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AT&T’s Aio Wireless Will Turn Into Cricket Wireless

In a first move following their completed acquisition of Leap Wireless, AT&T will now merge Aio Wireless into Leap’s Cricket prepaid brand. Reports of this happening surfaced months ago, which we mentioned in our best prepaid plans post, so it shouldn’t exactly come as a shocker. The good news is that not much is changing, at least for now. 

If you are an Aio Wireless customer, the only change you’ll see in the coming months is a new logo. You still get access to the same network, same plans, and your same phone number. You also don’t need to change phones or update billing info.

At some point down the road, when the Cricket and Aio brands are fully merged, you’ll be able to find retail Cricket stores and do shopping or ask questions. Until that happens (we’ll give you a heads up when it does), you will receive support the same way you do now by dialing 611.

If you are a current Cricket customer, things will likely change significantly over time. For now, you don’t have to worry about it, but there will come a time when Cricket will invite you into a new store to pick-up a new phone and plan.

More info about it all can be found at the source link below.

Via:  Aio Wireless
  • Mitch

    I hope the aio app continues to work! Every time I get a phone company I’m happy with At&t has to screw it up….. .

  • Kevin

    So if I have a AT&T phone, once the switch happens. Wondering if we’ll be able to use our smartphones w/new SIM card on new system?

  • me

    Funny how I just bought a new phone and no one mentioned any of this to me. Since I’m with cricket I have to buy another new phone. There better be one hell of a good deal or I will be going somewhere else. This is bs.

  • Elias Vazquez

    I Totally agree that aio is a much better name sound more like quality than cricket. But cricket has the bigger name recognition in other states so Cricket is going to change to AT&T GMS Network and that’s great i think, and Aio is going to change they logo and name to Cricket. Not bad idea cricket has a bigger name recognition but now with better Quality and service in only one Company 🙂 great

  • jrock

    If you go on cricket website it also states phones will not work after a while the only phones that will work after is iphones.

  • jrock

    Cricket is going to offer trade in for customers who have cdma phones so no one is going to be left in the dust.

  • Sandy C

    Everyone that’s putting down the Cricket name & their supposed negative reputation are obviously just looking for something to complain about. A name is just a name. The concern should be the cost & service you receive. I’ve been with Cricket since their beginning of existence in the state of Oklahoma. I’ve NEVER had a problem with their services or their customer service. I’ve only had a problem with 1 of the 4 phones I’ve purchased & Cricket gladly replaced the phone at no additional cost to me. As a long time customer of Cricket I have been completely satisfied with their products, plans & customer service. My only disappointment is this merger that will force me to eventually have to purchase a new phone. My only hope is that they will offer a substantial discount for the new phone to their dedicated & loyal long time customers.

  • c20waiters

    I believe for cricket customers they should do a trade in for new phones or let them get 50% off purchase of a new device

  • PrePaidGuru

    Cricket has the established (prepaid) brand name when compared with AIO. That’s the reason for the Name to remain Cricket. However At&T’s service is GSM so in order for the phones to run on their network they need all their customers to have a GSM phone (or at least one with a sim slot to run on a GSM network).

  • Dwane Jefferson

    Can I get a broad band through you guys so I can get the internet on my tv

  • trusktr

    I hope this doesn’t suck…. because I like AIO’s branding. Cricket is boring.

  • Sean

    to the cross wave users, dont be surprised if this goes away or is sold to Verizon

  • Cricket Rep

    At&t owns Cricket and Owns AIO, since Cricket is a bigger company than AIO they will keep the Cricket name brand but they will all run under AT&T 4G GSM network. People that have Iphones will be ok since they run on both CDMA and GSM. People that have Cricket androids will eventually need to get a GSM phone within a Year from now.

  • 6161940

    Who has the most cell towers across the U.S., Verizon and those are the towers Cricket uses.

  • 6161940

    Does this mean that my Cricket Cross Wave Broadband which works in our remote area off Verizon towers will now have to use crappy ATT towers?

