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Reader Opinion: If You Bought the HTC One (M8), Tell Us Your Thoughts

Since HTC decided to be awesome and make the One (M8) available the same day they announced it, we know that a few of you currently have the device in hand. With that being said, we know there is an even greater number of folks who are still undecided as to whether the M8 would be a good purchase. Who better to trust with such a decision than the fine DL reader community, right?ย 

As far as our thoughts are concerned, we feel that the M8 has been a major step forward for HTC. The device’s build quality is unrivaled, the user experience so far is quite fluid, and we are even trying to get over the fact that it only features a 4MP rear-facing camera.

However, we do have a few dislikes, mainly being the overall size of the phone; it’s just too tall. When the phone is in your pocket and you are moving around, it’s at times easy for the phone to dig right into your thigh; a feeling which can be most uncomfortable. As for other downsides, there aren’t too many. While we may have to get used to the Ultrapixel camera, it doesn’t mean we love it – it just means we can tolerate it.

We want to know your thoughts on M8, though. We know our readers have a very diverse outlook on Android phones, so for anyone who currently owns the M8, we would love to know how you are liking/disliking your time with it.

Shoot down below to the comments section and let the community know your thoughts on the M8.

  • Edward Mobley

    I love this phone, the battery life on it is amazing. I leave for work at 730 with a 100 percent battery and I’m only down to 75 percent with phone calls and facebooking by 4pm. My note 3, lg g2, note 2.. all of them would be at 75 percent at 1030 am. The only way I’m getting rid of this phone is if the note 4 is a huge improvement in november

  • rmor

    I’m using the phone for a month now. And so far, I’ve been very much satisfied and happy with its overall performance. From camera to the BoomSound. And the built design, nothing can compare… And the speed is hilariously unbelievable….Hehe I highly recommend it especially to heavy metal guys.. I recommend s5 to girls.. enjoy.

  • gmopro

    Nice looking phone (M8), but the back is too smooth and slippery. Slides out of your hands so needs a case with grippable material. I like the camera features. Speakers are great. I did notice that sometimes using my left thumb to swipe , it did not move the screens. This happens often. When i use my right hand , it works fine. Phone is a little wide for me, but that is the size of the newer phones. Dont have prob with length, just width. Dont have a problem with power button on top. only use it to turn it off. Use swipes to activate it so no biggie about where the power button is. On the side wouldnt be a good idea. I am always accidentally bumping the volume rocker on the right side. I would actually like the volume on the left side like it was on the Hero. THe Hero also had better grip. One M8 needs better grip for sure. Havent tried the TV App yet. Trying to figure out how to keep the buttons at bottom of screen while taking photos. They always disappear after 3 seconds. Then i have to tap to get them back. that is a pain.

  • Chris Boyles

    Just bought the m8 and having trouble with the bluetooth pairing to my old phone, computer and car hand’s free device. When I try to pair a scanned device on the m8, I get the unable to pair prompt showing that I need to add a pass code on the other devices. right now I am trying to sync my bluetooth on my old device HTC one) to my new m8 and I don’t have a passcode entry box showing on either phone, just the prompts with the needed passcode to enter. Since I didn’t down load the HTC transfer app on my old phone, I have lost carrier connectivity by switching to Verizon from Sprint. Only solution I could think of to down load would be to sync my old phone to my new phone via bluetooth, thus being able to reach the internet via my bluetooth on my old device to download the app from the playstore. Problem is I have searched diligently online and found no joy except this forum. What I need is how to reach the passcode entry box on my phones and enter the codes that the phones ask me to do in order to pair. Any help would be helpful as I found out that the Verizon techs don’t know how to do that either.

  • Cosmo

    Got mine a little over a week ago as a replacement for my GS3. Love the design and features overall – especially BlinkFeed. I probably use the phone as a news reader 50% of the time, so I consider that an important feature. I have a couple of complaints:

    1) There is a bug, apparently with the keyboard. I’ve experienced it both in the native VZW text app as well as the main Google search box, so I don’t think it’s app specific. What happens is, you start typing and see the suggested words highlighted in green, but no input goes into the text field. I’ve found minimizing and maximizing the keyboard (sometimes 3 or 4 times) eventually fixes it. Very annoying. There was a software update soon after I got the phone, and I think this started happening afterwards. The current Android version is 4.4.2 and Sense version is 6.0.

    2) The clock app is not as good, IMHO, as the Samsung version. I use this as my alarm clock every day, so it’s relatively important to me. There is no way I’ve found to cancel an existing snooze aside from disabling and re-enabling the alarm. Just an extra tap, I suppose, but it just seems inelegant that there’s not a specific function for it.

    Aside from those complaints, though, I love the phone. It’s lightning fast compared to my old GS3 and the battery seems like it would last a couple of days if I let it go that long (I plug it in every night). I’m also relatively impressed with the camera. It lost out overall to the GS5 and iPhone in a Cnet comparison I watched, and my experience has been relatively similar to their test results. Where the camera shines, though, is indoor group shots with a flash, which is what I’ll use it for 90% of the time. If I’m outside doing something I want to record, I’ll have my Canon Powershot anyway. Where I’m most likely to use the phone camera is at dinner or some other indoor activity with family and friends. The GS5’s flash apparently turns everything blue, so that would have been a bad choice for me.

  • Kurt Stecker

    what is the cost for the hot spot feature for my HTC Oneยฎ (M8).

  • Joey

    Does anyone have bluetooth issues. My last android I had spazed out while using gps I get a phone call and it kept losing connection with the headset. Has anyone tried testing the stability of the phone and os?

  • Filo

    There are many light scratches already show after a week old on camera lens. BOOO!!!. AND I JUST don’t throw the phone around I been careful with it and it seems in avoidable. And to think I made these photos with my nexus5 I have owned since November. And not a hairline scratch at all.

  • Filo

    Well ALREADY HAVE A LIGHT SCRATCH ON THE LENS OF THE HTC M8. I thought it was a sapphire glass??? What the Heck HTC???. ONLY HAD FOR A WEEK AND THINKING OF RETURNING FOR GOOD…. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT THUS FAR.so it’s obvious it isn’t sapphire while it has a yellow hue to the glass. best get a protective case if anyone plans on buying this thing.

  • Smartss

    I’ve been in love with my M7 (converted to GPE) since day one. I said I wasn’t going to purchase another phone until it dies… Today I found myself ordering one and I can’t wait to get it. The bad part is I have to wait until next Thursday for it to arrive.

  • PoisonApple31

    Hope you HTC One M8 owners don’t have a lock screen and kids using your phone! http://phandroid.com/2014/03/31/htc-one-m8-security-video/ – haha

  • technewsfilter

    Can anyone comment on how useful the external storage is? I used to have an HTC Desire with a 16GB card in it but many things couldn’t be installed onto or executed from the SD card so I was constantly constrained by the internal memory on the phone which was frustrating. Would I still have this issue with the HTC One M8? If I will then I want the 32GB model but if a large SD card and a 16GB model will work just fine then I’d stick with that.

    • fakegramita

      sorry, can’t answer your question about executing things directly from the card (although you should be able to install APKs). But just curious- how much internal memory did your phone have? I guess I don’t download a whole lot of large games or anything, but the only things that really cause me to run out of space on my gnex is keeping too much media (videos, music, podcasts etc) on it, and all of those things could easily be saved to/consumed from external storage.

      • technewsfilter

        The HTC Desire only had about 200mb of internal storage free for apps. It was rubbish. But tell me, can you save your photos and video to the external storage? Can Facebook and email run from external storage? What about other popular photo or video based apps? These are the things that consume my space usually. Thanks for any advice on this.

        • fakegramita

          Just want to be clear that I’m not an authority on this, so someone might have differnet info for you. But from what I could find with a bit of googling, people were saying that while it’s possible on some phones/android versions without rooting, in the case of the M8 it sounds like it would need to be rooted. If you do a google search you can find a few methods that claim to work with other devices (as well as Apps that add that functionality), but it sounds like those may not work on the M8.

