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Contest: Enter the Droid Life Bracket Challenge 2014, Win a Nexus 5 32GB and More

My favorite time of the year – in terms of sports – is here. The 2014 NCAA men’s basketball tournament kicks off this week, so that can only mean one thing – the DL Bracket Challenge with fabulous prizes. We have done this challenge for years, with the number of entries growing dramatically. And rightfully so, filling out an NCAA bracket can be done by anyone, whether they know basketball or not. 

So this year’s challenge is just like last year’s. We are using ESPN’s Tourney Challenge to manage the whole contest. In fact, if you were in our group last year, you can simply rejoin the group by signing into the ESPN Tourney Challenge page. If you are new, well, we have all of the details for you below.

Our prize package this year, once again in a winner-takes-all-capacity, is a Nexus 5 32GB (winner’s choice of color) and $100 in Google Play gift cards.

The tourney is just days away, be sure to join!


ESPN Group:  Droid Life 2014
Password:  droidlife

Prize:  Winner takes home a  Nexus 5 32GB from Google Play and $100 in Google Play gift cards.

How to enter:

1.  Entry is free.
2.  Join the Droid Life group from above (create an ESPN account if you need to).
3.  Fill out your bracket and submit before the games start Thursday (20th) morning.
4.  There are games tomorrow and Wednesday, but you still have until Thursday before you need to be entered.
5.  Winner with the highest total points following the NCAA Championship is our winner.
6.  We use ESPN and their scoring system, along with their tiebreaker system.
7.  This is a “winner takes all” competition.

Two rules:

1.  We use the “Locked” setting, which means you can’t swap out brackets once the competition starts.
2.  We also only allow 1 entry per person.


Our winner will be messaged through their ESPN account once the competition is over, so be sure you have notifications turned on there if you are in the running as we get close to the Final Four.

Feel free to invite your friends and family members – the more competition, the more fun we have.

Good luck, all!

Apps:  ESPN Tournament Challenge (manage your brackets) | NCAA March Madness Live (watch all games live)

  • That Nexus is mine and when I win I gonna hack to make it work on VZW

  • itsdmise

    The only time I take an interest in sports! When my church has a bracket contest and Droid Life has a bracket contest.



  • Matthew Morrison


  • Jonathan Williams

    Gators win. Now gimme the phone.

  • Snowbo13

    Iowa state!

  • Bigwavedave25

    WooHoo! Bracket time.

  • The Narrator

    A Nexus 5 and a billion dollars. Feeling like a king.

  • jothen2002

    nevermind :/

  • jothen2002

    Group password???

  • Shawn John

    Orangemen! Go Syracuse!

  • Gogreen

    GO GREEN!!!

  • Milind Shah

    Not available in my country (not that I expected it to be…I just wanted a nexus 5 :3)

  • Ellingsoc


  • EC8CH

    m/ GO BISON m/

  • Go Gators!

  • Bobby Cornwell


    • K

      Good luck getting past Providence 😛

      • Bobby Cornwell

        Ha! No problem

      • Stone Cold

        Going to be a hard game with them seemingly reverting to the early season team. Losing 2 going into the Tourney is never good.

    • Josh

      Tar heels all day everyday 🙂

  • XvierX

    Dooooope. That’s why this site rules.

  • ReturnOfTheMack

    “Winner takes home a Nexus 5 32GB tablet”


    • Neil Fujiwara

      I am hoping that there is a comma there 🙂

      • Lulz, fixed.

        • mustbepbs

          Kellen knows something we don’t. He just slipped up what’s coming at Google I/O this year!


  • ReturnOfTheMack


  • Mark Aaron Collado

    This will be my 1st time playing the brackets hopefully beginners luck kick in.

  • vonbane

    ESPN Tournament Challenge not compatible with my Nexus 10 tablet on the Play Store? Fail.