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Pocket Casts Updated on Google Play to Support Chromecast Streaming

For anyone who takes their podcasts on the go, Pocket Casts received an update on Google Play recently, bringing with it support for Chromecast. Now, anyone who wants to listen to their favorite podcasts from the comfort of their couch in the living room may do so. 

In the update, which is version 4.5, users can also rearrange their queue of podcasts, thanks to an editable Up Next Playlist. Users will also see a somewhat updated UI, which even picks up on the colors of the podcast. How it does that, I do not know, but apparently it does.

Pocket Casts is one of the more expensive solutions for podcast problems, running at $3.99. However, for the price, you can rest assured that they have a team of hard-working developers, consistently bringing you the best possible way to stream your podcasts from an Android device.

If you haven’t already, go grab the update. If you are interested in trying the app out, go do so.

Play Link ($3.99)

  • Digirati Studios

    Truly one of the best apps around and they have a hilarious changelog. The UI is getting cleaner with every rev.

  • Mathew Call

    One of the best apps on my phone. Love how I don’t have to rely on i-Tunes. Their changelogs are HILARIOUS to read.

  • bonix

    Pocket Cast was the best use of my saved up google survey money. Loving it everyday at work.

  • imnotmikal

    I have been waiting on this since I bought my Chromecast. I was improvising by using the chrome app to cast my Chrome tabs.

  • waterboy87825

    who gives a shit……really…..podcasts??????? wheres crackle at on the chromecast list

  • Tyson TJ

    Podcast Addict is what I found works best for me.

  • Awesome! This is the best podcast app imo. I was a die hard dog catcher user for years but the UI on this app is just beautiful.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Finally! Emailed them in January… And they said “Soon :-)”… I guess now means soon. Big addition though, I’ve been waiting.

  • DJyoSNOW

    BeyondPod does the job for me

  • FunkyMonkey88

    About time. Pocket Cast replaced BeyondPod for me some time ago. Glad to see this functionally come.

  • Nex

    Finally !