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HTC, You are Guilty of Gimmicks Just as Much as Samsung is, Maybe Even Worse

htc one m8 camera

HTC cracks me up. Because they are fighting for their lives, they’ll say anything at this point to try and win you over. Whether that’s by claiming to reinvent the smartphone or by attempting to re-create the camera with the “UltraPixel” or calling out Samsung for pushing out a couple of gimmicks instead of innovating , they want to be loud and in-your-face. Let’s be clear though – there isn’t anything wrong with a little trash talking, but if we’re being brutally honest here, HTC is guilty of just as many gimmicks as Samsung. And that includes their new HTC One (M8), which may contain the mother of all gimmicks. 

For reference, during HTC’s unveiling of the One (M8) last week, their president of Americas (Jason Mackenzie) stood on stage all broseph’d up, and told us all how they aren’t into just adding a few dimples to the back of a phone, tossing in a software gimmick here or there, or blasting out the word with billions of dollars through marketing channels.

Here is the exact quote:

“…so much better than just launching another plastic phone, throwin’ a few dimples in the back, maybe a software gimmick or two and then masking it all with expensive advertising. That’s not HTC’s style. We’re about delivering innovation and putting the world’s best innovation, the best crafted design, the maximum value to our customers’ hands.”

No, instead they are about tossing in a few rounded corners to last year’s design, slashing features from their same panned 4MP camera technology in favor of a couple of software gimmicks, and then hiring celebrities that tell you to “ask the internet.” Spin it however you want, HTC, you did the exact same thing that Samsung just did, maybe even worse. I’d argue that the camera in the new HTC One (M8) is a bigger gimmick than anything Samsung did. I say that because things like Samsung’s heart rate monitor are indeed gimmicks, except they aren’t gimmicks that could potential ruin a major feature in your phone (the camera). What HTC has done to the camera on the One (M8) could potentially do that for many users.

At 4MP (or “UltraPixel if we’re being fancy), HTC gave us a camera that takes photos with a resolution smaller than the resolution on a 15-inch Macbook Pro with retina display. It’s also just barely bigger than the resolution on my iMac. In other words, good luck cropping, editing, zooming, or displaying your photos anywhere outside of Instagram or Facebook or your phone. Even photographers who received the device earlier than anyone had a problem with it.

Beyond the low resolution, HTC also took away optical image stabilization (OIS) in favor of a 2nd camera sensor that is used for depth and creating 3D-like images. First of all, killing OIS instantly affects low-light shots and video steadiness. Are those two areas you would be willing to see a decline in? Second, those two were gimped so that you could re-focus photos after the fact to add bokeh (UFocus) or a wobblying 3D-thing (3D Dimension). The UFocus feature is implemented horribly, but is also something that Samsung and Sony have accomplished as well (if not better) with a single camera that also isn’t at a horrifyingly low 4MP resolution. The 3D Dimension feature should probably never be used by anyone. It doesn’t offer a 3D effect, it just blurs and distorts whatever image you are looking at. It’s terrible.

In the end, what I’m trying to say is that everyone is doing gimmicks because innovation has slowed. But if you are going to do gimmicks, at least make sure your gimmicks aren’t killing off features or offering a sub-standard experience. While the HTC One (M8) is designed and crafted beautifully, there is one major gimmick that could ultimately be its downfall.

I believe the saying goes, “The best camera is the one that’s with you.” I’d only add, “Unless that camera is a gimmick.”

  • TK

    The 41 mp camera on the Nokia 1020 is not a “gimmick”. It enables lossless zoom without the bulk of optical zoom. I think a lot of people would regard zooming in and recropping as much more valuable than “refocusing”. And I totally agree with the OP. HTC have stuffed up big time. 4 mp and no OIS will not cut it against the competition. I should know, because I loved all the specs plus the look and feel of the M8, and on top of it all ,that fantastic dot matrix case, and was about to buy it-but the lesser camera with no OIS was a deal breaker. The same deal breaker as in the Galaxy S5. I am not paying that much money for any top end phone without OIS. I regard this is an indispensable feature. But at least it’s 16 mp, not a crappy 4 mp. The OP is spot on.

