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Samsung Preps Revamped S Band for Launch, Cheaper Alternative to Gear Fit

Remember Samsung’s S Band, that ill-fated accessory intended for the Galaxy S4 that never made it to market? Well, Samsung seems to think the fitness device had some potential. Leaked sales slides obtained by SamMobile suggest the company is preparing a revamped model for sale sometime this year.

Samsung will probably position the S Band as a lower-cost alternative to the Gear 2 and Gear Fit smartwatches. It lacks a display, acting purely as a sensor, relaying activity data to a paired smartphone, specifically one with version 3.0 of Samsung’s S Health app installed.

Like comparable devices (see: the Jawbone Up and Fitbit Force), the S Band will include features like sleep monitoring and vibrating notifications.

The S Band will apparently be customizable to an extent; colored wristbands, presumably ones compatible with the Gear 2 and Gear Fit, will be available for purchase when the device debuts. No word on when that might be or what price point Samsung is aiming for, though details are sure to trickle out as we approach the Galaxy S5’s release date.

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Via: SamMobile
  • 213ninja

    if they don’t make this at least as good as the fitbit force minus the rashes they are idiots. from the pictures, it looks like a fail…why does it have to look like a watch if it doesn’t have a display??????

  • Cael

    Flood the smartphone phone. Check!
    Flood the tablet market. Check!
    Flood the wearable market… In Progress!

    • appledown

      You are an Apple sheep. Flood the market? You have no idea, son…

      • Cael

        I hate Apple products and just because I call Samsung out doesn’t make me a sheep.

      • Min

        No, you have no idea. Samsung has dominated the tech market for years now and they’re only going to get bigger. Whats really funny is that you mentioned that he was an “Apple Sheep” when he was complimenting Samsung. He didn’t even mention Apple anywhere in his post. Also, are we not aloud to applaud a company for doing well in the market? You’re really presumptuous.

        • AppleSheep

          Appledown is just calling everyone an Apple Sheep. Who cares what phone, tablet, etc that people use. I think it’s great that people buy iPhones so Samsung will have competition to keep innovating and (hopefully) competitive prices. I have an s3 and I almost bought the Galaxy Gear until I realized Samsung was coming out with the Gear 2 soon.

  • AngryTurd

    “This will prevent you from lost your phone or child in the crowd”

    (or speaking proper engrish?)

  • flosserelli

    Maybe the battery will last longer than 1 day.

  • Michael

    Why?! The are going to have this and 3 watches?

  • Droid Ronin

    Why get this over something like a Fitbit? The S-band would do more or less of the same thing but be exclusive to Galaxy devices.

    • 213ninja

      probably less and i agree.

  • Nexoduss

    Okay thats enough samsung posts today. How about something interesting.

    • appledown

      Says the Apple sheep. You will not hear about the iphone because they have nothing to share…10 year old tech.

      • Nexoduss

        Umm I have a g2. Go somewhere else and troll you little cuntt