          For pictures/video/music I know you can save it to the sd card by default though. I wouldn’t claim to have a whole lot of apps- maybe the average is higher than what I have, but on my phone I’m barely using more than 2GB for apps (32GB phone with no external storage). I would imagine with a large SD card for media, 16GB would be more than enough for just the OS + Apps. I’m always a fan of more storage when I can afford it though ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Filo

      So far I was able to load music and videos haven’t tried documents yet. But I.bought a SanDisk 32gb ULTRA card with the high data rate transmission.SO FAR IT’S DOING WHAT I NEED IT FOR. MY phone it’s the 32gb. From ATT. I PREORDERED ONLINE

  • Weston Clark

    I agree the phone may be too tall. I miss the side power button from my Galaxy Nexus. I can’t naturally reach the top button without doing the “shimmy”. However, the double tap option helps to remedy this.

  • M.J. Naser

    I have had a boat load of devices over the past year including the original HTC One, LG G2, Nexus 5, Moto X, and Galaxy Note 3.

    Stock android will always have a soft spot in my heart, so I have to keep a Nexus close. But as my main device, I dont think I have ever had such a well rounded, practically perfect device. I am super excited to support HTC again as I feel getting rid of the first HTC One was a big mistake.

    Boom Sound is just crazy as usual, 5 inch screens are just the perfect viewing size and the battery life has been great for a flagship.

    The front facing camera takes incredible selfies that you’ll wanna actually take now lol. The back UltraPixel Camera is such a fast shooter you cant even tell if you’ve even taken the picture or not.

    I am in love with HTC Sense, it is so flat and well put together. HTC has thought of many great features to add to there already practically perfect HTC One, and this purchase really makes me forget about the other devices. I think I will keeping this one ๐Ÿ™‚ (P.S. Along with my Nexus 5)

  • Bob Smith

    Coming from a Galaxy Nexus, this thing flies. Besides updates and messing with it a bit today, the battery is at ~75% and I pulled it off the charger last night. Wow. Love the speakers. 2 things: Your WiFi password has to be 9 characters or less. Bug in the firmware. Second, I didn’t realize tethering was such a pain on 4.4. FoxFi doesn’t work. Only USB or bluetooth tether. I am really sick of Verizon for this. I have 4GB of bandwidth per month. Let me use it how I want!

    It really has a nice feel in the hand. Now, I just have to figure out how to carry it with me. I normally get a holster, but I haven’t found a decent one yet that I like.

    • fakegramita

      If you still have your galaxy nexus would you mind posting a couple of photos comparing the camera? The ages of the phones are far apart enough that I can’t find any comparisons. In the comparisons with newer phones I saw the M8 looked so much worse by comparison it’s almost made me change my mind about buying it, but the gnex is not great either so if it’s at least better I might still want to go with the M8.

    • PoisonApple31

      I’m curious about your tethering comment. Are you just saying you prefer to use FoxFi over the built in Mobile Hotspot feature on your M8?

      • Bob Smith

        It might be a Verizon thing, but FoxFi doesn’t work on the M8. And, I don’t have the share-everything plan, so to activate the built-in hotspot stuff, Verizon charges $20 per month. When I get to do a survey, this will be my big gripe. It’s built into the OS, but Verizon blocks it. Even on a limited plan.

        • PoisonApple31

          According to the FoxFi website, it would seem that KitKat broke the app functionality. It’s interesting that you would still get charged $20 for tethering after the lawsuit again Verizon. It was my understanding they could only charge extra for hotspot for the unlimited data users, not tiered data or share everything plans.

          • Bob Smith

            The lawsuit was that they couldn’t block 3rd part apps that did tethering. The trick here is they aren’t blocking FoxFi or any other 3rd party apps that could provide tethering. It almost looks like Google is helping them by breaking 3rd party apps (that you can install) at the OS level.

  • Michael swaim

    ok, to set the record straight for those of us that have had A big phone such as the DNA, note series, lg optimus series or g2. the HTC One m8 its really feeling pretty good in the hand compare it to these other devices.

  • Pam Oakea

    I totally love this phone! Have had it for nearly two days and it’s by far a better phone than my S4. Sense 6 is so clean and intuitive with useful software and gestures. If I have the phone in a stand at my desk the gestures work. My S4 feels like a cheap toy compared to my gun metal M8. Oh and I love Blink feed too…. Very customizable.

  • MaroonR

    I came from a droid razr maxx, so for me this was a substantial upgrade in both performance and size. The phone *is* super tall. Reaching that power button is difficult even for me, and my hands are enormous. I like it then, that HTC put in the gesture stuff. Double tapping the screen is super convenient.

    I’ve a lot of comments about fitting it into your front pocket. I wear reasonable pants that have little to no ‘bagginess’ and the phone by itself sits extremely comfortably in my front pocket, so much so that I forget it’s there, likely because of the curved back.

    The camera blows. It’s great for taking artsy shots of you and your bffs but if you’re a regular 28 year old male like me, you might feel the camera is a little lackluster. Honestly it’s to the point that I almost can’t believe it. We’ve all read the articles about how 4 ultra pixels isn’t enough but it seems to me that htcs camera software adds a lot of noise in an attempt to cover up for lack of detail, which looks awful. If the noise could go, I’d consider it acceptable. Everything else is great. Duo is implemented perfectly. It almost works too well.

    Engadget reported that it’s a slippery phone. I agree. The finish is really nice, so nice that operating with one hand can feel hazardous. I haven’t gotten a case, and my hands haven’t adjusted, so both are probably factors in that opinion.

    Otherwise it’s great though. BoomSound is still amazing. I can finally hear people on the phone over speaker, and my alarm always wakes me up (it’s slightly terrifying sometimes). Really don’t see how you could go wrong with this phone. I was afraid of battery life being an issue (read: I came from a razr maxx which has awesome battery life) but it’s great too. I easily make it all day.

  • Charles

    I just wish you could double tap screen off. I hate the power button on top. With tall phone and small hands, i have to shimmy to get to power button. Double tap off would solve. Other than that, I’m in love with it. Camera shutter is instant! Build quality is far better than S4, G2 I had. Glad i decided on M8 and not S5.

  • MrMota

    Great build quality. Sense 6 seems to be cleaner than previous iterations here is hoping future releases don’t take a step back. Future proof specs, gorilla glass 3, right screen size for my hand, amazing sound, and the build quality finally convinced me to retire my old work horse Verizon Galaxy Nexus. The G-Nex was the last Samsung phone I could stomach. Samsung’s skin is so intrusive and for me it along with their build quality negates the positives of their phones. Motorola has been on the right track with some of their Kevlar phones like Droid Maxx and Moto X. I here a lot of complaints of the camera, but I have to say it isn’t to bad for a quick pic. If I’m going to a family or social gathering that I want properly recorded I make sure to pack my DSLR’s. I’m not a super heavy user, but I am at 24 hrs with google maps, pictures, surfing, email, some phone calls and here I am at 54%. So far for me this phone was worth the 100 bucks I pad for it.

  • Filo

    I got mine Friday so far it’s ok. Compared to my nexus 5, the build material on HTC is totally awesome. Camera on the outer hand I think my nexus5 is better.especially when zooming in.however I just can’t seem to get the IR blaster o work anyone experience this? I followed the prompts to do a manual setup and it recognizes my remote but when pointed to tv I get nothing. Anyone anyone???

  • JimmyJam

    Very responsive. Nice to find out that it has facial recognition unlock!

  • mikron24
  • chris125

    I played with this and the s5 at an att store and I actually felt the s5 felt better in hand and overall around device. The one felt slippery with the metal finish and the s5 just felt more natural in hand which was surprising.

  • doublestack1

    Got the device on the 25th. So far I like it better that the Droid Maxx; although the screen is smaller (unpleasant surprise).

    I also have the One Max which I happen to love. I wish the M8 had the task button option to second as the menu button. Doesn’t make sense why the eliminated that option in Sense 6.

    Voice quality is good via handset. I have noticed bluetooth calling is not as clear as the One Maxx, Droid Maxx or iPhone 5 in my vehicle.

    The device fits in my front pocket without issue. The tallness that seems to bother some folks is a non-issue for me

  • Aaron Brodsky

    Had the phone for 3 days now. Got my wife too. It is tall, but 77he swipe or double tap to wake makes it a non issue for me. I had the M7 before, and the battery life was my biggest gripe. The M8 battery is amazing. I went 7a.m.-10pm yesterday and still had 38% left when I put it on the charger. That was with almost 4 hrs screen on time! Amazing! Easily twice the m7’s battery life or better. And Sense 6 is great. I think I actually like it better than stock Android now.

    I also love Do Not Disturb. I was using an app called Agent for the same thing, but now it’s built in.

