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Valve Ports Popular PC Game Portal to NVIDIA SHIELD, Looks to be an Exclusive

PC gamers out there have likely encountered Portal at some point, given its popularity and intriguing storyline. The game’s following has been bottle-capped, however, by the fact that it’s not available as a mobile title. Today, NVIDIA has announced that that is going to change, as they have teamed up with Valve to bring the unique game over to Android, seemingly exclusively on their SHIELD mobile console.

The game is currently in “coming soon” status, and there’s no word on whether the sequel Portal 2 will also be making the leap to Android. Either way, this can only be considered a win for NVIDIA, who recently updated SHIELD with more new features.

You three folks with the SHIELD, excited to be wandering through the Aperture Science Labs with GLaDOS on Android?

  • Stinker

    What? “Exclusive” 8 year old game on PC, Xbox, Playstation, Mac and this? Who knows what else. Huge score.

  • Chippah

    Tegra has been a huge disappointment…

  • John Davids

    The announcement today that they are opening up streaming your games library to your shield anywhere you can get an internet connection is monumental and quite frankly it’s exclusion from launch was the reason the SHIELD wasn’t the “it” tech of 2013. I will now assuredly be purchasing SHIELD 2 (or whatever they call the next rev with Tegra K1.)

    Because lets face it, what the hell is more cool than whipping out your shield at a friend’s house and wirelessly beaming your copy of Titanfall to their TV, and then attaching an additional controller to your shield via Bluetooth so they can play too. Sick.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Two things missing from this article.
    #1 Shield will be discounted to $199.99 during the month of April.
    #2 Streaming PC games over the internet is coming very, very soon. Meaning you no longer will have to be in your home on the same network. Also included will be the ability to remotely wake your PC from sleep using the shield.
    I may get one so I can play my PC games while I’m out of town at my GF’s house every week.

  • Chris Pinola

    nVidia announced today that the new 4.4.2-based firmware will allow for streaming over the Internet. it’ll be available on April 2nd.

  • Alex Boro

    I played this like 6 years a go. How about a mobile optimized portal game that we haven’t played yet?

    • Misha Bear Lipkin

      Because they can. I actually have been waiting for half life 2 for a mobile device. I would be playing that game ALL over again just to get google play achievements.

  • BRWill


  • wtfsss

    Would this be only compatible with the SHIELD for technical reasons or could anyone sideload it?

  • Capt. Crunch

    If the point of the nVIDIA Shield is to play PC games remotely then why even port this game to the Shield? Most PC gamers already have Portal and if not you can pick it up during any Steam sale for about $2.50


      Remotely isn’t really the right word. You can stream over a local network while remotely usually means over WAN.

      • Adam Martinez

        And the update today added remote streaming. I haven’t been able to test it yet though, as before now there wasn’t much point in taking my Shield out of my house. (Edit: And it isn’t out yet.)

    • Misha Bear Lipkin

      I could of sworn that Portal 1 was free for sometime of not now.