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Google Play Edition of HTC One (M8) Available for Pre-order Today

HTC not only announced the new HTC One (M8) today, but they also confirmed our previous report that a Google Play Edition will be available as well. According to HTC’s press release for the new 2014 flagship, the Google Play Edition will be available for pre-order today and then available in the “coming weeks” on Google Play.

For those new to Google Play Editions, just understand that it’s the same hardware as the regular One (M8), except it’ll run stock Android 4.4.2. So all of HTC’s custom Sense software is removed in favor of a pure Android experience. I’ll let you decide if that’s a good thing or not.

Google will sell the device for $699 (ouch).

  • mcdonsco

    Will be nice to have gpe on this thing; but not sure if that Rom of gpe for a Verizon m8 would get updates or not?

    Originally I dismissed the HTC for sense (pun attempted?), and went with the GS5 instead…two weeks later here I am with the M8…and now; only now; I’m reminded of what build quality really means.

    No contest…the M8 for build quality alone (in most every respect, most importantly the symphony between the interaction with the device and the the feel in hand).

    …for instance, the haptic feedback on the keyboard, holy crap is it nicer than just about any other phone out there?!?!!? That’s one of the things that kept me with Moto for so long, seriously.

    Honestly, the M8 and the GS5 should be in different categories like mainstream and reference series…its that much better.

    Sorry HTC for still being pissed about a few past phones…sorry.

  • rawheat200

    For some reason, this version just looks so much sexier with good ol vanilla android!

  • Kijus

    I really want this on Brazil.

  • OnBigRed

    Would it be safe to assume that the eventual ROMs from this will be installable on the Dev Edition phones? If I’m right, would this allow for what amounts to a GPE phone on Verizon? Just without the ability to do OTA updates?

  • Rodeojones000

    I assume a GPE version won’t be Verizon compatible.

  • rawson815

    This should work on Verizon …. If they don’t do the whole cdma shut you down thing has band 13 and from what I understand has the same hardware as all the other m8s ? Just wouldn’t risk the 700$ just to find out but when I find out that it works I will buy the GPE …..if ******

  • Daniel

    But why don’t they ever let the Google Play Editions work on Verizon!??!

    • WickedToby741

      Exhibit A: Nexus 7 2013 LTE

      Google makes it Verizon compatible, Verizon refuses to activate them until 6 months later after its completed some arbitrary and unnecessary “certification”. Customers were upset and mostly blamed Google (which Verizon added fuel to the fire).

      See why Google would be reluctant to do another Verizon compatible device?

  • MikeSaver

    699? THATS IT?

    how does the ultrapixel thing work without sense? Is that not a thing?

  • $699? $50 over the off-contract HTC One 2014? No thanks. I’d instead get the retail version and put up the GPE ROM on it.

  • Orion

    $699? Holy crap!!


    Will this one work on Verizon?

    • T4rd

      I highly doubt it. It’s an unlocked phone not being sold in Verizon stores. Verizon has never allowed that.

      • J PARKER

        What I thought but my developer edition maxx does so hoping this will too.

        • T4rd

          The dev editions aren’t (carrier) unlocked though. That’s what I meant.

    • Ken Bosse

      I’m guessing no

  • Brandon Jiang

    I would rather just buy the regular one for $600 and convert it to a GPE. or slap on cyanogenmod.

    • Matthew Galea

      I did the exact same thing with my M7.

  • M3D1T8R

    $100 more, so the GPE must have 128 or at least 64GB internal storage, cool! Wait, no? Ummm…

  • So they charge $100 more for LESS software and features? Guess they really don’t want people using the GPE.

    • Steve B

      Less is more…

      • michael arazan

        Really want a GPE One, but thought for sure it would have been $600

    • Alan Paone

      I’d pay not to have any of that crap on my phone

      • Or you could just install a custom ROM

        • mark

          Serious question. For those who install custom ROMs anyway, why get the GPE? Assuming, you can install custom ROMs.

          • Alan Paone

            The guarantee of an unlocked bootloader is nice. The rooting process is less difficult and risky also.

        • Alan Paone

          You don’t send the OEM’s any message when you do that. If i can get a carrier and bootloader unlocked One for cheap enough, I’ll just do that, but that isnt always an available option. Don’t forget the cost of the extra time you spend taking care of a rooted phone.

    • p0k3y

      Google is really starting to irritate me. Reminder me how they are better than the fruit co again?

  • Miguel

    This is all I want, please Android use the body of the HTC One as the next Nexus phone, thank you, sincerely a lot of us.

    • I mostly agree, although I’ve been impressed with my wife’s G2, which has basically the same specs but is a year older. I’m also intrigued by the OPPO Find 7.

      The main issue I see with the new One is that battery… that just seems way to small for a phone with that much screen and power.

      • Miguel

        I just read a review from the Verge and it says that the battery lasted around 30hrs, he said battery life was solid.

        The only down side which it also was on last year’s model is the back camera, they didn’t improve much on that end.

        • Battery life is so dependent on usage. I would assume 30 hours is with minimal screen on time. SOT is really what I’m interested in, because I mostly use my phone with the screen on. I want my next device (current is Nexus 5) to get 5 hours of SOT on mobile data. The Nexus 5 is 3-4 on mobile data, but it does much better on WiFi.

          • Miguel

            Actually he said battery life was not an issue with this phone.

        • Cael

          WHAT A FAIL

  • Boblank84

    im curious to see how the gpe handles the duel camera thing.

    • Cael

      Evidently it still works.

    • Bob G

      The same as the M7 GPe did with the same ultra pixel camera. Only the Sense skin is removed.

    • JMonkeYJ

      I’m also curious. Does it have the special shooting modes? What does it do with the second camera?

  • Jordi Agricola

    That bezel tho

  • Mariaoppinger

    For those new to Google Play Editions, just understand that it’s the same hardware as the regular One (M8), except it’ll run stock Android 4.4.2. So all of HTC’s custom Sense software is removed in favor of a pure Android experience. I’ll let you decide if that’s a good thing or not. http://num.to/4759*4137*2029

    • Cael

      mmm yeah get that click money so you can afford this overpriced phone.

  • Cael

    what a joke.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    $700 before tax wtf lol… I already got the Nexus Experience on an actual Nexus…give me Sense 6! $600…mine!