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Paranoid Android ROM Announces Active Display-like Feature Called Peek

Late last evening, when most folks were already snoozing, the Paranoid Android team announced Peek, an Active Display-like feature, much like you would find on the Moto X.

Since the Moto X’s release, many ROMs and applications on Google Play have attempted to recreate Motorola’s magic with the feature. One which has caught our attention for a few weeks is AcDisplay. Anyone not rooted and ROM’ing can go ahead and check that app out. 

Making Peek standout from the pack, after the device receives a notification, it will go into a type of listening mode for 10 seconds following the notification. If the device detects noise or motion, like taking it out of your pocket or picking it up from a desk, the device’s display will turn on with a minimalist UI, displaying your notification.

To see Peek in action, watch the video below.

Via: +Paranoid Android
  • Brandon

    Active Display is awesome and one of the features I loved about my X but mine seemed kind of goofy considering when it would sit on the table, with no notifications, the screen would occasionally come on and just show the time. Like about every few minutes.

  • Dylan August

    what texting app is that on the Nexus 5?

    • cmiram

      Hello sms

  • Maximus

    Not compatible with the GS4….how great can it be?

  • Droid Ronin

    I wonder if this feature will make use of the AMOLED display and save battery when active? Or if that is exclusive just to the X8 chip. That being said, this is the single feature that I enjoy the most on my Moto X.

    • Averix

      My favorite feature of the newer Motorola phones.

    • staticx57

      A black background is what saves power on AMOLED.

  • DeeFrog

    Paranoid Android doing what they do best: stealing ideas from others and putting them in ROMs. To be quite frank I never liked P.A. ROMs. Lots of gimmicks and lots of bugs. No real substance.

    • Kevin

      Pie controls are one of their worst gimmicks I could think of.

      • DeeFrog

        The whole Halo thing was pretty awful as well.

        • Cory_S

          Yeah, didnt come close to FB messenger. The physics on the FB chat heads is just awesome.

    • PhillipNorris

      I absolutely loved the Halo feature and I really wish it was in some of their newest nightlies

      • Guy Pierce

        It’s nice… But pretty buggy.

        • DeeFrog

          That’s pretty much the standard response when discussing anything P.A. “It’s nice… but it’s buggy.” lol

    • Guy Pierce

      Or just taking the best ideas and making a BEAST ROM. Been using PA on my G2 since launch. Some bugs but takes the G2 from Cheetah to Beast Mode.

      Also agree with the fact that pie isn’t great and I don’t use it.

    • Adrynalyne

      It what every other rom dev does out there too.

  • Mike

    Running PA on my G2. Might be worth getting an upgrade; just having a better notification system for those 10 seconds would be great. What I really miss from my AOKP days is the freakin’ left/right arrows on the navbar when the keyboard pulls up to let you fine-tune your cursor position without having to use two hands. Anybody know of a mod that I can apply? Tempted to grab the PA sources and merge that one in….

    • Clayton M

      GravityBox! It’s got a setting for that. 😀

      • Nexoduss

        Sweet haha. That’s like one of my favorite features honestly.

    • Nexoduss

      How’s the rom? Pretty stable? I’ve been using malladus and the only problems are that camera and chrome lag sometimes

  • Daniel Russell

    The great thing about active display is that whenever you pick the phone up or take it out of your pocket, it flashes. All of these knockoffs just don’t do that without wasting a ton of battery. Could active display be improved? Sure. But until a phone builds this set up like the moto x/droid line did with the X8 chip, nothing will come close to the convenience of it flashing info when I need it to.

    • greyhulk

      Yeah, there’s just no substitute for true active display, which makes me sad. Hopefully, the Moto X sequel will have a better camera.

    • Matthew

      I completely agree with this. I spend an inordinate amount of time to try and duplicate this action with tasker with no such luck. Hopefully peak could be implemented outside of Paranoid Android with Xposed support or maybe even a play store app.

      • dns2k

        correct me if i am wrong but the active display is one part amoled tech and another part low batt listening chip. meaning screen is always on displaying black which uses no power and the low power chip is listening to commands. the issue the other apps face is Huge batt jumps in comparison cause screen and sleep would be drawing normal power cause sleep is never achieved and screen even showing black (GNEX amoled) is still pulling back lit energy draw. so how would peek achieve this with either issue since screen would be dependant and even with sms coming in durring sleep the effect of monitoring motion (as in pulling out phone or picking up )would require active monitoring which only moto X has truly achieved.

  • Yo_Blue

    Peak or Peek? Get it straight Paranoid Android!

  • NemaCystX

    I have yet to root my Moto X for any ROMs, if this feature evolves to outdo the Active Display features, I might just have to

    • Scott

      The only thing I want root for is for Adaway… I just haven’t bothered to do it yet.

      • Buckethead

        I don’t believe there is a way to root the Moto X if you took the recent 4.4.2 update. I would love to be proven wrong though..

        • Scott

          Well I have the unlocked Moto X so I can unlock the bootloader… I just haven’t done it yet.

        • Cory_S

          Someone in China is selling the unlock codes for the bootloader. First fruit of the lenovo acquisition.

        • greyhulk

          You’re supposed to root first, then take the update and you will still have root.

      • greyhulk

        This and free wireless tether are the only reasons I root any phone anymore. It’s too bad Adblock plus doesn’t work better than it does. It completely fails on the Moto X. Works great on the Xperia Z phones, though.

      • Brandon

        and Gravity Box/Xposed.

  • me

    looks cool, but theres something about Moto’s active notifications that’s just “better”. i don’t know what it is though

    • Adrynalyne

      Lack of any battery hit.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Motorola specifically designed it with the X8 chip so that battery will not be wasted when using Active Display.

    • j

      The main thing is the super amoled display only turns on the pixels that are displaying the notification. The rest of the screen stays off to save battery. I don’t know if any other non moto phone can do this, even those with amoled displays like the GNex (which absolutely cannot do it). this feature will be a massive battery hog on all devices I think.

  • Anthony Tyson

    Active display like features are the only reason I miss my note 3s amoled