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NVIDIA Announces Major Update for SHIELD – Includes Android 4.4.2, Revamped TegraZone, and Remote GameStream

Big news out of the NVIDIA camp today, as the company announced a major update for the SHIELD portable gaming console. To freshen your memory, when SHIELD was first launched, NVIDIA was quite open about keeping the device updated with the newest versions of Android.

Well, not only does this new update for SHIELD bring Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat, but NVIDIA isn’t stopping there. 

On top of the newly updated mobile OS, NVIDIA is pouring on GameStream enhancements – including Remote GameStream (streaming PC games from outside of your home), remote login support, and Bluetooth keyboard/mouse support – as well as a completely overhauled UI for TegraZone, which includes new features such as an integrated news feed for all of the latest and greatest concerning Tegra gaming.

Users will also be able to take advantage of enhancements made to the Gamepad Mapper, with a polished up interface and easier access to download Mapper profiles.

To top off this great news for current SHIELD owners, portable gaming console hopefuls will have a chance to buy the SHIELD for a lowered price of just $199 starting today, running through the end of April.

Ready for a full look at what’s new with SHIELD? Take a look down below.

What’s New

GameStream Enhancements

  • Remote GameStream (BETA) – stream your PC games to SHIELD from outside your home
  • Wake on LAN support: remotely wake up your PC from sleep mode
  • Remote Login support: login to a locked PC remotely from SHIELD
  • Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse support – play your favorite keyboard and mouse PC games on the big screen in Console Mode
  • Notebook support (BETA) – stream your PC games to SHIELD, using a compatible GeForce GTX-based notebook PC

Additional features

  • Manually add unofficially supported games to your GameStream list from GeForce Experience.
  • Pin-based PC to SHIELD pairing with ability to pair multiple PCs to your SHIELD
  • USB Y-cable support – charge your SHIELD when using Ethernet in Console Mode with a micro USB Host OTG Y Cable
  • Advanced Settings – manually set bitrate, FPS, and optimal settings preferences

New TegraZone

  • New user interface to better organize and discover games
  • Over 140 games now in TegraZone
  • Integrated news feed for the latest SHIELD and TegraZone articles

Gamepad Mapper Enhancements

  • New, polished up user interface with easier access to download and share Mapper profiles
  • Ability to access Mapper by long holding either NVIDIA button (Power Menu) or Start

Android 4.4.2

  • Upgrade to the latest KitKat OS
  • Christopher Moore

    $200 is a lot more tempting but I don’t really need or want it. Wish it was comfortable to use in portrait mode.

  • synplex

    WILDSTAR On the Go!!!

  • Jared Denman

    Yawn. You know there isn’t much android news when they throw up a shield article!

  • kyle

    I dont want to play games on a tiny screen! When the hell am I going to be able to stream my Steam games to my HTPC box in the living room? I already have the hardware and wires to make it happen.. no need to buy the shield.. give me what i want nvidia! I’ll pay you monthly for this capability.

  • Adam Martinez

    >USB Y-cable support – charge your SHIELD when using Ethernet in Console Mode with a micro USB Host OTG Y Cable
    I’m sure most of the focus will be on Remote GameStream, but this makes me really happy. Streaming 1080p video over my WiFi would sometimes get a little choppy, I have an OTG cable but that meant no charging. Love it!


    The Tegra Note 7 has been on Kit Kat though. Strange for NVIDIA to just be updating the shield.

    • Jason Bittner

      The Tegra Note 7 does not have all the extra streaming and gaming features of the Shield.

  • Blue Sun

    I didn’t expect the Shield to get Kit Kat before some smartphones out there.

  • Travis H

    looking very enticing but looking forward to the next hardware revision… to buy.

    • Charlie R.

      I still think we’ve got quite a few months or more before a Shield sequel, if we get one at all. Now is a better time than any to jump in. It’s a fantastic device. I love mine.

      • Travis H

        It would be in their best interest and would be a perfect ground for demonstration of their new hardware even if it were in the same package however with a better screen.

  • Travis H

    first! yup just did that…