  • john

    If I have a phone I purchased at a Metro store with no service. Can I get service through Cricket and The federal lifeline program. Yes, I do qualify. I like my phone and didn’t know if I have to purchase one threw Cricket.

  • Damron

    So if Cricket users are not going to be able to use their phones then why is Cricket still selling their phones knowing they will be obsolete in the very near future? That seems pretty shady; even for Cricket.

    • john

      In the store I heard they’ll be good for at least a year. I break my phones more often than that anyway, and it’s a great phone so I’m cool. Convincing me to stay might be hard, Cricket service is great now, who knows after the switch.

  • tseng

    Hello if cricket customers have to switch phones and plan’s to gsm or whatever it is I will stop service with cricket and go with T-Mobile or Sprint. I got a new phone the galaxy s3 and I was told that I don’t have to change phones or plan’s ever so yeah

    • I’m actually feeling the same way as you are. Just purchased my own Galaxy s3 and am just learning that I might have to pay for a new phone by next year. I read a source elsewhere that stated AT&T would have a buyback program for us that will net us “significant credit” towards a new phone. I can only hope significant credit = the full damn price I paid for the phone!

  • steve

    I have. A. 4 g. Lite. Do. I. Have. To. Get. Another. Phone. When. Will. The. Changes. Be. Maid

  • David Mosley

    I looked up Aio plans… Not good. We are getting 10 gigs for the same price as there 5 gig plan. We’re gonna lose gigabytes using there plans, just last year we got the increase. Now we’re gonna go back to it? I don’t care what name they use, leave MY plan alone.

    • mari90

      Yeah unless you have an i phone 4s or higher (those phones are dual gsm and cdma enabled phones) you will have to go and trade your phone in towards a credit for a new gsm enabled phone…im sure the credit wont be as much as you spent on the phone tho…and it doesnt matter if your phone has 4g sim in it…4g is just a speed…the phones are still cdma and wont be compatible with gsm network

      • David Mosley

        I know what cdma/gsm are, I wasn’t talking about 4g either. I’m talking about data allowance. I looked up AIO plans and for what I pay now through cricket, all cricket users are gonna lose half our data. In other words, their data plans suck. We get twice the data for the same price.

  • TaraT

    Does this mean that if cricket uses have an iPhone they are not able to have these any longer?

    • mari90

      If u have an i phone 4s or higher you dont have to worry about anything other than your rate plan…any other phone including 4g lte phones will have to be traded in towards a credit for a new gsm enabled phone. Remember 4g is just a speed not a network.

  • Damron

    I spent a small fortune for the Galaxy S4. Please don’t tell me I have to ‘eat’ that investment AND buy another phone.

    • David

      I agree Damron I will be highly pissed off if I have to purchase a new phone in a year when I just spent 699$ on the s4 from cricket.

      • David

        Well just had and a online chat with and aio agent and he said that I wouldn’t have to. Wonder how true that will be. But I think there be a lot of angry customers who recently purchased the s4 to find out it doesn’t work on the network in a year. Hope not…. wish us cricket customers could get a solid answer!!!!!

      • Teaser38

        The Verizon S4, Nexus 5 and newer i devices are all dual mode CDMA and GSM. A dual system carrier aught to be very doable.

      • Linn

        The Galaxy S4 will be a paperweight come March 2015…when CDMA is dropped. Only phone that won’t be obsolete is the damn iPhone. I recently purchased the GS4 for my older teen son…to now learn we will have to get something new once this BS happens. Supposedly there will be a trade in value and discount prices on whatever they end up offering…but Cricket customers are getting hosed in the phone department. I can’t believe they aren’t being forthright in telling people this info upon purchasing phones currently. Explains the discounted prices on many phones purchased online. Betting Cricket has large inventories they’re trying to pass off on unsuspecting customers. There is a disclaimer on each phone currently sold online…except the iPhones. I desperately need a new phone…but don’t feel like forking out the dough, cuz I don’t remotely want an iPhone or a paperweight in the near future. Grrrr!