    My wife is coming from an SGS3 and thinks it’s a bit big, but is really liking it so far.

    Hands down the best phone I’ve ever had.

  • Steve

    Have had mine for 2 days. Best phone I’ve ever had.(Iphone 5, incredible before this) Fast, smooth, fluid, and the design is amazing. I’m not big for camera so the megapixels didn’t affect my decision. I will the pictures are nice though. You dont notice the bezel and the on screen buttons don’t affect you because they go away while in apps(games/movies). The soundbars are amazing and get very loud and clear. The TV app was a pleasant suprise. Also was happy to find you can remove Blinkfeed(just not for me) Extremely happy, dont see how the S5 will keep up.

  • Kaleb

    Thanks for all the input.When Tmobile decides to release it I’ll go see it in person. It’s down to the M8 or the upcoming LG-G3. I like the metal body of the HTC.Not sure I can wait until LGs rumored June release.

  • Ray

    I received my AT&T M8 yesterday and I have to say this phone is badass, coming from a N5. Love how smooth it is and the design, oh the tv app is sweet and the camera is not super bad. HTC did an amazing job with this phone, too bad these phone blogs gave it a negative review base on the camera. Camera shouldn’t be on nobody’s top of the list that’s why they make professional cameras. Phone camera should be used only to capture some quick moments. If you looking for a phone forget the reviews solely base on the camera and buy this phone.

    • NexusMan

      Most non professional photographers don’t lug professional cameras around with them everywhere they go. Phone cameras are important to many people.

      • Ray

        Mmmm so before smartphones I guess they didn’t take any pictures right. Like i said if you need to take pictures there are other options. I understand what you saying but is not that serious to not buy a really good phone.

        • NexusMan

          Before smartphones, people absolutely did not take as many pictures out in public. But when they did, they had disposable cameras and polaroids. What’s great about a great phone camera, is that you almost always have it on you.

    • fakegramita

      I used to feel the same way a long time ago, and still agree that maybe it shouldn’t be a top priority. But with the rise of social media, people really do take more pictures when they go out for events that you wouldn’t normally plan to take a dedicated camera out for (like they don’t need the pictures to be extremely high quality). Dedicated cameras have gotten pretty compact too, but in those cases I don’t think the difference in quality is that big of a deal, so why not just use something you’re already going to have on you.

  • T_Dizzle

    You guys are killing me, mine doesn’t come until Monday.

  • Juvet Downs

    I have had this for two days, and I’m falling hard! I didn’t consider HTC an Android competitor anymore after the Droid that was Eris. HTC has made a great phone, and a possible run for the Samsung money. The only set back that I can think of is the battery life. It may not be a max, but it lasts for my purposes. Overall, I love this phone!! =)

  • Sam

    Just got it. And, as it’s only been one day, I’m confident in saying that it’s the best phone I’ve had. The build quality even trumps the iPhone which is a big plus for an android phone. The battery is amazing for 2600 mA. I’ve been on the phone all day and it just got to 48%. The UI (yes I said UI), transition animations, and my God, the sound is just awesome.

    HTC seems to have spent a lot of time paying attention to the user experience. And for me it paid off.

    My only complaints, the fact that the front facing camera has more megapixels then the back, the back camera is still 4 megapixels, the stupid wifi notification, the unnecessary bezel with the HTC logo on it, and although the battery is good, I would’ve liked to see 2800+ mA.

  • Mike Lee

    Picked up the phone on Tuesday night and absolutely love this thing. Came from the Galaxy Nexus couldn’t be happier. My wife has been rocking her GS3 for almost 2 years now and will be getting this phone too. The new Sense 6.0 is minimalistic and no where nearly as obtrusive as TouchWiz. If you haven’t gone out and checked the phone out you really have to. Will this device outsell the S5? Probably not. Should it? Abso-freaking-lutely.

  • InclusiontoInnovation

    I can’t wait to get into the store, see and hold this phone … I think The HTC One M8 becomes the “not – Samsung Galaxy” phone, like the Samsung Galaxy became the “not-iPhone” … Samsung put it on cruise control (like Apple) with the S5, I am hoping the M8 dents the Samsung empire

  • 994196003

    I got the m8 just yesterday and agree with everything. Battery life and speed have been amazing, a huge improvement over my old GS2. I usually run stock android/cyanogen mod but so far I don’t mind sense 6 at all, its clean and looks good. The screen and sound it amazing. I don’t really care about 4k display on a 5″ screen, 1080p is more than enough, it looks great. If you’ve seen a iPhone with ‘retina display’ and liked it, 1080p is much better, the iphone isnt even 720p. I do agree with DL, it is tall, but I feel that i’ll get used to it, and the black bar? I dont even notice it, its honestly not a pain. Same with the camera, it takes great pictures, the best? Maybe not but if i need to take pictures I’ll use my SLR. Its good enough for social media. Love the headphone jack on the bottom, don’t mind the the usb port is off center, calm down guys its not the end of the world. This phone feel amazing in your hands, like really good. It has great build quality and feels like you’re holding a very premium device. Its really nice guys, I think its better then the GS5 even though it will unfortunately sell more. Just like Gary Oldman said, form your own opinion, ask the internet.

  • gripworks

    I made the move from a Razr Maxx HD, which has a broken screen. it was between the M8 or the MotoX. I have never particularly liked the feel of the HTC phones. They always felt cheap to me, the M8 on the other hand feels very well built, premium if you will. Sense 6.0 hasn’t really bothered me and so far I really like using the phone. I will way that it slips very easily out of my hand when I am holding it one handed. The form is just so smooth. This being my first front speakered phone, I really like them. Very loud and crisp. The screen is great an it runs soooooo fast, no lag for anything. Battery life is good, not great but good. I was used to finishing up a day of hard use with the Maxx Hd 30% or more of my battery left. On the M8 it is like 10-15%. I will plug it in if I have a chance but don’t feel that I have to. I wish the volume button as a camera starter worked more than 10% of the time, perhaps a software update will fix it. The other on screen gestures are great. Love that I can get to things without pressing the poser button first. Haven’t gotten any wi-fi tethering to work yet but give the Dev’s some time and It will I am sure. So far I really like this phone, I travel for work and am hard on phones and batteries. I think that the M8 will live up to my needs

  • nomar

    I have used Motorola Droid, D. Incredible,S3,S4 and this is the the first phone that I have used that feels and looks better than my wife’s Iphone(s). It just feels like you are holding something substantial in your hands. The camera does not bother me. I think the pics are just as good as on my S4. I had considered a S5 but I really wanted an aluminum body.

  • Orlando

    Bla,bla, bla, moto x.
    The best phone ever.
    I can’t wait for the Moto X2.

    • cizzlen


  • nosedive94

    I really want to buy 2 of them with Verizon’s BOGO deal before it’s too late, But I also love my S3, and I loved my Note 3 to death before it shattered and broke. I also desperately want the IP67 water and dust resistance of the S5, along with the fingerprint scanner, however gimmicky it may be. That said, the M8 is a gorgeous device. The only things holding me back from buying it are the S5 and the bad camera reviews. Any advice, DL?

  • moto x

  • Anita Jones

    I got my M8 today. Was thinking about holding off for the S5 but when I actually saw and held this phone, I was hooked. Still trying to figure out all the goodies and fun stuff I can do with it. Lovin it so far. I feel I made the right decision.

  • alex drum

    PSA. TO ANY HTC ONE OWNERS. The Verizon near my house got in the dot view cases but they only had 2 in the shipment. Worth checking your local Verizon if you want to pick up a case but act fast as shipments were limited.

  • cpo122

    Bought one of these on launch day, and i was wondering why it has a dual sim tray and whats it’s purpose? I asked the sales rep at verizon, but he said he wasn’t sure what it was for…Also the default preferred network on mine is set to global mode, should it be on lte/cdma?

    • Jeff Miller

      One is SIM other is SD Card. Global is fine.

      • cpo122

        i know it has a sd tray on the right side, what i mean is the sim tray on the left side is dual. it has space for 2 sim cards. i was just wondering why it has space for 2? i thought u could only have one sim in a phone at a time.

        • needa

          dual sim is mainly for international use. where countries are small. that way you can be on one carrier in one country and then cross over the border and be on a different carrier for that one. in a nutshell… it allows for you to have sims for two different gsm carriers for when you need it.