  • Zayd

    Happily ditched my M7 for a Nexus 5 for this reason

  • Rory

    HTC can suck it! They are the new Palm.

  • MaroonR

    Sorry, but no. The M8’s camera isn’t the gold standard by any stretch, but that doesn’t make the whole phone gimmicky. You can have your opinion, but don’t go off telling everyone how gimmicky the new HTC flagship is when you’re really just butt-hurt over one feature that didn’t quite measure up to some perfect phone fantasy you may entertain. Gimmicky is a UI that all but erases the core android features. Gimmicky is sticking with a cheap plastic design year after year when the consumer base demands metallic materials. Gimmicky is preloading the phone with 9 GB worth of un-removable, sdk-less software on a 16GB phone, then expecting consumers to cough up more money for the sd card you manufacture. But if you’re willing to trade that for a camera experience that still isn’t the best (see: Nokia 1020), be my guest.

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    Well said, had the same feelings. What HTC doesn’t understand is that dimples on the S5 actually make it feel brilliant to hold in the hand. Plus the camera is much better as well. HTC really disappointed me by focusing mostly on gimmicks themselves. “Do three sets of sit ups to launch camera” – the gestures are useful, but even those aren’t exactly something most people will use, same for the camera effects.

  • lonestaroc

    Still much rather this over the scamsung bandaid

  • Richard Yarrell

    Samsung rules android period. Htc is a farce

    • lonestaroc

      troll much

    • Josh Hirner

      thanks for your input … even though it was pointless and added nothing to anyone’s lives

  • Jason Melling

    It’s not a camera, it’s a phone. Get over yourselves people.

    • Matthew Rebmann

      There are phones out there that take outstanding photos for a phone already. Why is it unrealistic to want other phones to even come close? If they don’t try things never get better/innovation never happens. Get over yourself.

  • max

    im gonna go head and ask you to get off samsungs d****

  • illregal

    OIS is only useful in video’s on a device such as this.. The shutter speeds are so fast, it literally has no bearing on pictures. And I’ve maybe taken one video with my phone in the last year. And I wasn’t jumping around, and I dont walk like a horse.. So.
    Also to say the One is the same this year.. without acknowledging that its actually over 90% aluminum, something no other company can come close to claiming is a little absurd. The whole device is completely different “broseph” Quit your day job.

    • M_F

      OIS is useful for lowlight pictures to keep your hand steady. There is no way you can utilize a fast shutter in lowlight conditions or even in moderate lighting indoor.

      • illregal

        Wow really, so ois makes my hands stay steady. Wow. revolutionary. How does it do that, is there a gyro sensor and series of weights that instantly reacts to my hands movement to counteract them and keep it still. Gosh, I guess we just need to give michael j fox a phone with OIS and all his problems are solved huh.

        • M_F

          Sorry for not wording this properly, I meant to say that OIS helps keep the camera steady. I hope you are not upset that your point has been refuted and you are just looking for a diversion?

          • illregal

            Refute all you want, its the internet.. fair game. But I’m right. soooo SUCK IT!

          • M_F

            There’s an “EDIT” button, you might want to rectify the part that says OIS has no bearing as “the shutter speeds are so fast” as it really betrays your lack of knowledge in photography… just friendly advice here…

          • illregal

            My old canon sd1000 with no ois has never blurred an image. Ever. Because its shutter speed was so fast.
            My canon t1i, olympus pen pl1, sony tx200v, qx10, etc. All blur images because they take to long. I may not be a self proclaimed photography expert like all the others on the internet. But I’ve had pictures published in calendars, so I’ve got that goin for me… but hey, total noob amiright.

          • M_F

            What is the shutter speed that you consider to be fast enough?

          • M_F

            Hello Mrs “I have pictures published in calendar”. Mind sharing that special shutter speed that is fast enough to not blur an image?

      • LionStone

        Yes you can if you have a large aperture opening, which the M8 in fact does have.

        • M_F

          Dude aperture of f2.0 vs f2.2, do you even know how much is the difference? Yes, 20% only. How much quicker can your shutter be to avoid motion blur?

