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Motorola Hosting Google Hangout Tomorrow at 11AM Pacific to Talk Moto 360

Tomorrow morning, Motorola will host a Google Hangout at 11am PST featuring Jim Wicks, the company’s lead designer of the Moto 360 smartwatch. During the Hangout, preselected questions will be answered specifically regarding the smartwatch’s design/style, and not actual operation of the device. 

Motorola unveiled the Moto 360 this morning, with a circular watch face, unlike many of the other designs we have seen released in the past. Most smartwatches, like the Pebble, Galaxy Gear, and Qualcomm Toq feature either square or rectangular faces. Motorola’s take on a Android Wear smartwatch looks incredibly unique, so it should be a nice conversation to listen in on.

We will be sure to post a link to the Hangout tomorrow, but to sign yourself up through Google+, you can do so right here.

Via: +Motorola
  • Cory_S

    Looks like they crashed hangouts. It won’t load.

    • Richard Jackson

      I also cant join. Will wait for the Youtube video.

  • Hopefully Motorola can work some of their magic and really make this stand out kinda like they did with the X. I know its gimmicky but if the smartwatch had an always listening feature or even just an active display esque lock screen it would really stand out plus that would really help the battery life.

  • MikeKorby

    The three points I am interested in are (1) battery life, (2) price, and (3) sensors. Although I would personally rather view this as more of an everyday/slightly dressier watch, it would be nice to know it has all of the sensors I would expect from a smartwatch, such as heart rate and pedometer.

  • Dmitry

    Looks just like this watch, Gábor Balogh posted photos of his TRIWA concept on 02/28/14 behance.net

    • Arnold

      Meh. Moto 360 looks nicer, and more functional.

    • NexusMan

      Not “just like”…they both have round faces, that’s about it.

  • botoxthemotox

    So glad moto could release something new for all you dick riders to go on and on about. This site should be Motorola life. Moar articles about the same thing plox.

    • needa

      yes moar articles about moar moto products please.

    • Ian

      Remember when the Galaxy Nexus came out? Every other story was about that device.

      It’s so weird that DL continues to pay attention proportional to a device’s popularity within their support base. I mean WTF are they thinking….. /s

      How dare they follow new emerging trends (smartwatches)! /s

      You’re here reading and commenting…need I say more.

    • NexusMan

      The guy complaining about Moto X publicity, has “Moto X” in his name. LOL. Priceless.

  • James Briano

    OK I guess I’ll buy one of those.

  • im assuming this has some amoled screen that only whats needed to light the watch face up is lit up with the display while the rest is off to conserve battery life…but what about that display on the torq? hows that display work that it has such good battery life

    • needa

      the toq uses the new mirasol tech. it captures the light around it for brightness. there is a backlight with it just like most digital watches.

  • Stephen

    I have been wanting/waiting for something like this since the wearables have come out. I love the way a classic watch looks — Looks like I’ll be getting one of these!

  • cizzlen

    Would be really awesome if this thing had wireless charging so you can simply place your phone and watch on a charging mat at bedtime. Also it would add the convenience of only using up one electrical port.

    • CivilDroid


    • Been saying this since the Galaxy Gear came out! Make sure it’s built in too so that I don’t need to buy a $60 accessory for adding wireless charging either. Tapping to the phone with NFC for pairing rather than onto the cradle would also make this completely wireless and accessory-less!

  • get it?

    More like Moto Life…

    You sure we couldn’t put all of these moto watch articles in one normal size article instead of 10 small ones stating one fact about a watch no one will buy?

    • You’re kidding, right? Come on…

    • Ray

      As news comes they report….if they wait then they are behind the curve.

    • MistaButters

      Do you know how many SGS5 articles we got? It’s a blog. Updated stories. That’s how it works.

    • whoa


    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      a watch no one wi-… nah

    • Ian

      We apologize, but it looks like you ended up at the wrong site. You were probably looking for http://www.no-life.com.

      Have a nice day.

    • Kisuk3

      Lots of other sites out there if you don’t like it here.