    • Lee Sandy

      the rep said he didn’t know what it was for….yikes. wireless will hire just about anyone it would seem irregardless of if they have not one ounce of interest in technology. awesome.

  • Harold Goldner

    Despite finally getting my Rezound on a stable port of KitKat 4.4.2, I couldn’t resist leaving the 2 1/2 year old platform for new territory, especially once the M8 was reported to support removable memory (which is absolutely required). This is a magnificent handset. The size surprisingly doesn’t bother me (although I thought it would). Heard lots of folks complaining about the on/off button but it’s in the exact same place as the Rezound. Really like Boomsound (has obviated my need for an external BT speaker); the device is very speedy and Sense 6 is a might lighter veneer on Android than prior versions of Sense which frequently got in the way. The change from the Rezound’s 8 mp camera to the M8’s “duo 4 ultrapixel” camera is insignificant because: (1) the Rezound’s camera was always deficient in all but good bright light; and (2) the Duo Camera software is highly superior. As the advances in phones level off, this appears to be a unit that can be relied upon for the entire period before another upgrade is required.


    I came from the GS3 so huge upgrade! Love the phone and how fast it is. Don’t like the tallness…that black bar (like you guys have said in the past) could have been taken away to make the phone shorter. Other then that, whole package overall can’t be beaten. I am very happy with it

  • Kevin Henry

    This is my first HTC device and so far I would have to say I love it. I had almost all of the iPhones before, the galaxy s4 and 4, a droid bionic (this was actually my very first android phone….it left a bad taste in my mouth) and a Galaxy nexus. This phone is by far the best fluid device I have ever used. I want to say the battery is pretty damn good but seeing how I just gotten the device I cant say that for sure just yet. My only problem right now with the device is how God awful the camera is. Like really HTC? If this thing had the camera from the any other manufacturer in it then this would literally be the perfect phone. Other than that I am loving it so far

  • Lee Sandy

    Picked up at Verizon day after release after having the M7 for the past 6-7 months. Really awesome feel and the processor is also noticeably improved upon from the M7. I rarely if ever use my camera so who cares about the 4mpx and when I do use a camera it’s front-facing for Hangouts so 5mpx is actually preferred. One complaint is I have a lot of accidental screen swipes, turning on the screen prematurely. No comment on the audio input location because I use jaybird bluebuds x headset 24/7 as well as my car’s bluetooth for music. Boomsound is nice for sharing videos and music with my coworkers and family.

  • oldtimewil

    Got it yesterday and this thing is Awesome! Absolutely smooth and my first HTC so I am digging the Sense 6

  • Justin Tierney

    Any opinions from people coming from the Nexus 5?

  • Poison

    So I just picked up the Droid Maxx because I broke my Note 3. Still have some days left to return. Should I pick this thing up or pass?

    • LionStone

      I’d OneUp… Just to have a newer phone even though the Maxx is a solid device.

    • M3D1T8R

      I would. At this point in the product life cycle, the new One is the better choice. New Droid coming probably not for six months but still, with this you can get the newest, best phone available right at release, so it will last longer.

      • needa

        last longer?

  • tylerc23

    Really love the Gesture Motion feature. Super easy, I even find myself doing it on my N7 trying to unlock it because it just feels so right. I actually prefer this over the Active Display because you could easily miss Active Display if your not looking when it pops up for the 15 seconds and you would never know you got anything. With the M8, you can double tap the screen whenever you like and you see whats there. Quick and Easy, and you control it.

  • dean gordon

    I got it yesterday and I’m really liking it but I can’t get the notification light to work for missed calls and text messages. Am I doing something wrong?

    • steve

      Settings>Display&Gestures>Notifcation light

      • dean gordon

        did that. Didn’t work. I have read on the forums that other people have the same problem

  • sincityjohn44

    I was really hyped for this phone because I was planning on taking a break from Samsung. Buuuuuut, I got my new HTC One M8… And it’s a faulty device. I’m having horrible WiFi connectivity issues. I think the funniest thing is that my M8 shipped without the SD card tray in the phone.
    So much for taking a break from Samsung. I guess I’ll just go with the GS5 U_U

    • M3D1T8R

      So you got a bad one. (Ha). It happens. Exchange it for another One.

  • Mrhug3

    Well, this is my first htc phone since the Touch Pro (Windows Mobile). I really liked htc back in those days. Coming from a Droid RAZR HD MAXX. Stuck on 4.1.2. I gave up rooting, flashing and all that jazz. I don’t have the time. Moto fanboy that wasn’t quite sold on the X. I wanted a larger screen and other things. The new RAZR’s felt like a step back with capacative buttons. I just had the new device bug and Samsung will never get my money. I got it in store, right after it was announced. I never really cared for Sense and I still don’t know for sure about it now. I understand manufacturers need to differentiate their products through software, but some things could have been left as is. Admittedly, Sense isn’t as bad as I initially thought it would be. The design is nice and uniform throughout the OS. The phone itself, is super fast and fluid. Build quality is superb. I’ve been waiting for an Android device that I feel is on par with the iphone as far as build quality, and materials used. This is definitely it. (I’m on Verizon, not leaving. Choices are what they give me.) It is tall, but not crazy big. The black logo bar is a non-issue. The camera isn’t as bad as people are saying. Pictures are just fine. I think camera bashing must be the thing to do these days. Besides, any serious photog has a stand alone anyway, so miss me with all of that crazy, flame talk. Boomsound is cool. It’s nice to be able to hear whatever it may be. I didn’t know if I was going to keep it at first, but I like new and shiny things. Overall, I like it enough. I’ve had my eyes on a certain manufacturers products for quite some time. And if rumors are true, the One will be going up for sale in a few months for the 2….

  • N345H

    I thought the original HTC One was a fantastic device. Times the original by 10 then you will have a feel for the M8.
    The whole feel is superb. The build quality is second to non, it is more than premium quality. The device is just well balanced in the hand and easily usable with just one hand. The sense UI is taken to a new refined level also with a lot flatter feel.
    People will say yes, we know all that but the camera is bad. It’s not, it’s far more than megapixels. The camera is just that, it IS a great camera. It has a couple of gimmicky parts but it is a good solid camera. It would be too easy to put a 13 megapixels lens on it and yes, sell more but I believe it to be far better than most. It is a 10 out of 10 device and better than anything out there now or indeed anything that is coming out this year

    • Severo Rivera

      I wouldn’t say 10 out of 10, but it’s a great looking and nice feeling device. By the way there is still a long amount of time left for this year to end so…….Nexus 6 and Moto X 2 anyone?

  • discstu37

    While the camera will take some getting used to, I firmly believe that if I pay attention to settings, it won’t be a big deal. Sure as others point out the Note/S series cameras are the “best” but there are definitely drawbacks to those as well – especially the Note’s “processing” time after the picture is taken. But anyway, the build quality is unrivaled, and coming from a Note, the size is not an issue. Sense, however, does take some getting used to and I already slapped Nova launcher on there to make the UX more similar to other devices I use. If I want Blinkfeed widget, I’ll install Flipboard. The Zoe app seems to hint that it’s going to be like iOS’s photo stream, which I suppose is worthwhile. The 3D effect from the camera is a bit of a fad, but neat nonetheless. Had to get the case though, because simply put the metal back is too slippery for me – top notch build – but I’ve almost dropped this several times in a 48 hour span.

    • RoadsterHD1

      If you drop it will it dent?

    • fakegramita

      just curious, what’s your issue with the camera? is the lense/sensor not great, or do you mean there’s something about the software that takes getting used to if you came from another phone? Megapixel wise I rarely print photos from my phone, and if I do it’s like 4×6 which 4mp is more than enough for. If you want to take any sort of good picture without the flash indoors having a camera that performs well in low light is a must, so to me the camera sounds like a plust from everything I’ve heard. I haven’t used it myself yet though so just curious about your experience.

  • Kregstrong

    I didn’t like the size, way too large compared to my g2, and didn’t like how slick it was either, always felt like I was gonna drop it. Also that power button, can’t handle it on top. Sent it back. Gonna wait and try out the s5, gotta have that swappable battery

    • fakegramita

      I heard you can scroll up from the middle of the screen to wake it up vs pressing the button. Eh forgot about no swappable battery though…

  • BobbyWoo

    HTC needed to replace the Duo Camera setup with a 16MP shooter, remove the HTC logo and decrease the bezel to fit that 5 inch display into a phone the same size or smaller than the original One, and include wireless charging. Otherwise, great phone.