  • tom riddle

    htc will start telling everyone a camera update is coming in a few weeks…..then months….then TBD…..then the m9 will come out and you won’t hear a sound about the m8 again.

  • jimbob

    Totally agree with everything stated. I have an S4 and only use some of the sammy features, but I also have some amazing photos taken with the camera. We have a 9 month old and have actually printed some 8×10 pictures taken with my and/or my wife’s S4 (also have a DLSR, but phone is always on me).

    And really, if HTC wasn’t just throwing around random insults, the point would be moot. The M8 seems like a very nice phone, and its fine that they went the way they did with the camera because options for consumers is a good thing. We don’t need 10 flagship phones that are identical. But, if you are going to rip the competition for things you call “gimmicks”, be prepared to get ripped right back. And I agree that I would rather have a heart rate monitor, motion/eye/screen settings, or a fingerprint scanner that I never use instead of a camera that doesn’t work as well.

    • 213ninja

      me too.

  • Tony Woolstencroft

    I’ve had a Lumia 1020 and a 1520. Good cameras, very fiddly interface and it takes a ludicrous amount of time to launch and save between shots. Personally I love the M8’s camera. I was taking shots into the setting sun this weekend side by side with an iPhone 5S and a Moto X. All they picked up was a black silhouette of the subject person and the M8 caught every detail. I don’t need to zoom in to look at tiny details on my smartphone photos. Like most people, if I can look at the full frame on an HD TV and it looks good, I’m happy. In the few days I’be been using my M8 I’ve caught some really great shots of kids and pets that I wouldn’t even have attempted with either Nokia because I’d have missed the shot. I think HTC have done a fantastic job with this phone. Don’t knock it just on specs. Try it first.

    • M_F

      Have you tried the Nokia Smart Camera? It’s basically an enhanced, high resolution burst mode which can help you capture that special moment. Each of the 10 consecutive images captured will have higher image quality compared to a standard shot taken with the M8.

      • Tony Woolstencroft

        Yes, I have. My 2 Lumias are the slowest smartphone cameras I’ve ever used with the exception of the Sony Xperia Z1 which took ages to launch but was okay afterwards. The M8 is the fastest and most consistent smartphone camera I’ve ever used (and as I have a serious tech addiction I’ve used pretty much all of them). I’m extremely happy with my M8 photos while I was extremely disappointed in the Lumias.

        • M_F

          You didn’t answer my question. I was asking you about the Smart Camera which takes 10 photos consecutively where each image has higher quality than single one from M8.

          • Tony Woolstencroft

            Yes I have. It’s still the slowest camera around. I’m not disputing the quality, but if as they say, the best camera is the one you have with you, I have a lot more confidence in catching a shot with the M8 than a Lumia. Fine for landscapes etc but to grab a shot of something happening quickly the Lumia is hopelessly inadequate.

          • M_F

            Only at startup. If you have the camera loaded already (or even at idle) and the Smart Cam is pretty fast (less than 1 sec per shot for the 1020). Not the fastest in town, but you will get the shot and with the outstanding image quality.

        • M_F

          The only thing that can be said about the M8 is the capturing speed. It is great that you are enjoying the pictures from it, but if that is the level of your expectations from a camera then you would have equally enjoyed pictures from any other major competitors (Samsung, Sony, Nokia, etc).

          • Tony Woolstencroft

            I think you need to accept that not everyone is going to bow to your opinion of the Lumia 1020. Plus I didn’t buy the M8 purely for the camera. These things are called smartphones for a reason. There are lots of things the M8 does better than the 1020 but I’m not going to get into an argument over which OS is better. At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference. I’m perfectly happy with the camera performance on my M8. You prefer the Lumia. Fine. Doesn’t suit me but it’s your choice. And FYI I wouldn’t be happy with a Samsung because I loathe Touchwiz. And I have an Xperia Z2 on pre-order which may turn out to be a better fit but based on the Z1 probably not. Nice photo btw.

          • M_F

            There’s no need to bow to anyone’s opinion. Just that it is not entirely true that the 1020 is incapable of capturing something fast-moving. That bird didn’t exactly pose for my shot. It probably takes a bit of getting used to, or a certain level of preparedness if you need a fast capture with the 1020.

