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Tuesday Poll: Are You Buying the HTC One (M8)?

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Well, what do you think? Now that HTC has proven that there was no mystery at all behind the HTC One (M8), you can fully decide if you are buying the phone. The decision is more interesting this time around, because it goes on sale today online at all major U.S. carriers, but can also be purchased in-store at Verizon shops. Yes, you can buy this phone today even though it was only announced moments ago.

The price depends on the carrier, with many pushing monthly payment plans. $199 with 2-year contract is the typical price, which includes 32GB of storage.

You buying?

Are You Buying the HTC One (M8)?

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  • Octotron

    Bought it. this is more than possibly the nicest looking / feeling phone I have ever held. Leaps and bounds beyond Samsung… even better than Apple.

    The only tangible comparison I can give is.. this feels like what the build quality felt like when I first got the OG Droid. There is nothing close.

  • Gus Serrano

    No, but only because I’m already in a committed relationship. The original caught my eye, and my wallet–I had to have it. Next year though… Mmmmmm. Can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store!

  • schlanz

    the phone is soooo slippery… please use a case if you buy one

  • Eric Kirkpatrick

    Waiting for Note 4

  • Nick V

    Not that I wouldn’t want this beauty of a phone, but I am a Nexus guy through and through. If I weren’t, this would definitely be my phone.

    • Suman Gandham

      GPE pretty much = Nexus…

      • Nick V

        True, but for $200-$300 less, I can get a Nexus with the same functionality. The problem I have with GPe Devices, is that all the sensors and features they use within their interfaces are no longer operable without adding back in new software to be able to use them. Which is the reason I went with Nexus to begin with. Less Bloat, better updates, and a great set of features.

  • nosedive94

    Since I can’t get the Nexus 5 on Verizon, I plan to get the S5. I love what they’ve done with the M8, but the IP67 resistance on the Galaxy is a huge draw for me.

    • onlygoodtime88

      who cares

  • jimbob

    What, no heart rate monitor???? I’m out.

  • John Watson

    Keeping my contract-free N5, thank you very much.

    • 147Keys

      Ahem, my Sense-less N5.

  • DJ SPY

    If the off contract price were at the most $500 I’d be reading a order confirmation email right now.

  • James_C_L

    So disappointed with both the camera & battery. The g2 pro, one+ and others are really looking good.

  • B Brad

    Crappy camera, 0.26 inches taller than a s5, 0.1″ smaller screen, giant HTC logo, smallish battery (for a 5″ screen), can’t remove battery, no wireless charging. Not to mention $700 for the GPE.

    HTC phones shouldn’t be disposable. Micro-usb can be a serious limitation if you charge 1-2 times a day for 2 years.

  • Me

    Mehhhhh on the M8 for me. I got a feeling the G3 is going to let me down as well. Guess I’ll be keeping my N4 until the X2 or if the 1+1 impresses me.

  • fartbubbler

    that back camera nixed it for me. Front facing with more mp than the back? pass.

  • Cliff Lee

    I was so anxious for this phone… I felt like the first generation was the best phone ever built from the smooth and hiccup free UI to the build quality. I however wanted side buttons and a much less slippery textured phone. So when all the leaks came out I realized my original Htc One was not worth giving up to pay out that kind of money for a minor upgrade. I have been android sense day one, starting with the Motorola droid and have never looked back at the iPhone. However, hearing what I’m hearing from all the leaks about the larger screen and specs I may be switching for the first time in my life. These high end android phones are starting to let me down in so many ways. Not sure if I can stay. I really wanted the new htc to be the true “One” … kind of disappointed in Samsung and HTC this go around!

  • jaydub110

    Getting the z2 when it comes out. I hate when they put the headphone jack on the bottom like crapple that alone made me not want it.

  • Trysta

    It is absolutely a beautiful phone and I actually love the fact that it has on screen buttons (screen real-estate isn’t everything). But It is too big for me. I have zero use for boomsound front facing speakers so for me the fact that it is ridiculously tall isn’t balanced by any positives (for me). I’m hoping that this year is the year OEMs get serious about making full featured (and fully supported) mini versions of their flagship phones. I’m using a Nexus 5 right now and I absolutely can’t go bigger unless I just give up and go phablet. I know one-handed use isn’t a must for everyone but I live in a city and walk or use public transport every day so I need a phone I can use one-handed and hopefully two years from now I will be able to find something running android OS that fits that requirement. Otherwise I’m going to have to start considering my options 🙁

    But regardless good job HTC. I’m sure plenty of people are going to enjoy this phone.

  • Carlos Ayala

    that camera though..

  • Daniel

    If the Google Play Edition worked on Verizon I would…though REALLY I’m waiting for a new HTC One Mini with microSD slot

  • OF

    So far this year’s flagships have disappointed me. Z2, S5 and One. I’ll now have to wait and see what LG has in store for me. My S3 needs to be replaced!

    • flosserelli

      I don’t know what kind of miracles you were expecting, but any (and all) of those devices will blow your S3 away.

      • OF

        Obviously. That wasn’t the point.

  • Joel

    I purchased the Moto X at a Verizon Wireless store on Friday. I prefer the Moto X. Great phone. Great design and closest phone to a Nexus on Verizon. I switched from a Droid DNA.

  • Alan

    That bottom bezel. Why?

  • hyperbeatser

    I’d very seriously consider it (even leaving my Moto X), but only if it had looked like this.

    • chris125

      I’d consider it more if they bumped the camera up.

    • B Brad

      Hrm. So a smaller (0.1 inch) screen than the S5 while being 0.26″ taller. Wonder why it’s so tall… oh right the HTC bezel.

      • morck

        Or maybe it’s the BoomSound speakers?

        • B Brad

          Then there’d be a large blank rectangle at the top where the other speaker is.

          I think it’s just the logo. So you get a nice AL + glass design with an M8. But the alternative is a better screen, smaller body, larger battery, replaceable battery, and wireless charging.

          Who wants a bricked phone when the battery dies?

    • Jordan

      You forgot to erase the useless camera sensor on top. But the front, I totally agree with.

      • hyperbeatser

        I agree, and believe the camera is a huge gimmick, but I could live with it – the black HTC logo bar, nope.

  • Jprime

    I said this in another thread, but this phone looks like RoboCop

  • Inspector Butters

    That bottom bezel with the added HTC bar really ruins this phone

  • Zabih Jan

    my G2 still rocks
    if i was to change it i will change it to Z2