  • ATouchOfShizzle

    Anyone able to get FoxFi’s Wi-Fi hotspot to work on this phone?

    • guest

      good ass question. thanks for asking it

    • cleffy

      Foxfi doesn’t work with Kit Kat.

      • ATouchOfShizzle

        cleffy, Foxfi’s Bluetooth/USB tether do work on Kit Kat. Do you know that for a fact FoxFi’s wi-fi hotspot feature does not work? I’ve heard that some people have gotten it to work on Kit Kat. Also what about a rooted Kit Kat device? I want to know if there is any way possible to get FoxFi’s Wi-Fi hotspot to work.

        • RoadsterHD1

          Pda.Net use the USB cable or Bluetooth.

          • guest

            can you expunge on what you mean please. i use foxfi on my current phone (not running kit kat) and it’s as simple as clicking “activate wifi hotspot” under wifi mode. how do the other 2 methods work?

            thank you

          • ATouchOfShizzle

            PDANet+ has 3 options: USB Tether (ran through a client on CPU), Bluetooth Tether(works with other Bluetooth enabled devices), and Wi-Fi Hotspot. With KitKat, the rumor is that FoxFi’s Wi-Fi Hotspot does not work, and you have to use Bluetooth Tether or USB Tether instead. I am just looking for some kind of answer on this. I really want to get this phone, but if FoxFi’s Wi-Fi Hotspot does not work then I don’t want it as that is what I use for my home internet.

          • ATouchOfShizzle

            One more thing: PDANet+ and FoxFi are the same company (just to put that out there)

          • guest

            gotchu thanks, i actually use foxfi’s wi-fi as my home internet as well and was always reluctant to go to a phone that i wasn’t positive this worked on. sounds like you have the same concerns. hopefully you can get an answer

      • Sean

        FoxFi wifi at the moment doesn’t seem to be working with Kit Kat and you can find this all over the net and a whole bunch of people complaining on FoxFi’s google playstore review section. The big slap came with Verizon’s Kit Kat OTA update and that killed it for many people. Luckily I read the issue prior to updating and have been dodging the update installer on my M7 on daily bases for the last 2 months. It’s frustrating but I’d rather “install later” everyday than lose the wifi functionality of my FoxFi.

  • Defenestratus

    I’m not going to “tolerate” a camera. The Note3’s camera is more than awesome.

    • LionStone

      Yea but the rest of the phone notsomuch. OneUp

      • Cael


        • LionStone

          Yes buddy. OneUp!

  • Chris Clark

    Great phone! HUGE step up from my Galaxy Nexus. I like the size – I wanted a larger phone anyway. The speakers are spectacular! The camera works very well and is extremely fast when taking pictures. GREAT phone.

    • Christopher

      Pretty much this exactly. I even managed to get a Dot Cover from Verizon. Last one in the store. They gave it to me as a part of the discounted accessories package, even though they weren’t supposed to. See if you can get them to agree to that, because it brings the case price down to reasonable. Not the best case ever, but fun features. I’ve never had a flip cover before, so that is taking some getting used to.
      Overall the phone feels lighting fast, and the camera isn’t terrible. Very happy with my purchase.

      • Chris Clark

        Haha, so when I checked out the phone in the Verizon store, they had the case on upside down….I had to tell them. /facepalm …and rather than changing it right then, they said they’d do it later…yeah, right ๐Ÿ˜› I ordered mine online, so I didn’t get to bundle it with the case…would have loved to do that, because that case is HORRIBLY over priced.

        • Christopher

          Wow… How did they manage that? I figured, I need a case anyway, so I might as well give this one a shot. I can always find a slimmer case after it’s been out awhile.

          • Chris Clark

            How is the case? Is it worth the $60 HTC wants for it??

          • Christopher

            Not $60. Verizon was charging $45. Might be worth that. Worth trying if you can find it cheaper.

  • guest

    insert obligatory disparaging htc thunderbolt comment here where I somehow try to correlate it to the m8 and then say “never again htc!”

    please give me lots of +1 +1 love

    • JoshGroff

      Players can’t get +1/+1 counters noob!

      • guest

        why not??? do you have infect??? do you only give poison counters you phyrexian monster!

        • Averix


          • calculatorwatch

            Magic the Gathering… aka nerd jokes lol

          • guest

            yup yup, thanks for thinking nerd jokes are kewl calculatorwatch! I like your username

        • JoshGroff

          Well, that is the only type of counter you can give a player iirc, so yes.

          • guest

            yes you recall correctly, but unfortunately for you I am not a player. so go ahead and deal measly -1/-1 counters while I let my demonic overlords draw 7 fresh

          • JoshGroff

            Too bad Grizzy is banned in EDH, which is the only format that matters. ;D

  • Milische

    Came from Droid DNA. This phone is an upgrade in every possible way. I never have to “shimmy” the device either because of the double tap to wake feature. This phone is the best I have ever had. It just feels and works amazing. I really hope this phone takes off. The camera is GREAT, as long as you don’t zoom in. If you don’t zoom in too far, the photo looks almost DSLR like as far as lighting goes (as long as it isn’t too dark).

  • Opinionated_In_Bangor

    I am really liking the phone so far. Best phone on the market since the OG Incredible. I think too many people are slamming on the camera without even testing it out. It really does take decent pictures. Sense 6.0 is easy and fluid to use. Battery life is much better than my S4. Screen is vibrant. And the Gun Metal!!! Wow!! I wouldn’t hesitate in buying this phone again.

  • Robert Ranney

    I was at verizon waiting while they put it on display tuesday, had the s4 and moto x before the M8, build quality is amazing. the double tap and volume button for the camera are great. Size doesn’t seem outta line, seems close to my galaxy nexus. My usage with the camera has been great, love the u-focus and the effects/filters, quality is good.My one annoyance is in the gallery app there is a movie slideshow as the top picture of each album and when I accidentally click it, it plays some loud music. I haven’t found a way to remove it. overall its great

  • Redline80

    So far I love the phone. I do wish it was slightly smaller. Call quality is excellent. Speakers sound wonderful. Despite reading everything about how bad the camera is I’m pretty impressed with it. I love being able to refocus parts of pictures I already took. I wish the notification led was bigger though for messages.

    • dejackamo

      I do like that it is brighter then the m7 tho

      • LionStone

        They tweaked the color so it’s a bit more contrast, blacker black and richer colors.

  • hldc1

    I’m a fan. I had a Droid DNA, so the size difference is negligible for me. I think the One M8 is only a few millimeters taller while the other dimensions are roughly the same (less than 1 mm difference).

    The screen is amazing. This is true on all HTC devices out these days. I also like that there are theme options. It would be great if you could use user-customizable themes, or at least a way to choose the color accents for the settings. Having to choose between green, orange, and purple is a bit limiting, but I also realize that this (like almost everything else) is a first world problem. Definitely no where close to being a deal breaker.

    The most controversial thing to come up about this phone, surprisingly, is not the camera, although there are plenty that have voiced their displeasure over the camera (thoughts on camera below). The bezels on the screen have riled up quite a few people on the interwebs. I know, because I was one of them. After tinkering with the working demo unit in-store, I found that the bezels really aren’t that bad. I actually like the black bar at the bottom with the HTC logo. It means there’s an area to rest my thumb without having to touch the screen or the bottom speaker (i.e., reduces accumulation of screen gunk in the tiny speaker holes).

    I had the Galaxy Nexus before the Droid DNA and I can say that on-screen keys were one of two features I missed most from the otherwise terrible Galaxy Nexus (I have vowed to never again, unless under extreme duress, to never own another Samsung device). I have always felt that HTC’s Sense was the best overlay, and while I really do like stock Android, I like the practical features that HTC throws in. That being said, I wish the lockscreen had the same flexibility as stock Android. I don’t like that I am forced to have the HTC clock and weather widget on the main lockscreen (i.e., can’t remove it).

    For photo moments that are worth capturing, I typically use a real camera, so the fact that the camera didn’t get a spec bump doesn’t necessarily bother me. The pictures it does take are more than satisfactory for sending to friends via MMS or email, or for posting to social media. The UFocus feature is cool, but I can understand why some people would think it’s a gimmick, but I can say that it produces realistic bokeh pictures that make the artificial bokeh effects from apps like Instagram look like crap. I have yet to dive into Zoes so I can’t really comment on how great/terrible that particular feature is (it wasn’t available on the Droid DNA update). The camera software, overall, is fantastic. Very easy to use.

