and clog up the thread with Jibba Jabba whining it dosent work..

        • Thomas O’Brien

          It would be awesome if someone could put together a flashable zip…Right now, if you use this method, you do not have a custom recovery…

          • Chippah

            Recovery should be right around the corner, and flashing the current leak shouldn’t do anything to prohibit custom recovery as its just a simple force of the current build OTA. There is a flashable .zip but it borks autorotation and theres also a modem issue. the manual install is 100% Rock solid.

  • The Narrator

    Thanks Verizon, I can’t wait! oh…..it’s sprint

  • Chippah

    Verizon KITKAT leak is running TITS here!

    • megatron1960


      • Chippah

        Fawk yea!

    • Does Google Wallet work by chance? I don’t remember if the Verizon variant has a different chipset than the others, but Wallet works on CM11… Would be wonderful to have it work on stock.