            I can appreciate your preference for a very speedy camera but one thing is for sure, HTC called it’s camera “Ultrapixel”. Not “UltraFast”. It deserves to be judged solely on image quality.

          • Tony Woolstencroft

            I didn’t say it was “incapable” just slow and cumbersome (and I’m not alone in that opinion). I’d rather not have to open the camera app just in case I want to take a picture and it takes longer to save the shot. I tried Microsoft’s Blink app which was worse than useless as it didn’t seem able to focus. I’ve got 2 labradors that are extremely hyper and I found it nigh on impossible to get a decent photo from the 1020. Got some fantastic landscape and portrait shots though. Horses for courses as the saying goes. Your bird doesn’t exactly seem to be sprinting.

          • M_F

            Not any more than your dog is sprinting. Anyway, if you know anything about birds they don’t hang around with your camera pointed right at them.

            Anyway, this little guy’s a bit tougher…

        • LionStone

          Great pic! The proof is in the pudding!

          • M_F

            … For people who haven’t seen what “great” truly is…

          • LionStone

            Give it a rest bro, just looking for attention now I see…

          • M_F

            Nah, I don’t need attention. Just that the HTC One’s camera is being slapped around by Samsung, Sony and Apple, and someone just had to divert attention to talk about another manufacturer’s camera speed. I do feel for the long suffering HTC fans…

          • LionStone

            Slapped around? Not really, you’re just trying to convince yourself it’s the better choice, it’s obvious.

          • M_F

            Ultrapixel is a faux ‘tech’ designed by marketers wearing engineers lab clothes. It’s designed for the clueless to give them something to shout about.

            HTC owner: Hey man, check out my new ULTRAPIXEL camera!

            S4 owner: Wow, sounds awesome, mate! Wait, why are the photos not as sharp as my S4??

            HTC owner: (darn, pwned!)

        • M_F


          • illregal

            dog pic looks much.. much better

          • M_F

            Dog is cuter? With that plastic bone?

            Just remembered – you haven’t answered my question on the shutter speed yet! Please refer to my earlier post replying to you.

  • Victor Amador l

    Unfortunately people eat up gimmicks. With out them you’re likely to fail. (blackberry, palm, nokia).

    I think people are forgetting that these are still phones, with cameras. Not cameras with phones. I sold phones for 7 years at Vzw I never came across people wanting to print life size picture.

    4MP is more than enough for fb and instagram. I am way happier knowing I can take a picture in a dark room or club and still see people in the image.

    Gimmick or not HTC M8 has features that are more likely to be used in normal day life.

    • M_F

      Nokia? Gimmick? Where’s the gimmick?

      • Victor Amador l

        I’m listing the companies that didn’t have all these fancy features and “gimmicks,” because of that are now gone or close to gone. Nokia is pritty much gone.

  • Android2615

    Don’t buy it Mr. Kellex…it’s as simple as that…You don’t have to contempt anyone if they haven’t made things according to your wishes…They have made this piece for people who will associate themselves with it and buy it….if it doesn’t match with your wishlists, you don’t have to be grumpy about it…it’s all about personal choices and buying what you want…this sh@#y article definitely shows so much of immaturity of a writer in otherwise much loved DroidLife community.You write one of such articles and lose your readers for sure…..you seem to be a ranting baby who hasn’t been fed on time…Probably seems you have personal issues with HTC…

  • Cory

    Wow you are seriously daft. And have no real facts. 1. The 4MP camera was panned? Wrong. Many reviewers praised it. And many are doing the same with this one.

    And if you are going to be cropping and zooming and editing you should just go and buy an actual camera. Smartphone cameras aren’t designed for this.

    The photos are only good to be displayed on Instagram? Not true. You can print out very good prints with them. Also you could show them on an HD Monitor or TV given that most HD monitors and TVS that actual people own are 1080P. And that 4MP is a higher resolution than 1080p.

    OIS is essentially a not needed gimmick. Photographers have been using cameras without OIS for 150 years.

