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VSCO Cam Version 2.3 Update Brings New Organization Tools, UI Tweaks, and Bug Fixes

VSCO Cam, a popular camera replacement app that debuted first on iPhone, received an update today to version 2.3 with new features centered around organization. Changes have been made to the layouts of both Presets and Tools, plus the usual bug fixes and subtle UI tweaks are also to be found in the updated app.

To be able to rearrange and show/hide parts of your Presets and Tools menus, head to Settings > Preferences > Toolkit/Preset Order and make changes as you wish.

The update is rolling out to users via Google Play as we speak, so be sure to hit the Play link down below and get your version of VSCO up to date.

Play Link

  • I’m kinda lazy this Friday afternoon…what does this do that my stock camera (N5) + Snapseed can’t do?

    • Fresh360

      Cost you money and ummmmm that’s about it.

      • JD_26

        its free

        • Fresh360

          The app itself is free but it comes with limited filters, there are MANY in-app purcahses for more filters. The paid filters are the ones most VSCO Cam people use. The effects of these paid filters can also be accomplished in Snapseed if you’re so inclined. Since a stock camera and snapseed is 100% free thats why I said it cost more money.

          • Adrian

            As someone who uses VSCO on my computer and my phone, you are going to spend a ridiculous amount of time in Snapseed trying to duplicate most of these filters because you can’t actually save a look you want or created in snapseed which means manually tweaking every single photo in a series to look the same. It’s a waste of time. I’m a big snapsed+awesome camera user (stock camera is horrible) but VSCO definitely found a home on my phone that isn’t leaving. Now on my tablet it’s complete garbage though. It’s a hot pixelated mess on my Nexus 7 2013 and others are having the same issue according to Google Play.

            There are apps and filters that are worth your money. It’s not aimed at you, but I see far too often on DL and other android sites that people seem to want everything free or complain that a dollar is too much, then turn around and complain that everything goes to iOS first.Spend money on quality apps so developers actually want to develop for the platform.

            If you’re looking for something to tweak things for Instagram etc and spending pocket change is outside of your budget, VSCO Cam is probably not for you. They do have free filter packs and the others are broken down by look and characteristics. You only have to spend money on something you might want but it’s a full featured editing program and if you go into the options, you can tweak the hell out of every setting. I doubt most people gave it more than a passing glance but the photographers I’ve suggested it to use it religiously now.

            http://adriangibbs.vsco.co/ for some examples.

          • Fresh360

            I hate when you have to defend yourself by proving you do something that you’re accused of not doing but ummmm “Some of my favorite apps are paid apps”. Money isn’t an issue when quality and usefullness is concerned, I was simply stating that Snapseed a great free app (maybe the most powerful photo editor designed for mobile) can do anything VSCO can do IF you were so inclined to actually take the time to do it. I never once questioned the quality of VSCO I have used it and it is a great app, I was just answering a question.

          • Adrian

            Your choice to do so. No one said you needed to prove that you buy apps.

            Your response was “costs you money – that’s about it” … but it isn’t. I think it’s great that you spend money on apps. +1
            You brought up free. I explained that it was worth spending money on the extra filters. Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or anything. I pointed out the differences. I love Snapseed and use it daily. That said, saying snapseed+stock camera = vsco cam is not accurate.

            At all.

            Two completely different tools for doing a job.

          • Fresh360

            No feelings were hurt, I guess being faceitious does not translate well online…Viva La VSCO!