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HTC One (M8) Developer and Unlocked Editions Available for $649, Ship in 1-2 Weeks

During its official unveiling of the HTC One (M8) yesterday, HTC made tinkerers and carrier jumpers happy by announcing that unlocked and developer editions of the device would be available as well. The unlocked version is open to switching between carriers, likely T-Mobile and AT&T in the States. The developer edition carries essentially the same unlocked phone freedom, but also comes with an unlockable bootloader. 

To tell you the truth, I’m actually not sure why we have both models, because last year, the unlocked edition had an unlockable bootloader as well. The difference was in the storage – one had 64GB of storage, the other only 32GB – but HTC’s spec listing says 32GB of storage for both. Odd.

In terms of price, you are looking at $649 for either unit. The unlocked version comes in gunmetal gray, glacial silver, and amber gold. The developer edition only comes in gunmetal gray and amber gold.

The devices all run HTC Sense 6, carry the same specs as the carrier-branded units, and will give you the same experience but with a feeling of freedom.

According to HTC’s site, unlocked and developer editions ship within 1-2 weeks.

Via:  HTC
  • alan odoherty

    Just bought the M8. Overall its a very slick phone and I’m happy with it. However there is one problem (a major problem for me), the sound and video are severely out of sync when using Netflix, and to a lesser extent skygo and other video streams. Is this a common problem or is it possibly just a faulty phone? The problem is consistent when using 4G or home WiFi (that supports Netflix etc on all other devices that we have).

  • anon

    I just wanted to join the conversation to point out that all of you who think you are now “new men” due to the move from verizon to att… are a bunch of losers. How does switching carriers make you a new man? You’re embarrassing to your heritage, and your species. Sheep.

  • Need to know asap

    Thanks 🙂

  • BearerofBadNews

    Developer and unlocked now $699 from HTC 🙁

  • Edwin

    Could anyone please kindly explain to me what’s the difference between developer edition and an unlocked edition. I will want the phone to able to use internationally with other countries SIM card.

  • andres barroeta

    i order thought htc.com now it said shipping today mar 27 with delivery for tomorrow 28 i hope is true :0

  • man made

    Is there any assurance / confirmation that the unlocked version works with T mobile?

  • Grokrf

    I contacted HTC support, the unlocked and developer version are the same hardware. The difference is that the developer version has the boot loader already unlocked while the unlocked version is just a sim unlocked version, the boot loader is locked but can be unlocked via HTC Dev.

    • James

      wounder if the unlock version will support T mobile

    • devman

      Any thing about the warranty? Usually to do boot loader unlock on the Unlocked version you have to waive your warranty, whereas on the Developer version your warranty is intact.

  • Anthony Santistevan

    soooo what is the difference between the unlocked version and developer version?

    • Anthony Santistevan

      and will the unlocked version work on T-Mobiles 4G LTE coverage??

  • JMonkeYJ

    No silver for developer version….whyyyyyy????

  • pearl62

    I have read that the Dev edition is actually the AT&T frequencies only, while GPe will support AWS bands as well for those on T-mobile.

    Can anyone else confirm? It was a bit hard to find this out for sure…

    • james

      Do you know if the unlocked version supports T-Mobile?

      • pearl62

        As I stated above, the information i have found is that the Dev edition ships as an AT&T model, so only basic support for T-Mobile. The Google Plus edition appears to have the AWS band support (band 4) needed for T-Mobile.

        I think Anandtech has confirmed this in their latest review.

        I suppose the extra $50 cost of the GPe version is for the extra radio frequencies.

  • roberthenderson

    2gb internal memory & those stupid inefficient mismatched onscreen buttons that should have been disappearing capacitive buttons on the expansive empty space known as the big black logo bar? No thanks. Hopefully they’ll do better with the Max.

  • So what’s the point of the GPE since it’s $50 more?

  • mtaylor924

    So who’s gonna buy the GPE at 699 when you can buy the dev edition for 649 and flash GPE, stock, or any custom ROM?