    You are just a daft fool. And have seriously ruined this website with this article. You are just a ranting fool. Who has no actual real facts on his side.

    • Adrynalyne

      Did you read this before posting? Insulting and namecalling destroyed any point you were trying to make.

    • MSined

      Funny in the article linked from Colby Brown Photography this is the quote ” As for the camera, I am hard pressed to not be happy that they have improved both the camera application itself and the picture taking quality of the phone when compared to last years model. I found more details in my images, better focusing in low light and overall a more enjoyable experience”

      How does that equate to “Even photographers who received the device earlier than anyone had a problem with it.”

  • Cory

    Wow you are very daft. And don’t think I will be coming bac to this website again. Yes HTC might have gimmicks but the HTC ‘gimmicks’ are actually useful. Unlie Samsungs.

    Also the 4MP camera was not panned by anyone with common sense. In fact their were many reviews praised the camera.

    And you clearly have no understanding of camera technology. OIS has nothing to do with low light photography. In fact you don’t need OIS period. Photographers have been taking pictures without OIS for 150 years.

    You are a daft twat. Do some actually research. Learn some real facts.

  • 4g63mark

    I’m really glad to see people starting to look past the aluminium. All I could hear for about 5 days was HTC apologists raving about aluminium and how it feels so good. I started to wonder if people were talking about a phone or a $600 accessory that was “hip.” …… Fortunately Kellen has the same view as myself. If it’s a high end phone, it needs to perform on par with high end phones. Putting out a mediocre phone with a crappy camera and dressing it in aluminium is like putting lipstick on a pig. And clearly Kellen is not a hillbilly that’s attracted to pigs in lipstick.

  • travelinjoe

    dammnnnn the haters are in full force! I’ve gotten some good shots with this thing when used correctly, not just to point out the glitches. Bokeh works good on pictures with people and im not even mad about the smaller file size. If you’re looking for professional shots break out the dslr. At the end of the day, 90% of the these photos are on social media anyway. Plus, I don’t remember any 3.2 or 4 megapixel shooters being able to compare with 2014 phones so the ultrapixel must be doin something. I was expecting to be let down, but have actually been enjoying the camera

  • Droid me!

    Its simple people, samsung gives you gimmicks that is true but what you failed and do mean fail is that they did not f##$$ up the basics, GS5 it getting rave reviews for screen tech, all the basics that you expect work and work well. As the reviewer pointed out htc screwed with a basic feature and made it worse. That called a backfire!

  • Brendan

    I think everyone is blowing this issue way out of control. Yes, it is lower than a lot of other cameras in terms of megapixels. We ask get that. And I’m not going to get into the big debate over megapixels vs ultrapixels and which is better, but the fact of the master is that no matter how insanely high you make your megapixel count, hire often are you realistically using that? Yes, I know there ate some people who do use it, but really, how many of you guys are taking pictures of these beautiful landscape and then saying “darn I can’t zoom in on this leaf and see the individual cells, this camera sucks.” I’m guessing not many of you. So don’t go off looking at professional photographers who say the camera isn’t as good as their thousand dollar DSLR camera. Because it’s not. It never will be. That’s just not how cameras work. But what HTC is trying to say is “Here’s our camera that can take good pictures. Not ones that you can get from a DSLR, but they’re still petty good and will work for a wallpaper if you put 2 seconds into planning your shot, because after that, you can do some really cool effects.”

    Wake up people. We’re at the border between resolution phases. We’re much past the 2MP of 1080p, but we aren’t at quality smartphone cameras with no noise and any of that junk in 4K.

    I think if this like comparing computer processors, as it’s an easier topic to imagine. Let’s say you and another person are tasked to find someone a processor for their computer. All they want to do is use the internet and they have an unlimiyed budgey. Okay, so you show them the i5 4670. A mid range processor that will get their internet browsing some no sweat, but will do some extra stuff also with ease if they require it, such as minor photo editing and a good amount of gaming. Meanwhile, the other person shows them some crazy i7 10 core extreme edition processor. Okay, great. Do they need that? No. Does it work the same, yes. But, for just internet browsing, who cares? With the i5 it’s already getting as good as it’s going to get in terms of browsing the internet. There’s no need for an i7 extreme. However, the person chooses the i7 extreme because more cores should equal more performance, right? Wrong, because you’re already going as fast as it’s going to go until there’s something more demanding that needs those cores, such as running a VM or major cad editing.

