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Amazon Appstore Hosting Third Birthday Celebration, Save Money on Select Apps and Games

What a shocker, the Amazon Appstore is now three years old. When first launched, the Android community embraced it with complete open arms, maybe because they were giving away free awesome apps every day

But over the years, our stance with the Appstore has changed somewhat dramatically.

After the Appstore was updated with a new UI (August ’12), a bug inside the app was draining batteries like crazy (November ’12). Following that mess, Amazon fixed the issue, but there were plenty of people who had already decided to abandon the app. 

It’s now 2014, with the Appstore still growing and apparently thriving. Coming pre-installed on a few Android devices, and still the heart and soul of Amazon’s Kindle lineup, we doubt the Appstore is going anywhere anytime soon.

To celebrate the third birthday of the Appstore, Amazon is listing a few apps as free, but they are apparently focusing on “coin-back” in-app purchases. Think of these purchases like a cash-back card – you purchase an IAP in an app, but Amazon will refund you 50% of the purchase in the form of Amazon Coins, which can then be used inside of their own store.

In essence, all of your money is still going to Amazon and developers, but at least your initial IAP is discounted.

As an added bonus, for a limited time, customers who buy in-app items within select titles including Asphalt 8, Animal Voyage, Kingdoms of Camelot, The Hobbit, Sonic Dash, World at Arms and Despicable Me: Minion Rush will receive 50% back on the purchase price in the form of Amazon Coins.

To get your hands on a few of these deals, even though that means you have to open the Amazon Appstore, follow the link below.

Via: Amazon
  • Higher_Ground

    yeah i was a fairly ardent defender of the FAotD but they took a huge drop in quality after a the first few months. I still have it installed for some apps I use, but I do think it’s a major PITA to have to install it separetly from the play store every time I instlal a new ROM.

  • Guest

    Their Free Apps started sucking towards the end of ’11. Bring back some decent/good free apps of the day and they might snag a few users back.

  • i don’t care what they offer, nothing will make me use the Amazon appstore again – too much of a hassle

  • I was wondering why there was confetti all over the Amazon App store when i went to get the daily free app this morning.

  • Aaron

    I once used the Amazon Appstore, but my work takes me offshore for extended periods of time, and without internet, the apps I had installed from there wouldn’t work. So even if Amazon gives you great apps everyday for free (most were not great), they are useless if you can’t open them.

    • jimt

      All the apps work through the Amazon app store. I guess if the amazon app store cannot phone home the installed apps won’t work. So I guess you must have data available over the net.

      • Aaron

        That’s the thing. If you are sitting on anchor 15 miles off shore with no service and looking to kill some time, it is really a deal breaker when you want to play that new game you just installed when you were in range that refuses to work because the Amazon Appstore App can’t sign in. After the third time it happened I uninstalled the Appstore and all the apps from there that I had been using and bought the apps I liked from the Play Store. And what apps I had bought from Amazon I just considered a lesson learned and abandoned.

  • Cory_S

    Their apps seem to update too slowly, and at least in the past apps wouldn’t work offline. I’d rather just pay the buck for an app off the play store anyday.,

    • hkklife

      Me to, BUT Amazon App Store is still the only place where you can legitimately buy the ad-free versions of Angry Birds, Seasons and Rio! Once those come (if ever) to Google Play, I’ll dump Amazon Appstore like a bad habit.

  • T4rd

    I still use it for some apps. I just use Greenify to keep it from running in the background and consuming resources. Best of both worlds, IMO.

  • I used to use the Amazon Appstore for their free app of the day, but the apps got worse and worse. Plus, I hate having to have a second app store installed, I’d rather just use the Play Store.

    • crazed_z06

      Yea, dont think ive used it in years. Honestly dont know why I have it installed anymore

      • jimt

        One reason may be that any apps you got with it won’t work if you remove the amazon app store app.

        • Transverse45h

          now that i know this I will never install amazon app store