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Samsung Galaxy S5 Pre-orders on T-Mobile Begin March 24, $0 Down With 24 Equal Monthly Payments

With pre-order dates and pricing for the Galaxy S5 from Samsung set through AT&T and US Cellular so far, it’s time for the rest of the American carriers to jump onboard. The next to announce pricing and pre-orders is T-Mobile, putting a slight twist into how they plan on selling the device.

For those looking to pre-order the GS5 through T-Mobile, you can do so beginning March 24 (next Monday), at the price of $0 down. Yes, $0. While that might seem fantastic, you will be made to pay 24 equal monthly payments (two years) of $27.50. Added up over the two year period that equates to $660 for the full retail price, which isn’t all that bad when you think about it. 

T-Mo’s CEO, the one and only John Legere, spoke briefly about the high levels of anticipation the company has seen with the Galaxy S5.

This thing is so hot we’ve already seen over a half a million pre-registrations for the Galaxy S 5. That’s a lot of very smart people grabbing this opportunity to pay nothing down, save more than a grand over the life of the other guys’ contracts, and have T-Mobile pay off every penny of their family’s early termination fees. It’s a brilliant move.

We would like to quickly point out that the high number of pre-registrations could be thanks in part to the fact that T-Mobile is currently holding a giveaway, in which one pre-registered customer will receive a free Galaxy S5. So, yeah, that number might seem a bit high.

Pre-orders will take place online and in-store.

Via: T-Mobile
  • Jerome BigBuc Buckner

    Well be nice if you paid the ETF when new customers join and at least tell your custoners it tskes 8 weeks and T-mobile auto denies your first claim making you wait another 8 weeks process

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    Theres no need to compare the moto x to this device. spec wise they cant compare S5 wins. UI moto x wins. its all good as long as android gets better every update.

  • Drew

    Why would anyone get this over Moto X or Nexus 5? Which are so much faster than this crap of a phone? They must be truly retarded to get the S5. It’s such a bad phone and not even CLOSE to my Moto X. I love my Moto X. Best ever.

  • Raikou


  • chase1963

    The giveaway states they are giving away a phone a day for 5 weeks…not one preregistered customer.

  • Jared Denman


  • RichardRooks

    I’m glad T-Mobile actually breaks down the cost for you, but you shouldn’t really be going into debt for a smartphone. http://num.to/562-089-882-943

  • TCarey

    What about sprint??

  • Guest

    I would rather buy the G2 at $499. better battery life and i dont need a heart rate monitor lol.

    • Eric R.

      What about a removeable battery?

      • Ryan

        Samsung batteries last only 6 months to a year(Wife’s experience and what I see in stores) so yes you would need a removable battery to replace it. You do not need it on the G2. The G2 has a high density battery with silicone connectors. This gives it better battery life and the high density core takes 800 charges before you get decreased battery life. This is from LG Chem that makes batteries for the Chevy Volt hybrid car. This is what made me choose the G2. I have never had to charge my phone mid day with wifi hotspot on and bluetooth.

        • Guest

          Good info thanks.

        • JustIce

          That is so false lol They only last 6 months to a year lol

          I’ve owned a few Samsung devices and I have NEVER had to replace a battery in one of them. I use my phone heavily too. In fact I’ve had my S4 for about a year and battery is still just fine.

          You haters will make up anything…

          • Guest

            Not a hater here I like all android stuff but I look at differences. Even that aside Samsung has not made any battery advances. That you cannot disprove.

      • LionStone

        People around me that have S3/S4 don’t even bother with an extra battery, they just plug it in. I mean with power everywhere, cars, homes, airports…even for me, in the backcountry, solar.

        • frhow


    • frhow

      Lol, that heart rate monitor is such a gimmick. The Heart Rate app uses the same technology using your phones camera flash as the “sensor”. But people will rave over such a “cool” feature.

  • Daistaar

    And just like that, questions on the 25th will not be about the “All New One,” but mainly “Did you preorder your S5 yet?”

    • LionStone

      Actually, buyers remorse? will be the question lol

  • athorax

    There are just too many other, better, phones coming out in the next few months to make me even consider the S5. Incremental updates just don’t cut it when I am paying top dollar.

    • Jon

      To be fair…its incremental update from the S4 which is already an amazing phone. So yeah its hard to make drastic imorovements every year on a mature platform.

      • TylerCameron

        When did the S4 become an amazing phone? Is it the crappy screen with it’s weird pixel layout? How about its horrible performance due to touchwiz? Oh! It must be the HORRIBLE theming Samsung does to Android with the Touchwiz UI(a launcher won’t chs he the ugly ui colours that Samsung loves)
        Or maybe Samsung’s track record for taking years to update their phones (my Note II never saw anything beyond 4.1 and I got sick of waiting)
        Or maybe it’s their horrendous build materials….

        • frhow

          +1 What he said!!

  • BK

    Is the S5 $300(ish) better than the Moto X? I’m gonna say no.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      If you’re taking that able you can make that argument every year vs the Nexus 5

      • BK

        Shouldn’t we all be making that argument every time we think about buying a new smartphone? I’m not talking just about the Moto X or Nexus 5, I’m talking about the ratio quality to value. Until then, companies will have no incentive not to charge insane amounts for a device we will toss in a drawer in a year or two.

    • The Narrator

      I’d say phones like LG and Sony are. Samsung? Nope.

    • Jon

      I would say easily…Yes! The camera is light years ahead of Moto X. Screen way better as well. But if your a casual phone user, than it may not matter at all to you.

  • Mark Aaron Collado
  • JSo

    Yeah, $0 down if you have good credit. Otherwise, you will be putting some money down.

  • Disqus_n00b

    I’m glad T-Mobile actually breaks down the cost for you, but you shouldn’t really be going into debt for a smartphone.

    • Jared Denman

      Technically you are doing the same by going with Verizon or att too, just different.

      • Disqus_n00b

        I agree. Just saying if you can’t afford a phone full retail, you probably shouldn’t be buying it.

        • Jared Denman

          So u are telling me that everyone on Verizon, att, or sprint shouldn’t be buying their phones subsidized because they can’t afford the phone at retail?

        • Doug

          Not really following…
          I may not have $600 to spend right now, but I can swing $25/month over two years to pay the same thing.

          Why do you think all these companies like Best Buy and furniture companies 24, 36 and 48 month same as cash offers?

  • Derek Duncan

    0% financing. Good deal.