    I like that I can turn off BlinkFeed (the update to Sense 5 on the Droid DNA also provided this feature). I don’t have anything against BlinkFeed, it’s just not for me. I like using my RSS reader (Inoreader) to get my news, and I don’t need to see status updates from Facebook a gazillion times every single day. In fact, I probably only open up the Facebook app every other day.

    Battery life, although I’ve only had it for about a day, seems to be decent. I’m using it quite a bit because I’m setting up apps, playing with the phone, and discovering new features, so the screen has been on considerably more than it would be on a normal day. That being said, my Droid DNA would go from 100% down to 65% in just over an hour if I used that phone like I did the new One M8 this morning. How did the One M8 fare? A drop from 100% down to 85%. That’s purely from having the screen on and logging in to apps, downloading apps, and reading the news.

    Before I forget, the other feature that I missed from the Galaxy Nexus was the placement of the headphone jack on the bottom of the device. I do not, do not, DO NOT understand why this isn’t a standard feature on every single smartphone manufactured. It makes sense, and if you don’t know why, here’s the reason: when you have your headphones plugged in, you naturally place the phone in your pocket top-first, and this results in the phone being oriented correctly when you take the phone out of your pocket. Simple? Absolutely, and yet I don’t know why other manufacturers don’t do this, and yes, even HTC is guilty of this (the Droid DNA’s headphone jack was on the top of the device).

    Overall, the One M8 flies. It’s a super fast phone, that has amazing build quality. It is definitely the best-built phone out there, perhaps ever, and it looks great. For any out there that are skeptical, walk into a store and try it out before you pass judgment.

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      I think the reason why more vendors don’t put the headphone jack on the bottom is because when the phone is docked, it becomes impossible to use the headphones. Maybe not an issue if you can get docks for this phone with audio out…

    • cizzlen

      I loved reading this. You should write reviews for DL ๐Ÿ˜›

      • hldc1

        I wouldn’t mind…

    • flosserelli

      Holy wall of text, Batman

      • hldc1

        As Tim said at the end of the post: “Shoot down below to the comments section and let the community know your thoughts on the M8.”

        What can I say, I like to write.

        • flosserelli

          I am just messing with you ๐Ÿ˜‰
          I appreciate the input, and I am sure others do too. I plan to get one when T-Mobile offers it.

    • loyalty888

      Great review

    • Lucas Berger

      Great review, thanks for that! Hope it’s coming soon to stores in Switzerland that I can have my hand on one of them (and yes, I know that the release is set to 04/04/14, but here it always takes longer ’til they put a real one in shelves, I think they present dummies (?) until they have enough fully working models in stock).

      I have one small addition to the SwiftKey Keyboard I’m using right now: The #1 request (Emoji) is currently tested in the beta app (google for it, it’s free to join the beta testers and you don’t have to pay a couple dollars for the app) and works good so far, but is a bit laggy. I think it will be released soon.

  • Octotron

    I bought it on launch day. I, again, cannot stress how premium this phone feels in hand. It is absolutely the best phone hardware wise on the market.

    The battery life seems to get a bit better day by day… although it still isn’t quite as good as my Note 3. It does, however, last most if not all day.

    The camera takes very nice photos. I know a lot of you will poo-poo this thought, but it really does. They are not large.. and I don’t have a problem with it. They look vibrant and the unfocus feature really does stand out.

    Sense is swift, responsive, and doesn’t seem to get in the way.

    Blinkfeed is a bit bloated, but turning off all of the social network junk on it smooths it out into a lean, mean news machine.

    I very much like this phone. It makes me feel like when I bought my OG Droid, and that is seriously saying something.

    • Octotron

      The sound on this phone is simply unparallelled. I cannot believe I did not mention that. Really top notch.

      The motion unlocking features and such are welcome and intuitive.

      I really, really, really, recommend this phone.

      • dean gordon

        Hey Oct,I also have the note 3 ,I’m having a hard time adjusting to the smaller screen what do you think

        • Octotron

          It was a bit of a change. I loved the Note 3… still do. I am trying to realign in my head what it is I want from my phone. I have a Note 3 and a Surface Pro 2… so it was kind of redundant. I am doing well with the transition though. I like that I don’t have to stretch my hand so much to use it one handed (I have pretty huge hands)

      • Nigel Holderby

        I’ll be coming from a Note 3 as well, and really have no qualms with the Note at all. We’re switching providers, hence, new phones. I’m wary about the camera scratching issues, and the overall quality of photos, but I think the overall experience will make up for that since I can carry around a small camera if I need to.

    • KingofPing

      “and the unfocus feature”

      heh…trolling his own post. Now that’s pro-active!

      • LionStone

        He meant “u focus”

        • KingofPing

          …aaaand that’s why I thought it was funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Octotron

            Glad you caught that. ๐Ÿ™‚ … but really.. I actually do like it.

          • KingofPing

            I know. ๐Ÿ™‚

            I’m planning on getting one as soon as it’s available in-store at T-mob. Good stuff.

          • LionStone


          • KingofPing


    • Gideon Waxfarb

      Would you still recommend it for someone who prefers plastic? (I like the lightness of plastic vs the heaviness of aluminum). Is it worth $200+ extra to pass on a Nexus 5?

    • Travis Faulkner

      I miss my OG Droid. Ive had a g-nex for more than two years now and sometimes I pick up that OG Droid just to feel the heft of it again. But alas the touchscreen no longer touches and the keyboard no longer clicks.

  • joejack

    In almost all the pictures you see only the back of this phone not the front. I think that its because HTC knows they screwed up with that black bar and the back is the best view, it doesn’t make you question them and why they wasted space with that bar. The on screen buttons are just too far up on the phone now, so close HTC.

    • Octotron

      The bar really isn’t a big deal when you have it in hand. I hardly notice it at all.

      • hldc1


      • JMonkeYJ

        As a former black bar hater, once I saw it in real life I totally agree with you.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      You’re joking right?. . . . . About the pictures? The phone is flipped over because they are touting their camera. PRetty simple

  • ravenofdoom

    I’ve been contemplating getting this phone, but the camera kills it for me. I really wish the LG G3 were out (or at least leaked more definitively) already… if it’s really 5.5″, I’m set on the GS5 (begrudgingly)… if the G3 is more reasonably sized (around 5″), I think I can wait until May when it should come out. The GS5 in my opinion is the early adopter’s more “safe” choice at the moment.

    • Alec

      Have you noticed all the critics are complaining about the camera, but the other users (like on this site) aren’t? I’ve heard it takes decent pictures and the software for the camera is fantastic. Don’t think this is some piece of crap camera because it isn’t. I’d give it a chance if I were you, chances are you aren’t a hardcore photographer posting outside of Instagram anyway.

      • ravenofdoom

        I’m not saying the camera is a piece of crap, but it’s hard to justify a non-upgrade of the primary camera over the course of a year of tech development, and in turn taking out a key component (OIS) to add in a second camera to carry out functions I’ll never use day to day.

        The G2 (comparing the equivalent crop of phones) took the best pics in my opinion… while the color balance may not be as spot-on as the M7/M8, the low-light quality from OIS, contrast, and resolution make it win out over the others (GS4 included).

        • LionStone

          People using the camera have said the lack of OIS is not an issue due to the obscenely fast focus time, due to the 2nd camera. The camera software did get upgraded too.

          • ravenofdoom

            The GS5 gets a ridiculously fast focus time as well without needing a second camera (because of improved hardware on the primary camera unit itself). The logic in taking out OIS and giving it a second camera to enhance focus time yet maintaining the same primary camera hardware is a poor design decision IMHO.

          • ravenofdoom

            I’d actually be interested to know how the camera units in smartphones are sourced – who their manufacturers are (if not made by themselves). I know the iPhone uses (or at least has used) Sony units… but what about the other big players… HTC, Samsung, LG.

          • LionStone

            I’m not sure that’s how it went down. I’m thinking they wanted to add the 2nd camera for instant refocusing and capturing depth details. And there may have been space constraints which is more likely the reason they omitted it. Which is understandable with the duo camera’s daughter board assembly. It was a good decision to remove it if it’s shown that it isn’t necessary.

