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How to: Change Launchers on the HTC One (M8)

The new HTC One (M8) runs HTC’s BlinkFeed launcher out of the box. It’s not a bad OEM launcher, but if you aren’t a fan of BlinkFeed and also want custom icon pack support in a launcher that carries a much more classic Android appearance, a 3rd party launcher should be installed immediately. Since the One (M8) is an Android device, getting a 3rd party launcher up and running isn’t all that difficult – download one you like, run it, and be on your way.

Should you be the type that often switches between multiple launchers through Android 4.4’s (Kit Kat) new Home toggle, we wanted to make sure you knew where to find it on HTC’s new flagship. It’s not in the typical Settings>Home location that you would see with a stock Android device and is instead tucked into HTC’s Personalize menu.

To access the Home launcher switcher, either follow the video below or cruise into Settings>Personalize>Home screen, and then tap the launcher you want to use. 

  • Brauliorj

    Can Google Now launcher be installed on HTC one m8?

  • Dean

    Is there any way to have a scrolling wallpaper? I have the m8 and I’ve used nova, apex and the google now launcher. The scrolling wallpaper won’t work this is frustrating as it’s one of my favourite features with my nexus 5

  • usaff22

    Love the Helvetica Neue Thin/Light font!

  • Is there a way to have scrolling wallpaper? Running Nova Launcher and still can’t it to scroll

    • Marikel

      Go to the Nova settings > Desktop > Wallpaper Scrolling > Force

      • I don’t have this option. Is this maybe only available in the beta? I have on, off, and reverse..

        • Marikel

          That’s weird. I have it on my DROID RAZR. It’s probably just not supported on the M8 for the time being.

  • The Narrator

    Why is the video in 4K? Kind of odd, Kellen.

  • Michael

    I really wish I could change the colors of the themes. (i.e. I wish I could use the orange from the first theme as my quick toggles instead of the green)

    • cizzlen

      Hopefully XDA may be able to give us more options. That would be the driving reason for me to unlock and root.

  • PoisonApple31

    And the haters say “Why didn’t you post about Nova Launcher with the S5?” Touchwiz sucks.

  • lol@

    kinda sad that you have to post a how to change launchers for HTC’s Last One (M8).

    • Chris

      sad that you have to post such a ridiculous comment.

  • Another HTC phone for the garbage heep. Don’t worry customers, they will forget about you in 4 months like always.

    • Chris


    • BobButtons

      It takes that long? I thought companies forgot about devices the day after launch.

    • The Narrator

      Got more stuff to pull out of your ass? Seems like you got a lot up there.

      • Don’t tell me you’ve given this trash company your money? Omg how are people so braindead to support HTC?

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          you only come around when you want to troll -___- grow up…. if you want to have an intelligent conversation feel free.

        • The Narrator

          I didn’t, but they are the only company that is actually pushing updates quicker and HTC Advantage is something I don’t see anybody else doing.

          • Cael

            What about Motorola?

          • The Narrator

            They were/are a Google owned company so their updates don’t really matter. We knew they’d get them sooner.

          • PoisonApple31

            Its called desperation – they would never do this unless they were hurting, otherwise this would have been out when they were popular around the Thunderbolt area.

          • …thanks for the correction. All this time I thought it was providing great customer service. /s

          • PoisonApple31

            It is great customer service, and you definitely know who to call. You are reminded every day with that black bar!

        • Chris

          because they have great design and their updates are a lot better then some others.

        • malcmilli

          people are completely brain dead to buy the successor of the 2013 phone of the year. What fools they are.

          • 2013 phone of the year was moto x http://www.droid-life.com/2013/12/24/top-5-android-phones-of-2013/

            Have a day.

          • malcmilli

            Yea that’s one site my friend. Would you like me to link you to a few links that say other wise? Was just starting that non biased 3rd party sites dont think the phone is trash. Opinions will vary from different outlets, but I can send you a few links if you like where these professional reviewers say the phone is their favorite. My day should be very goof, thank you.