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Google Looks to Hire Pokémon Master in Latest April Fools’ Gag

With April Fools’ taking place tomorrow, Google will look to continue its long running stand as the king of pranks. With tons of cash to spend on elaborate ideas, the company has become known for over-the-top jokes; featuring celebrities, fantastic videos, and a ton of custom software to go along with the schemes.

The latest prank from Google is the Pokémon Challenge, which is an attempt by the company to hire a “Pokémon Master.” In order to get the gig, folks from all over the world must explore their surroundings using Google Maps, capturing Pokémon. The first to “catch ’em all” will win the position at Mountain View. 

So, is there a real job opening? Probably not. Is this another great April Fools’ joke from Google? Absolutely!

Watch the full video explaining the Pokémon Challenge below.

  • sonicemerald

    just restored my phone… and forgot to make a backup of maps… I’m sad. :/ I had mew.

  • Jared Krinsky

    Good luck finding Mew

  • coolsilver

    Too bad I can’t enjoy it with this staged rollout Pokeshit

  • Weasel pease

    Already caught em all though 😉

  • David Imel

    Spent my day completing this. Hopefully there’s at least SOME prize after tomorrow. Otherwise I just wasted the whole day..

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      waste? I dont think so! haha

  • Can they team up with Nintendo to make an AR Pokemon game? This look mega-fun!

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I am guessing that is what they are doing. I’d hazard a guess that anyone that completes finding 150 will get invited to beta test the AR game.

  • banggugyangu

    Why is this not a real thing?

  • Zee Masai

    I’ve found 38 already. Most of them around the Pokemon lab.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Meanwhile at Tim Cook’s Office: *playing checkers with iPhones as pieces*

  • Wyveryx

    This is awesome, but the Shelfie is better 🙂


  • Franklin Ramsey

    “In other news, productivity for tech related work forces was down 50% today.”

  • i caught like 10 or so then cant find anymore.

    • Zee Masai

      Go to the Pokemon Lab. There are a lot around there

  • Try searching for “Charles Darwin Research Station”, and there are also a bunch near CERN.

  • InyRules

    I really can’t find any outside of that Pokelab you start out in.

    • EngineerGunter

      Check out large cities in the world (e.g.: New York, Paris, Austin, San Francisco, and you’ll find a ton around Tokyo)

      • InyRules

        I didn’t see any in Tokyo 🙁

        • Franklin Ramsey

          Zoom In!

          • InyRules

            Got it! I thought I was in there enough but wasn’t. I’ll check out the international airports, too.

        • EngineerGunter

          Hmm, make sure you’ve zoomed in enough to see the 1 mile scale bar at the bottom and scan around… you should find another Poke-center there too…

          Also, check out international airports on the map. I’ve found quite a few at those in major cities…

  • god if this is real ill take vacation time tom lol

  • maratu


  • moo

    So far i have caught 32

  • TheDrizzle

    Was anyone else disappointed that the actual catching process was not AR? Still, it’s really great video and I love April Fools at Google!

  • Bharath Kannan

    76/150 so far…

    • MichaelFranz

      not bad….im at 67….getting lots of duplicates

      • 121/150, but can’t find more. 🙁

        • JDub

          Do land marks or the wonders of the world. Found one at the Grand Canyon and one in Vatican City.

      • EngineerGunter

        83, same here… tons of duplicates… >:(

  • MichaelFranz

    i figured out one hint as to locations of them all….. HEHEHEHE….true master right here

    • David Henry

      Near Google offices?

      • MichaelFranz

        bingo…..not all of them but some…..i also found another huge area…the homeland of pokemon….

        …sadly im addicted to this…..even sadder, its killing my work day

        • Justin W

          “homeland of Pokemon”

          Hmm.. I might just have to make a trip across the Pacific…

          • Zee Masai

            Sydney Australia, Tokyo, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, LAX, Galapagos – Charles Darwin Research Facility, Seattle Washington.

        • InyRules

          Killing my work day, too…

  • MyrtleDroid2

    Anyone live by one of the pokemon to see what it does. I can just click and catch on the map I don’t live anywhere close

    • Taylor Abrahamson

      There are all over up here in Seattle too but I’m stuck at work :/

      • MyrtleDroid2

        No love in dirty myrtle

      • Zee Masai

        You don’t have to go anywhere. Just click on then and catch them on the map.

  • belsonc

    Just got a Rotom at Rockefeller Center and a Hydreigon at Lincoln Center…

  • Clark Andrews

    What’s the phone at 1:29 with two screens?! Looks like an addon to a Nexus 5?

  • JDub

    I might need the job to be real after I get fired for the time I just wasted looking for Pokemon.

  • chris kilps

    Why can’t this be real or something like this. Google is already do ingress, not much more they will have to add this.

  • riggaman

    Togepi near Disney World

  • StrattHacks

    Gotta crack em’ all! (screens).

    So many thrown phones… haven’t we learned from the Wiimote?
    Yay for HTC Advantage! Can’t wait! 😀

  • JDub

    I caught a pidgey in Phoenix!

  • STEV3

    Posted it on Facebook and actually got a few of my friends asking how to download it. Google is awesome.

  • Tyrone Biggums
  • Guy Pierce

    I’ll do it.

  • riggaman

    Best April Fools EVER. Anyone else find Pokemon outside of the Googleplex? I’ve noticed a few in NYC (Times Square and Statue of Liberty), Las Vegas (airport), and Apple’s Cupertino campus.

    • David Henry

      I found a few in Boston near me. I think bigger cities will be the best bet. But I could be wrong

    • morpheus282

      Two in Central Park.

  • Anthoni

    I want this to be real… I don’t need the Google job as motivation.

  • This is why I love Google.

  • Bobby Cornwell

    Best. Idea. Ever.

    • meijin3


      • Bobby Cornwell


    • Alex

      There is an app that has this concept: Mobbles (www.mobbles.com), Shameless plug, I’m one of the developers 😉

  • FunkyMonkey88

    Partnership with Nintendo for this?

    • I’m sure there was some money that changed hands. Can’t use the likeness of Pokemon very easily.

      • T4rd

        Indeed. I’m still pissed that PokeDroid was removed from the Play Store (or Market when it was removed.. a long time ago now =(). That was the best Pokedex app I could conceive of. It had all the stats, locations, descriptions, strengths/weaknesses of everything. It even had the sound effects for all Pokemon, hah.

        I still have a Titanium Backup of it though, hah. It just hasn’t been updated for any newer games.

    • Cael

      They need to make this real, hide some “Pokemon” legitly and do a scavenger hunt. First one to get them all wins.

  • Ryan N

    Wow, gotta give credit to Google. They play as hard as they work.