  • Alex James Simon

    Can someone tell me how the phone is with headphones on, I use a headphone amp, no external DAC, so I need to know how well the DAC is on this, heard the S5 has a 24 bit DAC inside. And is the screen brighter then the 2013 HTC One?

    • Milische

      Not sure about your screen brightness question, but the internal headphone amp is great. Especially while using a 3rd party equalizer. Boomsound sounds great, but when using headphones, the bass isn’t as loud as I’d like it be stock.

    • JMonkeYJ

      I compared side-by-side in the store and the M8 does have a brighter screen than the M7 (at least at max brightness). The screen on the M8 makes the M7 screen look outdated, which is quite a feat considering there’s still not much to this day that approaches the M7.

      I don’t own the M8, so I can’t tell you about headphones, sorry.

      • mikron24

        does the M8 have a dedicated fm radio chip ?

  • William Peterson

    I have to decide which phone to get within the next week. I am torn between this and the Moto X. I’m on Verizon and I’ve read that rooting the Moto X is a pain. I am up for advice on which phone to get. Would love to have others opinions on the HTC One M8 or the Moto X

    • JTversky

      The Moto X is a great phone, but I’d advise getting it this late in its lifecycle. Chances are high that we’ll see a new version of it sometime in the next few months – that being the case, i’d hold off or get the HTC.

      • Scott Tucker

        Agree, the Moto X was a fine first iteration, but there are some significant things I think will be addressed in version 2, like the bulky body and crappy camera. If I were to buy a device today and it had to last 2 years, I’d probably get the HTC. Don’t forget the S5 will be out in 2 weeks…looks to best the M8 in every category except for build quality.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          The camera I agree with, the body I find enjoyable. Too much thinner and you start having issues fitting everything in. The battery is small enough as it is ๐Ÿ™

          • calculatorwatch

            Yeah I just want a good camera and really good battery life. I even want them to keep the 720p screen but I don’t think they will.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            I agree, a higher-quality 720p screen would be just fine for me.
            However, if they can find an equally-efficient, high-quality 1080p screen (finally debuting IGZO maybe?), I would love to see that as well.
            The battery life is bound to increase by moving to a more efficient processor, as all the ones released in the last year with the exception of the Tegra K1 are more efficient than last year’s SoCs.

            Honestly, I’m really excited. Even if it’s just an incremental update, so long as it fixes the little nit-picky issues that this version has, I’ll probably go ahead and buy it. Though I’ll probably opt for a dev edition this time around. That is, *if* Verizon hasn’t killed off my unlimited data before then.

        • cns2007

          Bulky body??? Agree, the camera could use some improvement though.

      • Dapke

        Complete agree with your comment. As a owner of the Moto X, I do love the device, but the older chipset (even while “optimized”) is showing it’s age.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          How so? Still as smooth as day 1 for me. Apps load just as quick as they always have.

          • Dapke

            Its just not as quick as my wife’s Nexus 5. Not sure what else to say – I do a side by side, and it’s slower to load everything. Nowhere did I say “it’s a slow device” or “unusable” – for what it does with an S4, I am very impressed still…I think it’s an excellent device. The Nexus 5 just seems more cutting edge to me, and this 801 would be even faster.

        • mustbepbs

          Bull sh*t. The Moto X is the smoothest Android has ever been in my experience of 2+ years. It hasn’t faltered one bit and doesn’t lag on me at all, no matter the app or game. You can take your Snapdragon 801 snake oil somewhere else, buddy.

          • PoisonApple31

            Must be the tight jeans…

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      If you don’t mind the larger device, go with the M8.

      If you want a smaller device, go with the Moto X.

      Neither one currently has a root for the locked carrier version. If that’s important, the Moto X has a Verizon dev edition, while the M8 does not.

      • mustbepbs

        Verizon Moto X has bootloader unlock now. Just gotta pay for the unlock code.

        • Nicolas Pipitone

          That’s good news. Through Verizon or moto?

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          I’m wary of any unlock that involves giving my IMEI to anyone but Motorola or Verizon. The possibility of losing my device entirely to an IMEI spoof is just too much risk for me.

        • William Peterson

          How/ where do you pay to get the bootloader unlocked. That’s the only thing that’s holding me back from the Moto X

      • Nicolas Pipitone

        I have a Verizon moto x that I got rooted. It doesn’t stick and sometimes I have to reboot to get it to work but it’s enough to run xposed and tether.

      • William Peterson

        Thanks for your feedback. I didn’t think this many people would chime in.

    • Brandon

      I agree with the other guys, skip the current X and wait for the next one if you really want it. I had the S4 for 6 months then went to the X and had it for two months, then just sold it two days ago. It’s a great phone but there’s pretty much no development for it (compared to other phones), so if you want a phone that you can get pure android on and just want to customize it then leave it alone for weeks or months, it’s great, but I got bored with it quickly. The screen is sub-par compared to the S4/N3 (granted the X is 720P and those are 1080P), the battery sucks (I was getting about 8-9 hours with 1.5 hours screen on time using greenify and full brightness), and the camera is abolutely horrible.

      • William Peterson

        Thanks for the feedback. It’s appreciated.I’m leaning more and more to the M8 even though the Moto X was the phone I really wanted. I’m just hoping for Root access for the M8.Thanks for all the good points.

    • ravenofdoom

      You may really want to wait another month and see what the LG G3 looks like. Their radios are better than Samsung (not hard to do), and they utilize full surface space for the screen (on-screen keys, unlike samsung with capacitive buttons, and unlike HTC who has crazy wasted space). They also use OIS in their cameras which means better low-lighting photos than samsung… and they also tend to go with more battery juice.

      Their LG G3 is rumored to be the base for the upcoming Nexus 6… so if you’re “stuck” on verizon, this may be the comparable option.

      • PoisonApple31

        Hopefully this time Verizon will leave the volume rockers alone and drop the branding in the upper right hand corner. Hell if they dropped the branding on the Note 3 button, perhaps they can on the G3!

        • LionStone

          Yea that vz logo smooshed in the corner looks so bad!

    • Panda Polygon

      Man, I’m in the exact same boat. I’m pretty bored with my Note 2, very intrigued by the Moto X and M8. I think the wood-backed X is the sexiest phone alive, but the M8 is in a quick second.

      I want active notifications/all the Moto stuff, yet I know I’d regret getting an X this late in its lifecycle. I’m in love with the G2’s futuristic looking tiny bezel, but the overall design of the phone looks like ass (in the bad way). The M8 is a safe bet, but I wonder if I’d regret it when the G3/X2 come out.

      Guess I’ll hang on to my Note 2 for a little while longer.

      • William Peterson

        Ran out of time. Had to go with the M8 since they have the Verizon Moto X locked down. Wish I could have went with the Dev option but since work buys my phone, I had to choose the newest model. Just hoping they find a way to root it other than weaksauce which is a temp root option. I’d hang on to the Note 3 as well. I am betting the next Moto X is awesome.

        • Panda Polygon

          I got the M8 yesterday as well. Man, this thing is a huge, huge upgrade from the Note 2. I’m amazed how consistent the user experience on Android is now, how smooth and responsive the device is, and how well put together sense UI is. And, dat build quality.

          What do you need root so badly for? I’m really hoping for wireless tether (since I still have Verizon Unlimited 4G), but I’m sure that will come. So far, weaksauce works for me. How’s your experience been?

          • William Peterson

            I get mine tomorrow. I was watching a couple videos today and they were saying the same thing about the user experience. Very smooth. I just like mine rooted for things like Tasker, Wifi Tethering and getting rid of the annoying Verizon implemented bloatware. Weaksauce will work until they get a full blown root that doesn’t revert back to stock after a reboot. Looking forward to hearing the doorbell ring tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback.

          • Panda Polygon

            No problem. Check out this thread, people are making major progress on Tethering already: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2699200

            It’s crazy how much nicer this phone looks in-hand vs online, also. I was quite surprised.

  • James

    Haven’t had an htc phone since the evo 3d so needless to say I’m impressed with the chances they made. Love the call quality it has, but mainly upset that it corrupted the sd card I had in my note 3. Hoping that I can retrieve all of my data before reformatting. Also liking the wake gestures.

  • Kevin N

    Hate the on screen buttons, wasted space. Best build quality i’ve seen in a smartphone.

