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Sprint Offering Galaxy S5 In-store Pre-order at $0 Down, Online for $199

This morning, Sprint announced its pricing and pre-order availability for the Galaxy S5 from Samsung. Much like T-Mobile, Sprint hopes to snag a few customers with the all impressive zero money down tactic. For folks who go into a Sprint store, and then qualify, they can pre-order the Galaxy S5 with $0 down, followed by 24 monthly payments of $27.09. 

However, for anyone not willing to spend an hour in the Sprint store, hoping to do your business online, you will be looking at a price of $199 on a new two year agreement. If you were concerned, the Galaxy S5 will come in both White and Black through Sprint.

David Owens, vice president of Product at Sprint spoke on the network’s offering of Samsung’s newest flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is exactly the type of device Sprint Spark and Sprint Framily were designed for. Galaxy S5 customers will be able to do more than ever with their smartphone, and they will appreciate the ability to use all three bands of 4G LTE wireless network spectrum available on the Sprint network for an enhanced LTE experience and won’t want to wait for a slow network to catch up while they’re enjoying the incredible features of this exciting device.

To locate a Sprint store near you that is hosting pre-orders of the Galaxy S5 at $0 down, follow the via for more info.

Via: Sprint
  • Ben Murphy

    ….but it’s Sprint.

  • The Narrator

    I’m assuming the other carriers* are also getting a 32gb version? At $249 or so?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      No one has announced getting 32GB so I’m assuming it’ll be just like last year where they make you wait.

      • The Narrator

        Well, that’s a stupid business model.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Not sure who’s decision that was last year, Samsung, or the Carriers (because they all did it) but it’s just annoying..

          • The Narrator

            That and carrier exclusives. One day we’ll make it to where it’s all released on the same day, same models, everywhere. Looks like the M8 may due that. Then other OEMs will follow hopefully