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New Google Search Voice Command for Android Allows Users to Start Play Music’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” Feature

Earlier this week, Google added the ability to open your phone’s Camera with a simple “take a picture” or “record a video” voice command in the Google Search app. Now, functionality has been added allowing users to instantly start Google Play Music‘s “I’m Feeling Lucky” radio station feature with a simple voiced request. The radio station will take into account what you’ve been listening to recently to tailor music in your library (or for All Access users, a lot more) for your ears’ pleasure.

Users, to try the new feature out, just need to say “OK Google, listen to music” to initiate the request from within the Search app, but variations of the phrase like “play me music” should be working for users as well.

Obviously, you’ll need Play Music installed to get the new features to work as it seems other music services are not supported at this time. The changes to Search itself are server-side, so if you have the latest version you should be golden.

Via: +Google
  • Mindchatter13

    Is there a way to have it open spotify and not google music???

    • This feature specifically no, however you can play any artist and have it play whatever music app you choose. After you say your voice command it’ll bring up the option to choose which app you want… and you’re golden.

  • kali bred

    This was on there before the last update came out I had done it a couple days before when I was trying to find commands for my x that weren’t listed

  • Ryan N

    An issue I have had is that it will not play an artist in my all access through search. For instance, if I search Krizz Kaliko it will send me to the Google play store to buy the album rather than play it in all access. Meanwhile, it will work fine with some artists.

    • kali bred

      Did you set search to auto play in play music when searching music?

      • Ryan N

        you know what, it actually seems to work now. May have been fixed in a recent update. About 6 months back I had the issue and got fed up so I hadn’t tried since. All good now.

  • mcdonsco

    Brainfart question: how do you get the always listening ok Google running on a note 3? Mine tries playing / using the samsung crap every time I try.

    • Tyson TJ

      I have a Note 3 if I say “listen to music” it will work for G Music but if I say “play me music” it opens the Samsung music player. I don’t know how to make OK Google always listening, I want that to work too.

  • Kevin

    This will go nice with Voice Control on my Moto X.

    • michael arazan

      Moto X is better cause you don’t need to hit the search button like the rest of us because your Moto is always listening.

  • Chewy789

    Too bad I use Poweramp 🙁

    • Kevin


  • Alexa White

    But when will it learn to play a song or artist I tell it to play? Or a playlist I’ve already made? Maybe someday….

    • miri

      Playlists don’t work yet, but songs and artists already do.

      • Alexa White

        What’s the magic phrase? It’s never worked when I’ve tried.

        • miri

          It seems not all songs/artists are recognized and what does work is based on what’s in Google Play’s library. If it is to work, just saying “Listen to” or “Play” followed by the song title or artist name should do it.

          EDIT: Country may also be a factor.

          • Alexa White

            Thanks, I guess I’ll try some different artists.

      • Matthew Rebmann

        Also albums work too. At least when I’ve tried it a few times. I say “play billy Joel’s album The Stranger” and it work without issue. It’s fussy when you tell it to just play an artist. Bounces between starting a radio or just shuffling all there work. Same with specific songs

    • jnt

      This… x100

      Incredibly inconsistent experience with voice in the Play Music app.

      • Alexa White

        I think the artists I’ve tried before were too generic sounding by name, had names that involved word play, or had too many search results returned. Might work best when the artist name is something explicitly identified as a band?

    • morgan boyle

      it already does but the command is clunky.

    • michael arazan

      It’s already been playing music on your phone by name since 2011, It did this when I first bought my Galaxy nexus, just said play so&so and it did when hitting voice command search button

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    Ive been experiencing some lag on GMusic lately. Has it happen to anyone? The internet connection is fine. VZW HTC One

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Same phone, no lag. Although I’m running CM11 with a custom kernel.

      • moew

        So you have a leak in your bucket however the bucket is a colander with a fish in it?

        • ReturnOfTheMack

          No leaks here son. I always use a good bucket when I go fishing.

    • Tyson TJ

      Only over Wi-Fi on my Kindle but on 4G with my Note3 it is working fine.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    This will play well in a TV AD