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IFTTT Adds Pushbullet Notifications Integration, Get Alerted Whenever Something Happens

If This Then That, or IFTTT as it is better known, is a service that lets users create actions for triggers throughout the web. One example would be getting a text message every time something new was listed on your local Craigslist for a certain search term. Another would be emailing Kellen every time you Tweet something (a personal recommendation). Today, Pushbullet (one of our essential productivity apps of the year) has been added to the mix, allowing users to get notifications every time a recipe is triggered.

A prime example of this, at least for us DLers, is getting a notification every time Droid Life publishes something to the site. For the “this” part, or trigger, you’d list the “Feed” option and link it to our RSS feed. Then, you could go ahead and download Pushbullet on the device you want notifications on, and add an Action to send a notification. Boom, you’re now getting a regular ol’ Android notification for a new RSS item.

The possibilities, however, don’t end at RSS — users can go wild, with everything from Belkin’s WeMo to Instagram available as triggers for this Pushbullet option.

IFTTT users can set up the new notifications service right over here.

Via: Pushbullet
  • 213ninja

    IFTTT runs every 15 minutes, anyone have suggestions to get an instant notification from an RSS? I’m using Feedly but they don’t seem to have notifications…

  • Doug

    I thought push bullet was a neat idea but it consistently prevented my phone from going into deep sleep and creating terrible battery life.

  • Ryan N

    IF comments on Droid Life article become troll-ridden THEN restrict scrolling past advertisement.

  • socalrailroader

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m kinda tired out on constant notifications for everything lol

  • XvierX

    Very useful. Thanks

  • Ray

    Great now i can comment first

  • Nayners

    Hapens, happens.

    • I feel like the only comments you ever write are corrections and hate. Thanks though, fixed.

      • Ketan B. Parmar

        Isn’t it good to get free QC service 😉

      • Nayners

        I’m sorry your feelings got hurt. Check my comments, I think you’ll find that they’re not hateful -That’s quite the assumption.