    It’s a bit of a stretch example, but I think it works.

    Hopeful you guys read this wall, as o feel as though I addressed some points pepper continue to hear on without looking at it from the other side.

  • MafatConspiracy

    I agree 100% with this article. Everything about M8 looks great. But for a heavy camera user, it’s all downhill. I google’d photo samples from the M8 and GS5 and the post-process blur (selective focus / UFocus) are equally bad. Considering HTC tacked on a 2nd camera to complement this feature, one would expect a technical advantage. Gimmick? –I’d have to see more side by side shots.

    Let’s not forget the PDAF system in the S5, which is HUGE.

    Looking forward to see how Samsung will respond.

    • Chris

      they already did.

      • LionStone

        What did they say?

  • jtc276

    Anyone claiming that the M8 has an unusable camera should look at the photos that have been posted on XDA. Some of the shots from this phone have been absolutely beautiful. The 4 UP camera certainly isn’t the best smartphone camera out there, but acting like it ruins a phone that is mostly perfect (the only other downside could be the black HTC bar and even Droid Life said it was easy to get used to) is ridiculous. I buy HTC phones for sound and screen quality. Both of those areas surpass any other Android manufacturer and they’re why I’ll continue to buy their devices. The camera on my M7 has been more than sufficient and, when I receive my M8 later this week, I know the camera on it will be as well.

    Oh, and HTC can continue to throw as many “gimmicks” in as they want as long as Sense remains the usable and aesthetically pleasing skin it is right now in comparison to Samsung’s TouchWiz abomination. I’m mainly a stock Android guy, but it’s just a fact that Sense is far more stable and smooth.

    • George Davis

      Nobody is saying the camera is unusable. But it’s a fact that the removal of OIS is a downgrade compared to the M7, while the “depth sensor” doesn’t seem to add much value at all. The combination of those two factors makes the M8 camera seem like a gimmick to the author, which is a matter of opinion — but it’s fairly well supported. For an example of a side-by-side comparison of the M7 and M8 cameras, check out AnandTech’s review here: http://www.anandtech.com/show/7893/the-htc-one-m8-review/3

      • jtc276

        The removal of OIS is almost negligible considering the shutter speed of the M8. Also, a huge improvement with the M8 camera is the more accurate color representation. The M7 often blew out the colors in photos resulting in “too light” colors. The M8 seems to have eradicated that problem quite nicely. Coming from people on XDA (you know, people who actually have the phone), the camera is better than the M7 and is surprisingly decent all around. No one claims that it’s better than the S5 or iPhone 5S. It isn’t. But enough of the remaining aspects of the phone are better than the competitors to make the slightly weak camera worth it.

        • George Davis

          Increased shutter speed isn’t going to help much when shooting video, which is the primary use case for OIS. The AnandTech comparison I linked to above shows that pretty clearly.

          The pictures on XDA seem like a mixed bag. Some of them look great, but the “depth sensor” effects in particular seem very inconsistent. Maybe it can be improved with a software update as HTC has claimed, but at this point I can’t help but agree it looks gimmicky. I still think the M8 has a lot going for it overall. No phone is perfect, and I don’t understand the need some people have to pretend otherwise.

          • jtc276

            I did watch the video on AnandTech and, even though I agree the M7 was better, the M8 seemed to produce a better quality video and wasn’t horribly shaky as some phones are. Then again, I never take videos with my phone, so it’s a personal non-issue for me.

            The camera on the One certainly is gimmicky to an extent. Acting like it’s awful and worse than anything Samsung has ever done crosses a line, though. That being said, the UP was the first real attempt at innovation in smartphone camera tech last year. Up until then the solution to a better smartphone camera was to simply throw in more megapixels. HTC has since been one-upped by the likes of Nokia in terms of innovation, but the UP technology is still interesting. It’s a shame that HTC couldn’t fit a higher UP camera into the new One this year, but it does show resilience and belief in the technology that they stuck with it. I think UPs will pay off in a big way if we simply allow the tech to mature, gain megapixels, and go through further testing. As of right now, they’re really nothing special, but when a 4 UP image is almost standing its own against 8 and 16 MP images, it shows promise. Personally, I’m excited at the thought of an 8 UP camera.

