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Dead Trigger 2 Updated With Arena Mode, New Environments, Leaderboards, and More

Dead Trigger 2, the graphically impressive zombie survival FPS from Madfinger Games, received a big update to version 0.5.0 yesterday. In addition to the highly anticipated “Arena of Death” mode, new zombies, environments, and weapons are in tow, along with a leaderboard that allows you to challenge your friends.

The Arena is a survival-type gamemode with point-based rewards for killing endless numbers of zombies. The new “ejecting traps” weapon should make that easier, along with “lucky boxes” that grant temporary abilities and powers. 

What’s New

  • The Arena of Death
  • Kill zombies in a variety of gruesome ways to amuse the bloodthirsty audience.
  • Ejecting Traps – Build traps that kill the zombies by catapulting their rotten bodies high into the air.
  • Lucky Boxes – Boosts and power up increasing Arena carnage
  • Leaderboard – Get noted, compare to your friends, challenge them
  • New Zombies
  • New Warfare
  • New Environments

Grab Dead Trigger 2 from Google Play.

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  • Trey Coe

    mine was updated and ever since then the graphics have been off. Especially on Sentinel mode, all i see are lite up eyes floating around with no bodies. Plus some of the environments are off as well, like being able to see through walls and graphics laying over each other. Hopefully they fix these bugs, the game is awesome otherwise.

  • JasonWhite

    I lost interest in this game shortly after they killed off the Campaign. If I’m not advancing a storyline it feels like the gameplay just gets so repetitive. Anyone else feel that way?

  • Eric Sorensen

    And no more force-closing on my Note 3 with this update. My favorite phone game of all time!

  • D.Moto.X.

    Looks awesome on my Moto X! At least what I can see on my little screen…

    • Brandon

      Haha I went from the S4 to the X and the experience wasn’t the same, the game would lag on the Xbox and it just didn’t look as good. I got the Note 3 a few days ago and the game looks amazing and I can run it on the highest settings. The screen and the specs make this a great phone for games.

    • Severo Rivera

      Did the same thing when I went from the Nexus 5 to the Moto X. The Moto X is a great phone but the screen is just to small for my taste especially when compared to the Nexus 5. So right now I have Nexus 5 since release and I love this phone!