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Straight Talk Now Offers Nano SIM Cards, Days of Cutting Come to an End

Popular GSM-powered MVNO, Straight Talk, announced today that they now carry nano SIM cards for both T-Mobile and AT&T plans. While their plans aren’t changing, future customers won’t have to buy a micro SIM and cut it down to size to fit into new phones like the Moto X, “All New HTC One,” and iPhone 5s. You already know how to cut one down, thanks to our tutorial, but we’d rather you not have to spend the time. 

The SIM cards still cost $6.99, same as the micro.

We wrote up our list of best prepaid wireless plans back during the Nexus 5 launch. Assuming many of you went with Straight Talk, I’d love to hear how your experience has been. Thoughts?

straight talk nano sim

Via:  @MyStraightTalk
  • needa

    really? people need a tutorial?

  • sog805

    I was with vzw for 10 years, switched to straight talk 6 months ago and its been great! Using ST ATT sim with my nexus 5.

  • Zim

    ST has offered nano SIM cards via Walmart for just under 2 months but selling them directly to customers is new. Been on ST ATT for 2 months using moto X and my only complaint (coming from Verizon) is every now and then I get this clicking noise during calls. Just need to hang up and call again but others have told me that is just ATT. Both voice and data coverage have been great. Tried T-mobile prepaid first but building penetration is terrible in central NJ.

  • Rob

    Huh? Is this really, really recent? I bought one for my wife back in mid February.

    Edit: or maybe that was a micro. It was for her Nexus 5.

  • Dakota

    I’ve been using their ATT Sim and despite promoting the same coverage as ATT customers. Its not true. Every time I’m with a friend with ATT, my phone is much much slower

    • needa

      it has everything to do with the apn settings. when i first got my x i was hitting anywhere from 6 to 32mb. now i can barely hit six. the difference… i reset my phone because of the messed up 4.4 update and cannot find/remember the little tweak i did to get my bandwidth back.

  • Kenny Larson

    I’ve been with Straight Talk for well over a year with my Nexus 4. I love in Oregon and spend a lot of time outdoors in the boonies (both the coast range and east of the Cascades) never had a problem with connectivity. I had a signal wherever family on Verizon had signal and a lot of times had signal when they didn’t. Been singing praises to Straight Talk ever since my switch. Never going back to a contract.

  • br_hermon

    I’ve had ST since Jan and I haven’t had many complaints. Got throttled the first month, not sure why, Google Music is the only guess I have. Other than that I’ve been getting 20+mbs downloads and impressive up speeds Sometimes up to 5mbs. Sometimes it takes a little long to place a call, probably a slower ping? All in all though I’m happy.

    • Nagini

      LOL how?!
      What phone do you have and what area are you in?
      and how much data do you use a month?

      • br_hermon

        How what? I have a N5, in ohio and I use less than 2g / month.

    • Nate

      Only thing Ive noticed is the lag in switching from HSPA to HSPA+.

    • LP @ThisisEther

      Yea, my ping and time to place a call all have taken a slight hit…aggravating sometimes…i might try AIO just to see if it improves a little…not really concerned with speeds as much, i did get 22 down, which is better than i ever received with Verizon…

  • Zach B.

    Wife has had Moto X on ST, and myself a Moto X on VZW since December. She gets just as good coverage as me minus not quite as robust LTE, but HSPA/+ isn’t too shabby and only noticeable in some situations. I will say this would have been nice when we got it, as I almost goofed and cut the SIM backwards. But this is awesome, and I can’t recommend ST enough.

  • Nate

    I use my Verizon : LG G2, Galaxy S4 and Casio Commando 4G on AT&T via Straight Talk. True Im locked to HSPA + speeds, but its not bad with 4-5Mbps down. Ive not had any issues with them with speeds or throttling since getting them in November of last year.

    • Nate

      Im waiting for T-Mobile to offer LTE in my area then my VZW phones can get on 4G LTE.

      • My LG G2 works great on T-Mobile LTE here in NH

        • Nate

          In my area I can only get GPRS on T-Mobile. Not even Edge let alone LTE.

          • Well same here, I had to drive into the city for that. 10 minutes west where I live is only GPRS.

          • Nate

            For that reason I use AT&T. I wish I could mod the radio for my G2 to access AT&T LTE. Not possible.

    • br_hermon

      Is your g2 rooted? How do you get updates since you’re not using it on VZ?

      • Nate

        Yes its rooted. I get updates via XDA.

  • Richard Colon

    The bring your own phone kit sold at walmart already had that nano sizeSim card for months ….since I got.my Nexus 5 in Nov

    • Jeremy

      The nexus 5 is a micro sim, not a nano sim.

  • djdsf

    I’ll still swear by AIO. It gives me great coverage in Florida, better than what my old T-Mobile prepaid used to. Plus, I’m still using their old “Pro” plan which means that I still get their 7GB of High speed data and with auto pay turned on, I only pay $65 a month for it.

    • Kevin Lauscher

      Had both, had lots of problems with ST delaying my push notifications for hangouts. Switched to AIO and it’s been glitch free. AIO is great. Plan/cost is the exact same, it’s a no brainer to go w/ AIO

  • Fry

    Would’ve been nice when I got my dad his moto x last year.

    • Kevin

      Just be thankful your Dad is rocking the best phone in the world.

      • Colton

        Coming from the Moto X I can say that it is far from the best.

        • Nexoduss

          Finally someone who doesnt have moto balls deep in them.