            And, like I said, the M8 certainly isn’t perfect, but not much is holding it back

      • LionStone

        That video comparison wasn’t really the best example, even the M7 had some blur going on.

  • Alec

    Droid Life, have you guys wondered why you didn’t get the phone early? Some of these posts are not even considered news and is just pure bashing HTC for a camera, in their otherwise perfect smartphone. Honestly, it’s just not professional and Kellen gets too carried away sometimes. I came here for NEWS, not a personal blog on why Kellen hates the new HTC One. The camera isn’t the best, WE GET IT. It’s not a huge gimmick either, it has a ton of excellent camera software features, it just doesn’t have a great shooter. I’ve seen sample pictures, they look fine in a lot of cases, just not on par with other flagships. WHATEVER. Everything else I’ve heard is great about the phone. Poor HTC, I wouldn’t let you guys test my phone for less than $650 either.

    • George Davis

      Droid-Life has always been a mix of news and opinion articles. There’s nothing wrong with stating your opinion in an article that is clearly labeled as an opinion piece.

      • Alec

        Really? You didn’t think this article was immature at all? He completely bashed HTC over and over trying to humiliate them. This isn’t an opinion article (like what Ron writes), this is Kellen firing shots at HTC, accomplishing NOTHING

        • George Davis

          Well to be fair, HTC were the first ones to play the “gimmick” card so they were kind of asking for it. The article focuses on the camera only, and in the context of all the positive things that have been said about the M8 on this site in the past week, it seems like fair play to me.

          • LionStone

            Opinion pieces and reporting is one thing… bashing is another. Not the same.

        • cizzlen

          I totally understand where Kellen is coming from and encourage people to voice their opinions to keep the market competitive but the tone in this article is definitely a turn off for me. And I agree 100% with your OP. I don’t need to plaster pics on my wall. Every video or pic I took with my M7 last year was insta-filtered and posted on some social media site, meant to view on phones/tablets etc. The camera looks and works just fine for me, plus the UP tech actually takes some quality pics.

    • Chris

      Kellen has been a bitchy mood lately….

  • LionStone

    How can a camera be a gimmick? I guess DL can forget ever getting early phone release from HTC, kinda disappointing…

    • Alec

      Exactly what I said, read my comment

      • LionStone

        Yea I’m bummed because all these personal jabs amount to is, us going elsewhere for our Android fix and/or no exclusives with HTC phones. It’s basically a lose-lose situation.

  • E A butler

    Note to HTC, next time use a 12mp camera, 5000mah battery , 32/64 gb versions with sd card support nothing else matters. You will win the phone war. Metal or plastic is irrelevant when you build a phone people “NEED”.

    • LionStone

      Haha, and I thought they needed GeeBees!

  • trwb

    Go ahead ask the internet, I’ll wait…as Gary Oldman stares at you like a creeper.

  • Scott Martin

    “3D Dimension” the repetition is a bit redundant don’t you think?

  • Jeff Miller

    Hmmmm kind of a harsh article if you ask me. I’m not sure it was needed or deserved. Im on this site numerous times a day so hate to bash but I think HTC brought a pretty decent device to the table. Sense is probably the best of all the skins. Just got rid of my G2, previously a S4 and both of there skins suck. I enjoy the minimal approach HTC brings. Definitely some strange hardware design choices but still a very solid phone. Curious to see what Moto and LG have in store for later in the year, until then I will be rocking the M8.

    • George Davis

      Not sure why so many are misinterpreting this post as bashing the M8 in general. It’s about one specific aspect of the device, the camera. The site has been full of positive and informative posts about the M8 all week.

      • Chris

        seems you are kissing ass now…

        • George Davis

          By pointing out a fact? Isn’t it past your bedtime?