    • Vanquishgc

      …..Or it could be that Sammy is treading water, we’ve already heard about all there is to know about the “All New One” (until it actually comes out anyway), and there’s not a lot to report on the LG front at the moment. Yeah, screw Moto for actually doing something noteworthy and dare I say, exciting. Damn……can’t please some people.

  • Mark

    Does it sync its time automatically by either using NTP or WWVB radio signals if there’s no internet connection? Also, is it solar powered? I currently use a Casio G-Shock watch and it uses WWVB radio signals to set it’s time (includes daylight savings) and is solar powered.

    • MistaButters

      There is just no way a smart watch could generate enough power from solar to power itself.

      • You are probably right, but have you seen the Eco-Drive watches from Citizen? They use any source of light (solar or otherwise) to power. I have one and once fully charged you can place it is complete darkness for six months before it goes dead.

        • Rob

          I have an Eco-Drive from Citizen with atomic time keeping. That uses way less power than a screen would, let alone push notifications and (presumably) a constant bluetooth/wireless connection to a phone.

      • Aaron

        It would be neat if this thing charged some from solar to try and offset battery drain. And maybe add in some sort of kinetic drive that makes power with motion. It wouldn’t be able to keep the device perpetually charged, but it may help stretch less than a day into two or three on a single charge. Of course it would probably be expensive, but as nice as this looks it may be worth it.

      • Jon

        It’s hopefully still enough to give a positive net charge rate.

    • Kevin B

      It probably just gets the time from your phone.

  • whoa

    Does the back of this look like it might be glass or something maybe for a heart rate sensor?

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      i hope its for security but i’ll take heart rate.

      • whoa

        I like where your heads at.

      • whoa

        Hopefully both

    • Fawzi94

      Maybe wireless charging. I don’t see any other possible ports.

      • Rob

        Wireless charging would be difficult if it has a metal band since you can’t completely open the band up (well, traditionally at least on metal bands they don’t come apart).

        • needa

          why would that matter? please explain.

          • Rob

            Unless there is a special charging pad for the watch that could slip inside the band (like a watch holder for display/presentation), how would you be able to get the back of the watch lying flat on a charging pad with a metal band that doesn’t come apart like a leather/plastic/rubber/velcro band? Have you ever owned a watch with a metal band? When you remove a metal watch from your wrist, the band never comes apart, it just becomes larger enabling you to slip your hand through it. Seeing that a metal band won’t rotate 90 degrees to the side, I don’t see how the back of this watch could lay flat (or have enough physical contact) on a charging mat unless, again, the charging mat has a design similar to a watch display holder.

            I doubt many people would want to buy a special separate charger and that the people who wonder if it will have wireless charging are those that would already own (or have more of a reason to purchase) a wireless charging pad/mat since they could use more than just their phone or tablet.

          • needa

            oh. kk. i see what you are saying. i though you were saying that they couldnt do wireless charging because of the metal band. as in the metal band would interfere. which is why i was clueless. i would have to guess that they would either make it to where the band comes apart easily (which i doubt), or they would have a charger on a stand where you could just lay it on there. with just a flat surface on top rather than a holder thingy. but the holder thingy would be cool if they made it to where you could still see the time with it sitting on your night stand. time will tell and i look forward to seeing how they do it.

    • Ray

      looks more soft to me then glass like a gel/senor on back

      • whoa

        Can’t wait for tomorrow the back on the rotating gif looks almost blue

  • Michigan Guy
  • prestone1

    What are your thoughts about being sued by Apple for using their rounded edge patent?

    • JSo

      Are you sure that patent doesnt only apply to phones?

      • prestone1

        Are you sure the ipad is a phone?

    • Michigan Guy

      That patent is for rounded corners- not a completely round edge

      • EdubE24

        Go Bucks!!!

      • prestone1

        Sign…lighten up

    • James Briano

      They’re also using leather for the straps, which they clearly ripped off from the iOS Address Book.

      • Zach Cline

        Leather and metal

    • abqnm

      I think there is enough prior art out there for round watches. I don’t think anyone has a case here.

  • jbdan

    Cya there!

  • Victor Who

    After this stunning revelation that a geeky product can actually look sexy….I’m not missing this Hangout session!

  • Thomas

    Hold my calls, I’ll be watching this for sure.