    • BobbyG

      they should have removed that black HTC bar

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        I think this is the only part that I dislike about the phone. This is what forced the phone to be taller, when it didnt have to be. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic device

        • calculatorwatch

          Well there’s also a lot of stuff behind the black bar that HTC would’ve had to move/remove if they wanted to make it shorter. But if they had to keep it they might as well have left the buttons on there to keep more screen real estate.

          • Rafy286

            Many continue to make this assumption, but I just looked at ifixit’s teardown and there isn’t anything under that HTC Logo. I mean I’m no designer but take a quick look yourself. http://goo.gl/LNexSs

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            If you look closely, the lower speaker assembly is roughly the size of the black bar. *That* is what makes the device extra long. The black bar would simply be the bottom bezel on any other device, and it would even be a relatively small one at that.

          • LionStone

            Thank you! Yes… They never said anything pertaining to that, I just watched it again.

          • calculatorwatch

            I was referring more to the parts of the battery and motherboard that are behind the black bar. In order to make the phone shorter HTC would need to make those smaller somehow.

          • Octotron

            Or fatten the battery…

          • LionStone

            Right, but because they already have the length due to the addition of the daughterboard (duo camera assembly) + motherboard the length has been defined, so they can’t make a fatter battery anyway.

          • Octotron

            What do you mean there is nothing under the logo? It is a blank space/void filled with air? I have a feeling like the engineers who get paid handsomely weren’t very concerned with making an empty black bar for branding just because they wanted to.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        To have BoomSound you must have the black bar.

        • Blazerjim

          iFixit tore down the phone and found the black bar to have no bearing on boomsound. It appears to be there for marketing only. The only physical necessity for the space was the length of the circuit board, which could have been easily modified.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Adding BoomSound cost them a ton of internal volume between the extra speaker and the acoustic chambers. I guarantee that space is as small as absolutely possible. Their engineers are talented, but have yet to find a way to defy the laws of physics.

            For reference, the lower speaker assembly is roughly the same size as the black bar vertically, and takes up the lion’s share of the bottom section of the device. It’s not too much to assume that they loose the rest of that equivalent volume with the upper speaker assembly (which is fused into the display assembly).

          • Rafy286

            I’m glad someone looked also. I just did a little digging myself and there isn’t anything there and if iFixit says there is no bearing on boomsound thats that. http://goo.gl/LNexSs

          • asianrage

            Just curious, are you in the industry? I would love for some one to take a look at the board and confirm that it wouldn’t take a bunch of money to reconfigure the pathways.

          • Octotron

            So you would just fatten the battery and reconfigure the board? No thanks.

      • asianrage

        I wouldn’t mind if they had just remove the HTC logo and have three capacitive buttons like they did on the OneX. 5in of just screen real estate is pretty awesome. It’s pretty much the reason why I got the S4.

      • Octotron

        The bar isn’t an issue or distraction in person. Seriously. I don’t even notice it.

        • Drome

          the bar actually looks nice. it is just the added height of the phone that is the issue. if they bar wasnt there and the phone was shorter by that amount or near that amount, this would be the perfect size.

    • Brandon

      Expanded desktop and PIE controls, Problem solved! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Bingo

    I got the phone yesterday. I had the Droid DNA before this phone. Granted I have only owned the phone for 24 hours but so far I love it.

    I agree that the “tallness” of the device while in my pocket is a bit annoying, but something I can live with.

    Something that I found really cool was the HTC TV App on the phone. Basically I was able to program the phone to be a universal remote for my tv, cable box, and surround sound amp. The IR blaster that makes this possible works much better than my existing remotes do.

    • Detonation

      Taller than the DNA? Yikes. Pressing the power button on the DNA was already hard enough with how tall that phone was

      • mustbepbs

        I went from the DNA to the Moto X and boy, I could never go back to a tall phone like the DNA. It was too hard to manage stuff like tying shoes or even bending over without worrying that your phone would snap in two in your pocket.

        • Kyle Miller

          Your pants are too tight then. Wear regular fitting pants.

          • mustbepbs

            I wear normal fitting jeans.

            Thanks Mom.

          • mustbepbs

            Oh and fuรงk you. And fuรงk this site for not letting me swear.

          • JoshGroff

            Back pockets are fairly tight even with regular fitting pants.

          • hldc1

            It’s only okay to put your phone in your back pocket if you’re a woman. Truth.

          • JoshGroff

            I don’t put anything in my back pocket, especially not my phone. It’s just way too uncomfortable to sit down, not to mention the fear of shattering my beloved phone’s screen.

          • Gideon Waxfarb

            You mean clown pants, don’t you? ๐Ÿ˜›

          • jtc276

            I wear very slim fitting jeans and have no problem toting around my M7 in what I would would consider to be a pretty big case (Urban Armour Gear). I don’t think that slim jeans make it hard to carry a phone around. I think it’s small pockets. Sometimes they don’t go hand in hand.

          • Noel

            Why should his phone dictate his wardrobe??? The phone is too tall for the amount of usable screen it offers…it is almost as tall as the Note 3. But for the height, the phone is a beauty..wish it was <140mm tall.

        • C-Law

          Gotta love the size of the moto x

          • JoshGroff

            Definitely, and I switched to it from the Note 2. Do miss the big screen, but I don’t miss having to maneuver it around in my hand to reach things.

        • Curtis

          This sentiment applies, except mine did actually snap (shatter) in half! I now run up and down the stairs at work with my Moto X with no trouble.

        • Jon DeMarie

          Well i went from an s4 to note 2 to a maxx to a moto x to an lg g2 and now the m8 lol! and its by far my favorite. The size isn’t an issues for me because the phone is thin and skinny (to me at least) the double tap on the screen to turn it on and off also is nice. The HTC skin is nice and i don’t feel like i’m using some manufacturers bloated crap like i did with samsung. i really have no desire to root it atm. With samsung i couldn’t stand all the nature sounds etc. the build quality does it for me and the camera isnt a big deal i have no desire for a 16meg pix camera… im not making posters. But i will say the low light on the g2 camera is better

        • 4g63mark

          Yeah I can’t imagine going to a phone that requires 2 hands to operate. Especially since I too have the Moto X. All this talk about their camera being so terrible makes me want to see it in person. I’ll stop off at Verizon tomorrow and check it out. But I did have the M7 for a full week before I couldn’t stand it any more and returned it. I would just buy it and use it for a week like I did the M7, but it’s EXTREMELY doubtful I could hang onto it for even that long. Especially when I’m on a Developer Edition Moto X. I’ll save that for better phones like the S5 or the upcoming LG G3.

      • tylerc23

        But you don’t need to even touch the lock button anymore because of the Gesture motions. Just swipe up to unlock or double tap to see if you got anything. That’s way easier

        • fakegramita

          What About Turning It Off. Do You Just Wait For It To Turn Off By Itself? Not Great For Battery.

      • Christopher Davis

        I have a DNA and the M8 felt similar. But if you have big hands like myself, I don’t mind the size. But that’s just my opinion.

      • JoshHenry

        I hate the power button on top. I dont understand why oem’s dont move power buttons to the side on large phones like on the sony xperia z’s. They have a perfect, natural power button location. HTC did it with the One Max. Should have passed that down to the M8.

    • HTC TV Remote app is badass, completely agree. And how it recommends shows through BlinkFeed is the tits.

      • michael arazan

        Blinkfeed is open now to all delevopers

    • Brandon

      Ah they followed Samsung and included and IR Blaster? I loved that feature on my S4 and kind of missed it when I went to the Moto X but I got it back when I went to the Note 3. I highly recommend checking out Touchsquid remote (if they support it yet), it’s a little expensive but it’s a multi-function customizable remote app, the cheaper one allows like 4 different remotes, the more expensive version allows like 15!

      • htcone23

        The first htc one had the IR blaster

      • asianrage

        FYI, the M7 did have an IR blaster as well.

        I use SmartRemote and there’s lots of option as well.

    • Chris Clark

      I love the HTC TV App, although my only complaint is I can’t add Netflix to the streaming part…it shows Hulu, CBS and Crackle. Other than that, I’ve set the remote up to work in both my living room and bedroom…It’s a very cool app!

    • Curtis

      I had a DNA until it snapped in half in my pocket while running up some stairs at work. It is a really big phone, but I loved it.

      • anthony

        do you have quads of steel?!?! that’s impressive!

  • Karns

    Ordered the Dev version day 1. Still waiting for it to be shipped….