    • Max Baca

      Im in the same boat! We have sim slots tho? So

      • mari90

        Ok so this is how its suppose to go down….aio customer dont have to do crap…you are good with the phone and plan you have…cricket customers however : anyone who doesnt have an i phone 4s or higher will have to go to a cricket store trade in their phones for a credit towards a new gsm enabled phone (im sure the credit will be crap) and pick a new plan..it doesnt matter if your phone has a 4g sim slot already because their 4g phones are still cdma phones (the only reason it has a 4g sim is because all 4g networks require it because its a “more advanced technology”) but the phone is still cdma…..once they merge over the cdma phone will no longer work because they will be a strictly gsm sim chip network (currently cricket only uses cdma and partial sim chip for 4g combined with cdma) on a side note cdma and gsm phone have compleately different functions therefore its causing the need to get tottaly new phones….so hopefully i didnt confuse anyone but again unless you have an iphone 4s or higher you WILL need to change your phone…

        • mari90

          In other words…4g is just the speed of your phone not the network…the phone is still cdma and wont be compatible with the new gsm network

  • rickneworleansla

    After just buying two new phones and signing up myself and three relatives to aio yesterday I sure hope nothing changes. We were long time Cingular/AT&T customers until switching to Straight Talk a little over a year ago. It’s funny that now were all sort of back to AT&T through aio. It seems AT&T could have kept our money and saved us a lot of trouble if they would have just priced they service at a more reasonable rate.

    • middlehead

      Did you read the releases? Nothing changes for AIO customers except the name on the bill.

      • rickneworleansla

        I read it. Im just hoping it remains true.

        • Ryuuie

          It will.

          AT&T has no reason to switch this around. Cricket is CDMA, AT&T doesn’t deal with CDMA, only GSM. Aio Wireless will be 100% fine as Aio = GSM band while Cricket = CDMA. It would honestly be an incredibly backwards and stupid move for AT&T to reverse this. CDMA is a dying technology in the US and barely exists outside of it in the first place. Why switch to a dying tech?

          Not to mention it seriously wouldn’t help them in the long run.

          Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    Anyone surprised?


  • Ronald Lockwich

    Being a Sales Rep for a authorized premiere with service Cricket store, this has me worried. AT&T is a more strict company and I don’t think they would hesitate to close down stores that don’t do so well (Gross Ads / Upgrades / Etc.). I get this idea because around Pittsburgh where I work it’s like a 10/1 ratio of Cricket to AT&T stores.

  • moelsen8

    puke. aio is a much better name than cricket.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      AIO isn’t known, Cricket is. All brand recognition.

      • moelsen8

        i get that, but it’s still worse.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          It is a pretty lame name.

          • dean

            Look people it’s at&t with new name.

      • monkey082506

        But Cricket isn’t really known for good things.

        • John Smith

          I honestly have never heard of AIO until this merger.

      • rickneworleansla

        I also agree that aio is a much better name than cricket. But if cricket has the bigger name recognition in other states I get it.

    • J. Gilbertson

      aio makes it hard to research online unless you look up aio wireless. Even then you might get wireless all in one printers in your search results. Honestly Cricket is better recognition as well as easier to look up.

  • ken147

    So let me get this straight. Aio is becoming Cricket BUT Cricket customers must change plans and Aio customers don’t have to.


    • Ryuuie


      Aio is a GSM carrier and Cricket is a CDMA carrier.

      Since AT&T doesn’t do CDMA, they’ll be switching Cricket over to GSM and Cricket customers will have to buy a new phone and switch to the new plans.

      • Ronald Lockwich

        Your’e right, but I remember reading a article about how things are happening with the MetroPCS and T-Mobile merger and how that’s being handled. Everyone’s CDMA phone still works on the “new MetroPCS”, but they’re really enforcing customers to get in to stores and get them on GSM phones. I think the article said they still have like 1.2 million customers on Metro with CDMA phones.