    • B Brad

      I’ve seen numerous discussion of problems related to flashing GPE images on non-GPE devices. Not sure why it doesn’t just work. Seems to often expose random bugs.

  • Guest

    On another note, anyone else having issues with Play Store this morning? i can’t update or download anything on Wifi or LTE.

    • Will Frame

      Off topic much?

  • Will Frame

    Too bad they’re still using LetsTalk, which is a big bag of fail. They screwed up my M7 order last year and I have no doubt there will be delays and cancelations for anyone ordering these phones from them this year.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    That Gold isn’t bad. I know “Gold” phones have weird “they’re copying apple” stigma now (nonsense) but putting that aside they did a good job with that color.

    • Will Frame

      I’d like it much more if it looked like a band-aid.

  • David Thomas

    enough with the HTC One (M8) coverage already. yawn… is there anything else happening in the droid world today? please?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      No! MORE M8! News! . . . . There isn’t anything else coming…. LG at some point in May I heard. Then I/O then Moto in the Summer. You’ll be getting a lot of S5/M8 news in the mean time.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Yes!….. But wait….I too am not sure why they have both models. All I know is that I can get the Silver Version (THE BEST COLOR) Unlocked. I’m usually on a 6month cycle with devices, but I think this will last me until next year especially with the huge bump in battery life. …….(and I have my Nexus 5 of course….as backup)

  • Droid Ronin

    Also, no carrier bloat with the developer editions.

    • Kevin

      What’s better Dev or GPE?

      • Josh Rahn

        Both have unlocked bootloader… Do you want stock android or sense 6? dev doesn’t have silver color.

      • Pedro

        Buy a Dev. Put the GPE image on it, if you want. Send me the difference 🙂

      • Droid Ronin

        Dev would seem more sensible to me. GPE is outrageously expensive for stock Android.

  • rawson815

    We need a clarification on the GPE and dev being Verizon friendly is there any way droid life can do some digging please kellex!!!! By the way thanks for the great coverage as always !!!!

    • Sean

      Interested if these versions will offer a Verizon/CDMA varient. Can anyone confirm?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      GPE is not compatible with Verizon. They are all unlocked GSM devices. As for the DEV editions/Unlocked from HTC the same applies. They need CDMA radios and specific assistance from Verizon to get that done. They are not compatible with Verizon. Sorry to say, it will always be like that until Verizon goes VOLTE. Until then, unless you have unlimted data…get as far from Verizon as you can.

      • Greg Morgan

        Even then, I’m not so sure that will work. Look at the Nexus 7, Google put just LTE in there and Verizon refused to activate them and Google stopped selling. Obviously i hope that’s not the case.

        • NexusMan

          Actually, if you already had a sim, the LTE Nexus 7 ALWAYS worked with Verizon. And since, Verizon is now selling the Nexus 7, willfully giving out new sims, and even offering discount pricing options on it.

          • Greg Morgan

            Very true, but Verizon had to put the nexus through its “Certification” process before it would even acknowledge it.

          • rawson815

            That’s why us Verizon user are curious about these phones

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Tablets are easy. Thing about the Nexus 7 it only will work on Verizon LTE…if you’re out of LTE range you get nothing. With phones you specifically need CDMA and you specifically need Verizon certification. And even at that point you’ll need to wait on Verizon for updates so you might as well go full price from Verizon and get it cheaper $600

          • rawson815

            I agree with you but like I said hopeful until I get the word cause I prefer Google experience over anything really and it does have every bit of hardware I’m on the worst carrier for my taste …. FML lol

          • rawson815

            True story from experience ^

      • rawson815

        If I’m looking at it right they have every radio frequency need to run on vzw .. Could be wrong and vzw LTE is gsm and I do know that Verizon has a say of what activates on its CDMA network and I agree with you so there are multiple ways to look at it I just wish they would give us an office work … In other words I’m still keeping hope I know probably I’ll hope but hope

        • k

          The LTE frequencies may be there but you still need the CDMA radios activated by Verizon in order to call and text.

