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Starting Today, Google Now Will Notify You of Incidents to Avoid on Your Trips

We’ve all had that feeling — driving for hours and then finding out it’s all in vain because of a traffic incident that could have been avoided. Actually, I haven’t, but if you have you’ll be glad for Google Search’s latest addition to Google Now. Through Now, Google will send you notifications if you are likely to run into traffic situations (incidents) during a trip.

Presumably, Google will take a look at your regularly made trips to provide these barrier notices, and will push notifications to affected people. Also, Google’s purchase of Waze looks to finally be paying off, with the incidents feature only available because of users of the app reporting them.

If you have the latest Google Search update, you should be eligible to receive these new notifications.


Via: +Google
  • LP @ThisisEther

    I’ve been receiving these notifications for a while now……. Google has definitely helped me avoid at least 3 huge accidents this year…. Probably 3 hours worth of traffic in all… Avoided.

  • imnotmikal

    Perfect, this will help with my drive to the beach this weekend. 😀

  • Elmer Fudd

    Came here to say Waze. But it’s been said already.

  • Croq

    Not too useful to me now that even having your cell phone in your hand while driving in Illinois is illegal.

    • Pakmann2k

      Car dock? Use mine everyday.

  • Brian Russell

    Still waiting for Maps to get back to an “over the shoulder” view that actually stays looking in the direction of travel & doesn’t jump around every 4 seconds.

    • Jim Davis

      Until that day comes, there is an installable version of Maps 6 that doesn’t require root. You can get it here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=49384107&postcount=94

      I’ve been using it for about a month and it works great! I can once again see fuel stops along my route. And start navigation without specifying a destination.

  • whitehawk66

    The automated and moderated experience provided by Google.

    How special

  • teevirus

    Still waiting for Ice Cream Truck tracking

    • monkey082506

      Or, order dominos via Google and then track via the now page…now that would be awesome.

  • jwildman16

    I haven’t gotten any incident notifications, but it’s been over a year since I started receiving notifications when my commute was expected to be significantly longer than usual. Is the difference just incidents vs. overall commute time?

    • imnotmikal

      Commute time was just using other people’s phones to judge average speed, and report traffic congestion. This update tells you why its congested.

  • jwildman16

    Ha! That’s my commute pictured! Too bad backups like that are all too often…

  • Nate

    I literally could have used this yesterday, lol.

  • Dakota

    O never get any of these hyped features to work. I’m still hoping sports scores cone in sooner than 3 days after the games ended

    • michael arazan

      I get mine with in seconds after the game ends for baseball and NFL.and NHL

  • I have to Wonder when waze will be rolled into the official google maps app. Doesn’t make sense to support both apps

    • IcerC

      It makes perfect sense. The dedicated navigation nerds use waze to report traffic and police. The simpleton google maps users have improved live traffic information.

      • antinorm

        There’s an easier way to avoid having to worry about police. It involves obeying the law.

        • IcerC

          More fun tracking them and keeping my law breaking breathen ticket free. Also it’s nice to know ahead of time in states with the move over law where you have to get in a far lane or slow down by 20mph.

        • Pakmann2k

          Not where is the fun in that? j/k… In all honesty, police markings aside, there are some added benefits to allowing users to mark various obstacles along the way.

        • tlennon

          I bet you’re a cop

        • Mike

          Oh Mom!

    • I’d love to have Google Maps Navigation with user-reported police and traffic

  • Silver Veloz

    I was using Google Maps Navigation a couple weeks ago and a notification came up for a quicker route, since the traffic came to a slow halt. Is this something different or an addition to??

    • Pratik Holla

      That was limited to only within the google maps app and that too when you were in navigation mode. This one just pops up in Google now.

  • Anthony

    I’ve had this feature for a few days already. Anyone else?

    • Chris M

      this was working for me this past weekend on a trip i went on

    • Patrick Richardson

      Used it saturday to avoid an accident on a highway

  • coolsilver

    I thought this was already part of the rerouting portion they updated a while ago. Winter hit…. NOPE. I’m glad they are getting around to it though. One flipped tractor trailer and my commute is ruined.

    Wish they just add back the route view that wasn’t a puke pizza of colors and doesn’t show issues on your route because the traffic layer is covered by the baby blue line of wtf.

    • Collin Chapin

      This. GOOGLE ARE YOU THERE!!?!?!?!?!

    • jwildman16

      It should only be blue if the underlying color is green. Yellow/red sections are shown when appropriate on my phone.