        • Ryuuie

          This would be true for Aio and Cricket but AT&T has specifically stated twice that Cricket will go GSM “in the not-so-distant future” and everyone who is on Cricket at that time will need a new phone.

          • Cricket

            As of this day no news to exactly when they will make cricket customers buy new phones…I just bought the Galaxy Discover 3G phone and have no idea how long I can use the phone for.

          • 2015. Specifically, March 2015.

      • Natalie

        Cricket uses both GSM and CDMA depending on the phone. luckily some cricket phones including samsung and iphone can use either or.

    • ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

      Mini preview of what a Sprint and T-Mo merger may look like

    • Cricket was bought by AT&T (AIO), the only thing AT&T will keep is the Cricket name, they are bringing everyone on Cricket over to AIO, except the name stays the same.

    • JRomeo

      AIO bought cricket……….. Cricket has more brand recognition so AIO is killing their own name, adopting cricket’s name, and continuing with AIO plans.

      • JT

        That’s disappointing. To me, the Cricket brand makes me think, cheap, poor quality. But AIO brand, to me, says new, quality. I’d rather keep AIO as my carrier.

        • 6161940

          I don’t have a Cricket phone, but I have used Cricket Cross Wave Broadband modem for about 4 years, since there is no other wireless in my area and it works just fine and is very reasonable. On the other hand, the people I know who have ATT in this area have very bad connections. Cricket uses Verizon towers now, so I guess I will be without internet, since ATT doesn’t offer wireless in my area.

        • Mf

          Me too. Cricket sounds ghetto. AIO sounds like quality

          • john

            I’m scared to switch, Cricket has been great.

        • krisguy

          Most likely, the Cricket stores will be remodeled to look like the Aio stores. So far, all the branding I have seen online looks like there’s a new Cricket logo, but it is using the wood grain look of Aio.

          But I work for AT&T Wireless proper. I don’t know anything about their operations, and have to treat them as a separate company.

      • Cricket

        Technically AT&T bought Cricket. AT&T used AIO for prepaid accounts. Now is switching to merging the two.

    • middlehead

      It’s almost the reverse of when Gateway bought out eMachines years ago; Gateway was the brand name they ran with, but eMachines management took over the new joint company. AIO is staying in control of the company, but they’re going with the brand name that’s more broadly known.

      And the branding that avoids TMobile lawsuits.

    • Max Baca

      That’s what im sayin!!!? I just bought a new cricket galaxy 4s am I gonna need a new phone??? I bet its cuz at&t uses sim cards while cricket dont

      • Md

        The S4 has both CDMA(old Cricket) and GSM (AT&T) radios. You should check into getting a sim for that phone on AIO.

    • Max Baca

      My cricket phone has a sim slot with a 4glte logo on it hopefully I dont gotta buy a new one

    • Dwane Jefferson

      Ok really l just went in there last month to pay my bill and I ask do they have a broad band and she said no. Ok if they are cricket now can’t you get a broad band through them for your internet connection

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Pretty excited about At&t’s prepaid push. Especially since I’ve gone full price phone/pre paid GSM. I feel so free….

    • Plerisei

      I was using Solavei, which uses T-mobile’s network. I switched over when I realized I could get the same bandwidth limitations for 5 dollars cheaper (which somehow happens to be with no tax if you do the auto pay option!?), and I must say, although the speeds are not as fast as T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network (I have a nexus 4), the stability is awesome, especially in rural areas. It’s great not to have to use the edge network at all.

      • middlehead

        It’s not un-taxed with auto-pay, it’s not un-taxed at all. The tax is just rolled into the price, like stadiums and arenas do with concessions prices, they just do enough math to figure out what base price + regional taxes = $40. Officially you’re paying $30something+tax, but logically and marketing wise they can just say $40.

        • Pedro

          But the beer is sooooo good at that price ☺