          • rawson815

            It has a CDMA 3g radio with the correct bands if I’m looking at it right I know it means nothing if vzw doesn’t allow it so hopeful still however little hope there may be

  • Wilsonian

    Do both of these get updates directly from HTC and not the carrier?

    • Greg Morgan


    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Yes. So if you’re paying full price, go unlocked/dev

      • Wilsonian

        That’s what I thought. I actually ordered a GPE already, but thinking about canceling and going with the Sensed version. Not sure yet.

        • Greg Morgan

          I’m going dev edition because i like going back and forth between Stock and Sense. Best of both worlds!

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Good Point.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Yea, I’m a big sense fan especially Updated Sense. And if you really want a stock experience after that you can root I suppose.

  • Greg Morgan

    That price is pretty steep, but i guess it should be expected. I’ll be waiting for prices on swappa to fall a bit before purchasing.

  • Bigsike

    And which one is for Verizon? good God they have my head in a vice.

    • Wilsonian

      I left Verizon for AT&T about a month and a half ago. Saving myself $65/month and having phone freedom! It’s a beautiful thing all around. If you have decent service with AT&T break yourself from the chains of Verizon!

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        I’d love to…if they ever offered unlimited data again. When you are chewing through 50-60GB /month, a paltry 3GB (plan that I would save money moving to) is excruciating.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          In Gods name I have no idea what you’re doing to get through 50-60GB lol. You must have ZERO wifi, including in your house.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            1080p Netflix and 720p direct stream TV Shows from my home server for 4-5 hours /day with no usable wifi connection. Note that only happens a couple of times a year, it usually hover 30-45GB on average.

            I’m working on getting Plex Sync running so that I can reduce that by ~1/3 (according to my on-device estimates), but until Netflix introduces an “offline” mode, I’m pretty much screwed :-(.

            That said, once they do, I will probably move away from Verizon ASAP.

            At home I usually go through ~200-250 GB /month. Yep, I’m a data hog. Oink Oink. 😀

      • Bigsike

        Oh trust me it’s more than on my mind, my issue is that I’m on a business account still with unlimited and only paying 48 so I’m in a huge pickle.

        • Wilsonian

          I pay $122/month for two phones with 10gb of data. Pretty good wifi at home, so no issues hitting our limits. I was paying $185+ on verizon for two phones with unlimited data and hotspot. Wasn’t worth it at all. And now I can use Nexus devices, GPE devices, unlocked devices…I’m like a new man.

      • rawson815

        Unlimited and hooked use over 200 GB cause no internet at the house so some of us are stuck man or we would jump

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Verizon has a special place for people like you LOL. They must have your name written down at the top of alist somewhere. I say USE MORE!

          • rawson815

            = ) everyday I’m netflixing just for the people that can’t !!! Lol or how ever you want to spell that made up word …

          • Wilsonian

            That is a buttload of data!!! My wife and I didn’t even hit 7gb last month on a 10gb plan. Wifi at home is relatively strong. Saving the coin and paying only $61 per line (with county employee discount) has been killer. I feel like a new man without Verizon – after roughly 15 years locked into their chains.

        • ImmaDroid

          Holy crap thats an insane amount!!..
          Because I have unlimited, I’ll try to use up alot of data to see what I can hit and i barley push 10-12gbs a month. Granted, all my movie files I download i use my wifi, because verizon has a more strict watch out on torrent downloads. An things like Netfix i use over my Wifi as well. But Geez, no wonder why VZW did away with Unlimited data! They want to get rid of you lol

    • ravenofdoom

      none most likely… My assumption is that the pure sense-ified locked phone is the only verizon-compliant device. HTC does a horrendous job on their actual purchase page of saying what the unlocked or developer editions entail… not so much as mentioning what US carriers they would work with (e.g. the bands/frequencies).

    • Bigsike

      Just spoke to a Verizon rep via Twitter, there will be no HTC M8 with an unlockable bootloader option.