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Galaxy S5 Experience App Brings the Eyes-on Look of the GS5 to Your Own Device

If you are on the fence about the Galaxy S5, possibly more curious about how the device performs, then you will need to check out a new app from Samsung. The company has created the Galaxy S5 Experience app, which aims to put the Galaxy S5 right in your hands, without actually doing so. 

In the app, users can get a hands-on/eye-on feel for the Galaxy S5, but exploring its features, and the ability to touch Samsung’s new TouchWiz interface running atop Kit Kat. If you have been paying attention to what Kellen and I have been saying, then you will know that our feelings about TouchWiz are actually quite positive lately.

You can explore the GS5’s super-quick auto focus camera, how it handles your fitness needs, check out its Download Booster feature, and much more. Yes, your phone is merely playing a video of how the GS5 will perform, but it is still a great way to actually visualize the phone’s performance.

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To get a eye-on look at the Galaxy S5 from the comfort of your own chair, check it out on Google Play.

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  • RoadsterHD1

    No thanks

  • steve jobs

    this has already been invented by Apple. we call it iTunes

  • NexusMan

    I at 1st thought this was a great idea. I then downloaded it, and must admit the experience didn’t live up to my optimism.

  • MustWarnOthers

    After using a phone with on screen keys, every phone which doesn’t use them looks tacky and cheap. I loved my Epic 4g Touch (mostly due to CM) but this thing looks identical to it, but larger. On top of that, Samsung’s software design aesthetics really bring to light how lacking in taste these foreign companies are.

    I will give it to Samsung for pushing the bar on hardware technology. They produce some awesome screens (even if you prefer IPS LCD’s) and all the latest hardware is always included, which I think helps push the industry forward into playing catch up in that department.

    I really wish they could get it together software wise, relying on 3rd parties to fix your ugly can take its toll after you’ve wiped your phone and updated the newest OS version for the 12th time.

  • shmigga

    Is Samsung_mobile a legit Samsung account? Looks a little suspicious to me.

  • I’m gonna go ahead and assume it wouldn’t even open on my GNex. 5 weeks til I get to smash it into oblivion with a hammer.

    • Raikou

      Not is not a nice way to treat a veteran.

  • 213ninja

    does it make the back of my phone feel like wood? if not, this app is dumb.

    • MicroNix

      I still don’t get the infactuation with wood on a tech device. Wood trim went out with station wagons in the 80s.

      • 213ninja

        me either bud.

      • NexusMan

        It looks good. And unique.

  • Intellectua1

    Good, because I’m strongly debating between this and the Note 3. And being that they’re launching a 16gb on release and I have to wait for the 32gb model again counts as a strike but I may be willing to wait..

    • 213ninja

      note 3 FTW!!

      • Intellectua1

        Yea I know but it’s kinda old now and the 4 will be out in the fall.

        • 213ninja

          note 4 is 8 months away. if a new phone drops every 12 months and the note 3 has been out for 4 months, i wouldn’t say it’s old, especially considering the specs still trump every device on the market. it’s actually quite new 🙂

          • Kevin

            What do specs matter if the phone is jank?

          • 213ninja

            WTF is jank? specs matter in the context I referenced them. the note 3 has the specs to handle foreseeable android software changes/enhancements.

          • Adrynalyne

            Note 3 cannot even handle Touchwiz without some jank.

          • 213ninja

            TW hangs up in the same places it always hangs up on every TW phone, that has nothing to do with the note 3’s specs or its ability to handle TW. TW just has issues, everyone knows that, especially us owners.

            i still have no clue what jank is….is that billy for junk?

          • Adrynalyne

            Slang for framerate loss. Lag is an incorrect term.

          • 213ninja


          • CoreRooted

            According to Google, specs shouldn’t matter as much with future versions of Android seeing as how they have been working to actually reduce the footprint of the operating system itself. I can’t say I’m 100% convinced that this is really possible, but it is a goal of future versions of Android to be able to extend the life of older, less powerful devices. If that’s the case, then specs really don’t matter so much anymore. Granted, this doesn’t apply to manufacturer specific skins and apps. But… Just my $0.02.

          • 213ninja

            I’m aware, my statement was meant to be broad to encompass apps, games, skins, etc. And my point was mainly regarding overall extended device life as you noted. The Note 3 specs will be “enough” for quite awhile, especially given that’s the direction they’re headed…

          • Intellectua1

            Very true and good point..

  • JSo

    Never has an app been on my phone for such a short period of time.

  • Guest

    Down goes DUKE…

  • litobirdy

    wow i have to say this app was dumb

  • gintoddic

    they’ll really trying to sell this phone

    • Intellectua1

      It’ll sell itself..

  • bobbyp

    That is actually a pretty great idea. I always feel odd looking through a phone at the store.

  • T4rd

    I’m sure the lag/jank is simulated as well! I just wonder it it will eat your internal memory down to 4 GBs usable so you get the full experience..? =p

    • James Burkett

      Oh you must be thinking about that new 8 GB iPhone 5c

      • Maxim∑

        Ignorance is strong-

        8GB iPhone 5C still has 6.1 GB available and is not even sold in the US just select low end markets

        • James Burkett

          Just as strong as the ignorance of saying there’s only 4 GB usable on a S5 huh a$$hole?

  • Kevin


  • The Narrator

    Bloatware to experience bloatware. Bloatception.

    • NO_LIFE

      Get out of you’re mom’s basement and play outside.

      • The Narrator

        You are mom’s? So you want me to get out of your mom’s house? No can do, sonny boy.

        • Nolife

          Good bless you. Enough said.

          • The Narrator

            Good bless you? Leave it to guests to not make any sense.

      • Blue Sun

        Your funny :p

      • K

        Must be Jim or Tim

    • MicroNix

      You are worse than an Apple troll. Stop ripping on the Android community and get a life.

  • Adrynalyne

    “That lag you see is from the app running on your device. Honest.”

    • No_life

      No kidding.

    • michael arazan

      Actually you would get double the lag on a Samsung device, lag upon lag lagception.

      So If regular TW eats up half of my device memory, I guess their TW launcher eats up the other half essentially freezing my deice?