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Sprint Intros Revamped Prepaid Offerings, New $60 2.5GB Plan

The affordability of prepaid plans has attracted a growing number of consumers recently, with nearly one-third of all smartphones sold in the US last year as prepaid. It’s no surprise, then, that major wireless carriers are looking to cash in on the trend with rebranded and relaunched services. Verizon unveiled its ALLSET program earlier this month, while AT&T and T-Mobile have both acquired prepaid carriers. That left Sprint the odd one out, but today the company’s aiming to compete with revamped offerings under the Sprint Prepaid moniker.

Sprint Prepaid consists of two plans: a $40 a month option that includes unlimited talk and text but no data, and a higher-end $60 a month plan that includes unlimited talk and text messages and 2.5GB of 3G and Spark data. The data comes with a catch, though: Sprint reserves the right to throttle 3G for video streaming.

On the device front, customers have a limited choice of mid-range phones, including the Spark-compatible Galaxy S4 Mini, the Galaxy S3, and the Moto G. The iPhone 4S is also an option, but requires the $60 plan.

For folks looking to make the jump to prepaid, do Sprint’s new plans appeal to you?

Via: Sprint
  • T_Dizzle

    You can get AT&T’s coverage for the same amount of data for $45 so why would anyone who needs decent coverage do this?!

  • Blue Sun

    Just say no to CDMA.

  • Poison

    Seriously, this company just needs to close its door. Permanently! Worst company ever. Crappiest service by far.

  • jerflash

    With aio…no Criket in the mix. Are people really this silly to buy prepaid from sprint…at a higher price no less?

  • moelsen8

    isn’t sprint’s 3g network already throttled? ….zing!

    • Jimmy Baez


    • Scott

      perma throttle

  • “Sprint reserves the right to throttle 3G for video streaming”

    I couldn’t even imagine what throttling Sprint’s 3G would look like…

    • Greg

      Guess it wouldn’t be possible to watch Netflix or Youtube…

      • michael arazan

        Probably looks like aol dial up

    • Poison

      They need to stop calling it 3G as it operates just as slow as Edge. Try throttling the payment to them, see how they like it.

    • Adrynalyne

      I don’t even understand why they would throttle it considering their 3G at full speed looks like this:

      buffering…..1 second video, buffering….

      So with it throttled, its just straight buffering…

      • Scott

        Hell you can’t hardly load any webpages on Sprint 3G.

        • michael arazan

          Not if there is any flash on the page including advertisements

  • LiterofCola

    you lost me at Sprint.